Party Idea: Time to Throw a Masquerade

When it comes to theme parties, you’ve seen it all – Ugly Sweaters, Pimps ‘n Hos, and representation from any decade during which it was hip to be square – 60’s tie-dyes, 70’s bellbottoms, and 80’s leggings with big, big hair.

Those are all great for a laugh.

However, if what you’re looking to inspire is mystery, intrigue, and maybe even some slightly naughty behavior, nothing is more risqué than throwing a masquerade.

masquerade party

In a really, really good way.

Think about it – at a masquerade party, the very point is to hide your identity. And the sexier you can hide it, the better.

For women, sequins, flowers, and feathers abound on the intricate masks designed to allure and emphasize the eyes with a smokey look. The mask becomes the costume, and the rest is all accessories — a Spanish Flamenco dress for fun and whimsy; a boustiered Shakesperean ball gown for fanciful romance; a corset and fishnets a la Moulin Rouge to lure even the most modest of girls into a fantasy spotlight for the evening.

Masquerade Masks Costumes




For men, a simple black or white eye mask worn with a suit or tuxedo is all he needs to attract attention. But if he’s looking for a little more inspiration, look no further than the famous masked men from theater and cinema:

Phantom of the Opera mask


Phantom of the Opera

Zorro Mask


Mask of Zorro

The Mask

The Mask

Best of all, the idea is simple for anyone to throw together. All you really need is a mask!

Just make sure that if you decide to throw a masquerade party, everyone else is in on it, too.

(Someone should have told The Masked Man in this season’s Bachelorette that being the only guy to wear a mask to the party is not good. Not good at all.)

The Minimum Effort Costume

What expression is this mask even making?Aw, man! Your friends are throwing another costume party? I’d say it’s time to get some new friends, but we both know that would take too much effort. The clock is ticking, and if you’re even twenty seconds late to that party, you know your friends are going to judge you. They’re punctuality fiends! It’s the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off all over again, except with a party! Also, there’s no Cameron, so maybe the metaphor doesn’t hold up – there’s no time for metaphors!

Don’t worry – I’m here to talk you through this. Costume parties don’t have to be a pain. In fact, with the least effort conceivable, you could have the costume no one everyone is talking about!

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