Goofy Clown Costumes

We may as well clear the air. Yes, a lot of people are uncomfortable where clowns are involved. These people are damaged. That's not your fault.

Sure, there's some wicked rad costumes to spread terror in clown form, but not everybody wants to do that. This is because you're well adjusted - or maybe looking for a costume for a kids' party. Traumatizing them is generally frowned upon.

But hey, for those of you left emotionally unscathed by that childhood trip to the carnival, we've got some fun clown costumes for you to clown around in! So to speak.

1. Hobo Clown

Hobo Clown

I'm about ready to say there is no concept ladies' costumes can't make work. This year, why not dress up as a homeless clown? The pathos is staggering.

2. Mardi Gras Clown

Mardi Gras Clown

Harlequin costumes are a great way to say, "I'm so committed to tomfoolery that I even make a point of celebrating its history!" All other clowns will cower.

3. Long Coat Louie

Long Coat Louie

This clown costume comes with a technically many colored coat that may be composed of an alternate substance to dreams.

4. Jingles the Super Clown

Jingles the Super Clown

Did somebody call for a harlequin costume? That's just Jingles!

5. Female Clown

Female Clown

This clown costume for the ladies comes with a stylish hat. Just because you're dressed like a clown doesn't mean you have to BE one. Wait.

6. Horny the Clown

Horny the Clown

A clown costume best kept to adult events. Deciding whether to classify this one as 'goofy' or 'terrifying' was a difficult choice.

7. Tootles the Clown

Tootles the Clown

Things we've learned with this list: sexy clown is a concept that works with women. Not so much with men.

8. Formal Clown

Formal Clown

The perfect clown costume for weddings and funerals. Just what you've been waiting for.

9. Clown Pet

Clown Pet

Now Fido can get in on the festive fun! Just don't try to honk his nose.

10. Clown Overalls

Clown Overalls

If you think about it, overalls are among the most appropriate attire for a clown.

11. Male Clown

Male Clown

If you wear this fun costume around small children, consider not screaming at them. This is probably a given.

12. Bozo Wig

Bozo Wig

This wig's the way to go if you're going for the classic clown look. This time, people won't mean it disparagingly when they call you Bozo!