Strange Alien Costumes

Area 51. Weird gibberish sounds. Mashed potato sculptures. What do these seemingly unrelated things all have in common? That's right - aliens.

And there's never a bad time for these beloved space-beasties! Halloween, parties, weddings, box socials - never a bad time. These days, they've been pretty busy going after cowboys in the old west.

Also, just an FYI to our future alien overlords - totally sorry about the 'space-beasties' thing. Didn't mean it, I swear.

1. Alien Mask

Alien Mask

This scary Xenomorph mask from the Alien movies proves an old adage: Sometimes, two mouths are better than one.

2. Demon Latex Mask Kit

Demon Latex Mask Kit

You've gotta admit - both the alien/demon mask and the facial expression here are magnificent.

3. UFO Set


Classic grey alien. Not only is it eerie, but now it's nostalgic! They say these guys have been poking at us for at least decades, after all.

4. AVP Predator Mask

AVP Predator Mask

With those dreadlocks, the Predators are still paragons of extraterrestrial style. Also, who couldn't love that smile?

5. Star Wars Chewbacca Costume

Star Wars Chewbacca Costume

For hairy situations, wouldn't you want to have a Wookiee costume around? Just something to Chewbacca on.

6. Sexy Neytiri Avatar Movie Costume

Sexy Neytiri Avatar Movie Costume

Ladies, if the message you want to send to the gents at Halloween parties this year is, "I can fend off space bulldozers with a bow and arrow!" THIS is the costume to go with. Costume comes Na'vi approved!

7. Disney Toy Story Alien Mask

Disney Toy Story Alien Mask

Unlike the toy aliens in Toy Story, you won't have to spend all your time stuck in a vending machine with this mask!

8. Brainwashed Alien Costume

Brainwashed Alien Costume

This may be the greatest alien costume for those of you looking to not-so-subtly imply your superior intelligence to all bystanders.