Swashbuckling Pirate Costumes


Tis no life quite like one lived sailing the seven seas, matey! And now with a list of fine costumes like these, ye too can dress in the attire of a bloke or lass who dares to flirt with Davy Jones' Locker!

With the right outfitting and cutlass-sharp vernacular, ye'll be trading barbs with the best of the swashbucklers!

How appropriate! You fight like a cow. Wait, I wasn't ready yet!

1. Pirate w/Long Hair

Pirate w/Long Hair

Wit' a mask like this, people will know how feared ye arrrr with just a single look!

2. Blackbeard


Ol' Cap'n Blackbeard has a few things he'd like to Edward Teach ye! Come on, that was a good one.

3. Peg Leg Pirate

Peg Leg Pirate

Did ye really think that losin' a leg could stop a pirate from doin' what 'e does best? There's a reason Peter the Peg-Legger's cornered the peg leg market!

4. Puny Pirate

Puny Pirate

This wee cutthroat may lack the usual vertical advantage, but don't be fooled! He's sunk many a ship, 'e has!

5. Ghost Pirate

Ghost Pirate

With this ghostly getup, ye could easily scare the daylights out of a painted van full of dopey teenagers and their talkin' dog! Surely those are around somewhere. Like that amusement park atop that abandoned gold mine over yonder!

6. Pirate Ghost Ship

Pirate Ghost Ship

Speakin' o' pirate ghosts, ye could even be an entire ghost ship unto yerself!

7. Female Zombie Pirate

Female Zombie Pirate

I'd say ye ladies could haunt me anytime, but then this old sea dog might wake up with Davy Jones!

8. Sexy Bonnie Blue

Sexy Bonnie Blue

Would ye take it the wrong way if I said ye ladies looked mighty pillagin' in these costumes?

9. Pirate Lady

Pirate Lady

Arr. Despite what ye may be thinking - shame on ye! - these pirate lasses'll be takin' yer booty before any other!