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Yellow Anime Wig
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Anime 7 Latex Wig Top off your cosplay, anime character or Naruto costume! Includes: Yellow anime Japanese style hairspiked wig with blue headband is made of high quality latex. Available Sizes: One size fits most Please read valuable information regarding latex products.

Anime Wig
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Anime Wig Top off your Anime or Cosplay character costumes! Based upon many animated cartoons from Japan, this rubber latex wig features a short bob with rounded front bangs. Hand painted, deluxe quality. Available Colors: Pink Blue Yellow Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Please read valuable information regarding latex products.

Anime Wig
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Anime Latex Wig Top off your Anime or Cosplay character costumes! Based upon many animated cartoons from Japan, this rubber latex wig features an upswept style has bun with blue band and long bangs. Hand painted, deluxe quality. Available Colors: Pink Red Yellow Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Please read valuable information regarding latex products.

Animal Skull Mask
He use to roam the grasslands, now he just haunts them! Get in touch with your inner animal spirit guide by wearing this Animal Skull Mask. Pair it with a headdress to look like an evil ancient Indian warlord.

Plus Party Animal Costume
This Plus Party Animal Costume will make you go bananas! This costume is a silly animal costume that comes with the beverage belt and the shot glass so start pouring up the liquor. This is a complete costume that includes the fuzzy mask.

Party Animal Costume
Once the beer starts flowing, this guy then turns into the biggest party animal you've ever seen-literally! This Party Animal Costume is a funny costume for guys who love to party on the weekends or any night of the week! This is a complete costume that comes with the mask and shot glass. Now bottoms up!

Animal Whisker Kit
You're an animal at heart. We know, but you look a little too much like a human for people to really see the true animal inside you. These whiskers will let everyone see for what you really are, a cute kitty cat.

Women's Magenta Anime Wig
Ready to take your costume to the next level? Of course we can suggest accessories, shoes, and makeup.... But if you really want to step into your favorite character, a new hairdo will make you the most realistic version of your new persona! This bright and vibrant wig will make it look like you popped right off of the screen of your favorite Anime series. It's Japanese inspired, but versatile enough for any character you want to create. This Women's Magenta Anime Wig is a must-add costume accessory!

Brown Eyes Anime Mask
My what big eyes you have! We mean, 'holy smokes, your eyes are ginormous!' If you are really into the whole anime look, boy, do we have a surprise for you. This Brown Eyes Anime Mask will make you look like you just popped out of a cartoon. You have to admit, the eyes are so big on this mask, they are simply mesmerizing. We wouldn't be surprised if you put people into a trance!

Animal Skull Mask
$65.99 from Halloween Express
Animal Skull Adult Latex Mask Watch out for this ram! Full over-the-head animal skull latex mask with long horns. Individually hand painted for the most realistic look possible! Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Please read valuable information regarding latex products .

Ultimate Party Animal Adult Costume
$71.99 from Halloween Express
Ultimate Party Animal Adult Costume This is one party animal! Costume includes: Top with printed front, plaid shorts, monkey mask, beverage holding belt and shotglass. Available size: One size fits most

Animal Teeth
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Animal Teeth Great accessory to add for any animal costume! Professional quality ultra-thin veneers. Custom fits to your teeth in minutes! No adhesive required. Can be used repeatedly. Extremely realistic. Also available options: Monster Teeth Zombie Teeth Vampire Teeth

Anime Spiked Wig
$23.99 from Halloween Express
Tokyo Spike Child Wig No anime manga is complete without epic cartoon hair. Includes: Black anime inspired spiked wig. Available Size: One Size fits most Children Also Available In: Blonde Please note we cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed. Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair. For wig care and styling tips click here .

Animal Makeup
$19.79 from Halloween Express
Animal Makeup Kit Cat Scratch Fever! Includes: Mutli-color makeup stacks contain high-coverage cream face paint in stackable, reusable containers. Choose from one of many color combinations to create the perfect design. Animal stack includes white, deep yellow, hot pink and black makeups.

Cat and Animal Makeup Kit
$12.29 from Halloween Express
"Animal and Cat Makeup Kit Great Cream Makeup! Create the perfect cat or animal costume with our professional cream makeup. The tri-color (brown, white and black) pallette includes an applicator brush and makes for easy application. Contains detailed character photograph with complete detailed instructions. Each card also lists numerous complimentary items to enhance the character development and add to the fun of making up. As with any truly professional cream makeup, Mehron's Tri-color makeup must be ""set"" with Mehron's Colorset Powder."

Animal Print Santa Hats
$4.99 from Halloween Mart
Add a little animal magnetism to your holiday fun. Be a little different this year with our Animal Print Santa Hats. So much fun!

Anime Kitty Kit - White
$15.00 from Halloween Mart
Have a thing for cute catgirls? Use this Anime Kitty Kit to accessorize your outfit! This kit comes with marabou trimmed molded ears, ruffle trimmed collar and marabou tail. The petticoat dress and stockings are sold separately. If you really want a true anime look, check out some of our brightly colored wigs, too!

Anime Wonder Woman Costume
Who is the strongest woman in the world? That would be none other than Wonder Woman! This hero from the Amazon is always there to save the day when ever trouble is afoot. With this anime inspired costume you'll be able to bring a fresh look to Wonder Woman. You'll be all set to join with the Justice League and keep the world safe!

Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with Sound
Looks like your decided to borrow a chainsaw from Leatherface himself! This animated chainsaw is covered in faux blood splatters and makes real chainsaw sounds when activated!

Home Alone Green Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweater
Hey, tell you what we're going to give you, Snakes. We'll give 'til the count of 10 to get your ugly, yellow, no good keister to the checkout with this Home Alone Merry Christmas Sweater before we get the Tommy gun out. Just kidding. We got so excited about Home Alone that we got a little crazy there. This sweater takes some of the classic quotes from the movie and transforms it into a holiday sweater. So, hurry up and wear it, ya filthy animal!

Adult Home Alone Red Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweater
It's that time a year again. Grandma made her green bean casserole, Auntie Gayle is bringing her famous fruit cake, and little cousin Stevie can't wait to play video games with you. Oh joy, it's Christmas time! Wear this Home Alone Red Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal sweater if you can relate to Kevin McCallister. Especially if your holidays are anything like his!

Adult Skunk Costume - Mens Animal Costume Ideas
This Adult Skunk Costume stinks! No not really, it's actually really cool! Pair it with one of our women's sexy skunk costumes for your date, or any of our forest animal costumes for a group theme. You're going to have a stinkin' good time this Halloween!

Deer Face Animal Hoodie
Been hunting for the perfect buck? With this cute deer hoodie, it turns your little one into a cute woodland animal and a normal game of hide and seek becomes a game of deer hunting!

Animal Costume
If your drum solos regularly end with you attempting to eat your high hat, then you have more in common with Animal from the Muppets than you might like to admit. Really, the only next logical step for your music career is to join Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem in this outfit, which comes complete with drumsticks.

Girls Leopard Hoodie Costume - Animals Costumes, Kids Costumes
Your little girl will feel like the coolest cat on the planet when she wears this leopard hoodie costume. This is perfect for your fashion and animal loving girl with a black and leopard printed dress along with a cat eared hoodie. She'll have a blast in this great kitty costume.

Animal Print Furry Leg Warmers
You're not a prehistoric cutie without a pair of adorable Animal Print Furry Leg Warmers! Wear them on your night out with Tarzan or during your next adventure into the forest.

White Anime Paws
Who knows what could happen when you wear a pair of white anime paws? You could become the star of your own internet video meme and thus be immortalized next to the greats like Keyboard Cat and that morose French cat. Hey, it could happen!

Zebra Animal Instincts Makeup Kit
Permanent marker is NOT a viable option for trying to give yourself some wicked zebra stripes. We've tried it and there's a very good reason they call them permanent markers. Had we known about this Animal Instincts makeup kit, which includes makeup that washes with soap and water, we could have saved ourselves a whole lot of trouble. The good news is, we learn from our mistakes and we're passing on this lesson to you by offering you this zebra kit! The bad news is, we're still trying to figure out how to get permanent marker off of our face.