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Animal Planet Raptor Pet Costume
$26.99 from BuyCostumes
Headpiece and costume. This is an officially licensed Animal Planet Costume.

Animal Planet Raptor Pet Costume
$26.99 from BuyCostumes
Headpiece and costume. This is an officially licensed Animal Planet Costume.

Animal Planet Hammerhead Shark Pet Costume
$26.99 from BuyCostumes
Headpiece and costume. This is an officially licensed Animal Planet product.

Chest of Souls Animated Freddy Kruger Men's Costume
Dream warriors will certainly have nightmares when you put on our Chest of Souls Animated Freddy Kruger Men's Costume. This ensemble includes one sweater with a moving animation on the chest and realistic audio. Freddy's signature brown and dark green striped sweater showcases a chilling, moving animation of the tortured souls that lie within him. The movement gives the appearance that they are trying to escape from his chest and stomach. The realistic audio of their cries and moans haunts you. Convinced that Freddy Kruger - the disfigured serial killer of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies would slash you in your dreams, this animated Chest of Souls makes a great representation of one's subconscious fears. Be sure to check out the rest of our Freddy Kruger accessories to complete this daunting figure's look.

The Muppets Sexy Animal Women's Costume
Let loose and look cute when you become Animal in The Muppets Sexy Animal Women's Costume. This costume features a three quarter length shirt with a tutu skirt and cuffs. The shirt id pink and has a picture of Animal on it. The sleeves are striped white and black. The tutu is black. The cuffs look like handcuffs that were broken. It looks like you're off the chain and ready to party.

The Muppets Adult Animal Costume
March to the beat of your own drum in The Muppets Adult Animal Costume. This costume includes a brown graphic t-shirt with tattered hem and sleeves, a collar and dangling chain, a replica character mask, long fuzzy orange gloves, and inflatable drumsticks. You'll be a true party animal in this officially licensed Muppets costume.

Child Muppet's Animal Costume
If your little girl has an inner rock star and an outward love for the Muppets, then we have the perfect costume for her! Our Girls' Muppet's Animal Costume features a fun tutu bottom dress. This dress is going to bring out her central rock goddess in no time! The bottom is a sparkly black tutu decorated with silver spikes around a belt line. The top of the dress has three quarter black and white striped sleeves, with a saw tooth cut light pink t-shirt on top. The pink shirt includes Animal's large face?with his funky hair, big smile, and bold eyes. This Girl's Muppet Animal Costume is completed with these awesome silver cuffs that have silver spikes and chains. When she puts on this great costume, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem is going to want her on the drums!

Adult Sexy Noah's Ark Animal Bead Tutu
If you wish to give yourself a little more coverage around the bottom of your bikini, you can wear this Sexy Noah's Ark Animal Bead Adult Tutu. The tutu is short and pink. It has different color animal beads that hang down from the top.

Adult Sexy Noah's Ark Animal Bead Bikini
Men will march behind you two by two when you wear this Sexy Noah's Ark Animal Bead Adult Bikini. The bikini top and bottom are both magenta and have light blue ties. Both have colorful animal beads attached to them and attached to the ties as well. The bikini ties around the back of the neck and back while the bikini ties on the hip.

Animal Planet Hammerhead Shark Dog Costume
People will definitely worried about this pup's bite in this Animal Planet Hammerhead Shark Dog Costume. The foam padded costume features fins, a tail and a squared, printed headpiece. Your dog will make a splash as this scary sea animal.

Adult Pig Animal Kit
If you are looking for Halloween costume that goes with your style - look no further! The Pig Animal kit comes with a pink pig face mask with split hoof gloves. This costume will transform any ordinary dress into a super costume! You'll be classy and comical with the Pig Animal Kit. So, at your next Halloween party if you are looking to meet a girl and show her that you have a good sense of humor and give her a hint of your style then this costume is for you!

Ultimate Party Animal Mens Plus Costume
What better way to show off your incredible sense of humor and get a conversation started this Halloween than in our Ultimate Party Animal adult plus size costume? This wacky costume features a top blue sweat shirt that reads Ultimate Party Animal, paid shorts, a goofy monkey mask, a beer canister belt, and a shot glass. If you're after a man who appreciates a woman with a sense of humor, then this should be your costume choice, hands down! The costume includes everything you see except the sneakers and beer and of course you know how easy it is to add those! And just in case anyone is left wondering, the shirt that declares you as the Ultimate Party Animal will answer any lingering question. The beverage belt of the costume can hold a six pack of your favorite or his favorite beer, and is sure to get a ton of conversations started. If you really want to go over the top, don't forget to wear the costume's party animal monkey mask. You better make sure you're equipped to handle the atte

Adult Gecko Animal Kit
This is one costume that brings classy and quirky together. The Gecko Animal Kit comes with a green gecko head and matching green gecko gloves. This is one costume that can be incorporated with your casual dress clothes. If you want to give some flair to this costume try using your best British accent. Everyone knows this TV Gecko and everyone loves his charming accent! With the Gecko Animal Kit is the sophisticated little lizard that will help you same money on your car insurance - in 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance.

Animal Print Thigh High Stocking with Fur Leg Warmer
It'll be hard to deny you're the cat's meow when you pair these Animal Print Thigh High Stockings with Fur Leg Warmers with your frisky feline look. The hot pink, leopard print thigh highs are eye catching and the fuzzy fur leg warmers are a pale pink. You'll be the prettiest, pink pussy cat when you don these accessories.

Animal House Toga Costume for Adults
Hey guys, are you ready to party hearty? The Animal House Adult Toga costume includes a long white toga, a pin that has a picture of the comedian on it, and an artificial laurel leaf headpiece. Do you want to bring back your college days? Toga! Toga! Toga! Enjoy your next TV and movie themed costume party, toga party or Halloween bash by showing up as Jim Belushi?s Bluto, from Animal House. After all, what would a costume party be without Bluto? You?ll have fun at your adult costume party or Halloween party wearing this costume. Animal House was college comedy at its finest. Adult men?s costume is comfortable and can be used again and again. Dance the night away in this comfortable costume depicting an iconic TV classic. Don?t wait for this unique costume to go out of stock, just get your very own Animal House Toga Adult Costume today!

White Plush Animal Tail
Are you in need of a white tail for your cat costume? The animal tail:white is a perfect accessory for your animal costume. You'll love how this accessory will give some flair to any costume you decide to wear for Halloween.

Plush Animal Tail Brown
No animal costume is complete without this easy to wear accessory! The Animal Tail: Brown is a detachable tail that will complete any dog, monkey, donkey,horse, or cat costume. This accessory is essential to any animal outfit you plan to wear this Halloween.

Animal Set: Brown Doggie (Ears & Tail)
Yes, it does seem sometimes that Halloween has gone to the dogs! Our Animal Set: Brown Doggie (Ears & Tail) includes the two costume pieces you need most of all when stepping out on all fours this Oct. 31st. A floppy furry doggy ear head piece plus an equally furry long tail will make your outfit complete. With all the other animal costume pieces we sell, not to mention brown leotards, shirts and pants, you can have that ensemble you so want.

Dog Costume - Animal Planet Zebra Dog
What little doggy wouldn't look adorable dressed up like a zebra in this officially licensed Animal Planet Zebra Dog Costume! Featuring a zebra striped body costume with sleeves for your pet's four legs and a headpiece that fastens under the chin with Velcro and features zebra ears and a mane-mohawk!

Dog Costume: Animal Planet Elephant Dog
The Animal Planet Elephant Costume will have you thinking you've got a little wild creature running through your house! This costumes includes elephant dog costume headpiece with printed eyes, foam stuffed trunk, big ears, padded costume body with legs, printed foot detail, and tail with fringe. Your pup will go peanuts over this great costume! Headpiece and padded costume body features a Velcro strap to keep the costume in place.