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Star Wars Commander Fox Deluxe Childrens Costume, No Mask
$20.00 from Halloween Mart
Two of the most famous words in the vernacular of both children and adults since that summer day in 1977 are STAR and WARS! Put 'em together and you've got one of the most successful and popular film series ever! Now it's taking the animated world by storm with "The Clone Wars" and this Deluxe childrens Clone Trooper Commander Fox costume is no exception! Includes: Jumpsuit with attached body armor, and shoe covers. Be sure and get the Star Wars Clone Trooper Blaster to complete your look and to ensure you have a BLAST at your next party! Just as Tatooine has twin suns, the force will be with you when you wear this fantastic costume for party or play! Mask pictured not included.

Annie Children's Costume
$24.99 from Halloween Mart
"Tomorrow" is what you don't want to wait for if you need this perfect traditional children's red and white Annie dress.

The Incredibles Childrens Costume - Violet
$29.99 from Halloween Mart
Your little girl will be the hit of any costume party when she shows up dressed in our Children's The Incredibles Violet costume. This superhero costume will have her emulating Violet from the famous cartoon film, The Incredibles. The cool costume features a bodysuit with attached belt and character eye mask. Give her some space because she'll be flexing some substantial superpower muscle!

Sumo Inflatable Childrens Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Mart
Be the biggest hit of the party this Halloween--literally. Our Inflatable Sumo Child's Costume is always a crowd favorite! Adults have loved this costume and now the kids can enjoy it, too. This costume is made of light-weight nylon for comfort. The larger than life costume inflates easily with its own battery-operated fan. One size fits children size 8-12. With the Inflatable Sumo costume, you're sure to have huge fun! Inflating fan requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Skeleton Zombie Childrens Costume
$32.99 from Halloween Mart
This Child's Skeleton Zombie Costume is sure to scare the living daylights out of any crowd! This frightening look comes with pants and a shirt that provide maximum mobility and easy wear, whether children are trick-or-treating or wandering graveyards in pursuit of revenge! All nightmarish details have been included, with a stunningly scary mask, a pair of zombie gloves, and bone and gauze accents for the undead look.

SWAT Commando Childrens Costume
$24.99 from Halloween Mart
What happens when you combine the total awesomeness of an elite SWAT personnel and a super silent Ninja? This children's SWAT Ninja costume! Included with this costume are a hood with a SWAT visor, pants with EVA parts and shirt.

Grim Reaper Deluxe Childrens Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Mart
Be the "death" of the party this year! Get ready to scare the town this Halloween in our faceless Grim Reaper Deluxe Costume. Sized for children and designed for maximum spook effect, this faceless costume lets you scare in stealth mode. Once you put on the black robe, haunt-ready hood, and mask, let the ghoulish fun begin! An attached cape and vinyl skeleton hands are included to finish off the eerie effect.

Ahoy Matey Childrens Costume
$24.99 from Halloween Mart
Avast! They'll all have to hand over their hearts as well as their treats when they see this adorable Ahoy Matey pirate costume for toddlers and children sizes 2 through 6. This costumes includes tatter-sleeved shirt, attached red-and-gold vest, patched and tattered pants, striped bandana and a sash, each emblazoned with a golden skull. Visit our Accessory section for swords, boot tops and eye patches.

Banana Childrens Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Mart
Why are bananas never lonely? Because they hang around in bunches! If your child wants to get in on some side-splitting fun, take a look at our Child's Banana Costume. The package says it fits sizes 7-10, but the costume runs a little large, so it can easily fit children who wear up to sizes 10-12. This fun, fruity costume includes the banana bodysuit--you simply supply the imagination!

Ketchup Kid Childrens Costume
$24.99 from Halloween Mart
This crazy costume is all dressed up and ready for a picnicor a Halloween party! The Ketchup Kid is a comfortable, full coverage costume that includes the red ketchup tunic and a signature bottle top cap as a hat. This is a great duo costume when paired with our Mustard outfit! This costume fits children's who wear sizes 8-12.

Peter Pan Childrens Costume
$24.99 from Halloween Mart
Sprinkle some pixie dust and fly to the ends of Neverland in this wonderful children's costume. Your little one can stay a kid forever in our adorable Child Peter Pan Costume! This outfit, inspired by the classic Disney cartoon, includes a green flannel tunic with lacing at the chest, a rope belt, a matching hat with a jaunty red feather, and tights. Keep an eye out for Captain Hook!

Commando Childrens Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Mart
The Special Forces have never been more special. This Child Commando Costume is made for children sized 4 to 14, and includes a camouflage shirt, pants and a beret. Of course you can't go on Special Ops without weapons, so choose an M-16 automatic rifle, a pistol or grenades from our Accessories department. Add a helmet and some camo face paint, too, but be warned: they might not be able to see you coming when you go trick or treating!

Horror Robe Childrens Costume 8-12
$9.99 from Halloween Mart
Put the spook in Halloween night with this scary Horror Robe Costume. This versatile black robe comes complete with a full hood and belt. Add a frightening mask and no one will be able to tell who is underneath the scary ensemble. For an even spookier effect, pair the robe with a sickle, sword or other weapon. Fitted for children, sizes 8 to 12, this robe is 100% polyester.

Scream Robe Childrens Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Mart
Just like they did in the movie, you'll be scaring the neighborhood in our Child's Scream Robe Costume. This costume features a traditional black robe with sash tie and jagged edged hems. Of course, the costume also includes the traditional mask that the horror movie trilogy made famous. There's no question you'll be frightening everyone on Halloween night! This spooky costume fits children, 6 to 10. *Measures approximately 44" in length and 42" around.

Children's Rainbow Tutu
$19.99 from Halloween Mart
Add color to any outfit! This tutu is the perfect finishing touch with layers of brilliant colors and edges lined in colored sequins. One size fits most children.

Young Uncle Sam Childrens Costume
$15.00 from Halloween Mart
Children will love getting into the patriotic spirit with stars and stripes, with our Child Uncle Sam Costume. The red, white and blue outfit includes striped pants, a matching jacket with a wide lapel and decorative buttons, and a white necktie to create a formal and fun look. Top it all off with this flag-inspired top hat for a look that's worthy of Old Glory itself.

Girls Asian Princess Wig - Children's Wigs
$12.53 from Costume Craze
Girls Asian Princess Wig in pink. Great with any Japanese or Chinese Costume!

Children's Ruffled Shorts
$5.00 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Shorts. Not included: Tights.

Pink Children's Petticoat
$6.00 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Petticoat. Not included: Tights.

Children's Footless Tights
$2.00 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Tights. Not included: Skirt, shoes.

Black Children's Petticoat
$6.00 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Petticoat.

Queen of Hearts Childrens Costume
$119.99 from Halloween Mart
Some would call her the most evil and nonsensical character in Alice and Wonderland, but others contend that she lacks malice. Command armies of cards at your disposalor enjoy a pleasant game of croquet. Your friends will never have been so pleased to be sentenced to death as when you're wearing our Queen of Hearts costume. This full length gown has an attached peplum, tulle petticoat, long black sleeves puffed at the shoulder with white lace cuffs, a checker pattern bodice with heart front, and a black velvet jeweled choker. Please allow additional shipping time for this special order item.

Gothic Vampire Childrens Costume
$99.99 from Halloween Mart
This authentic Gothic Vampire costumes includes a velvet vest with attached shirt sleeves and scarf collar, full length lined satin cape, white gloves and medallion on ribbon. Pants are not included.

Fortune Teller Childrens Costume
$85.99 from Halloween Mart
She can stare into the sands of time and read the mystic cards to find answers to everyday problems. You'll be sure you want to stop by her caravan to get your reading from this young mystic! Can you tell the paths of souls around you? Find out with our Fortune Teller costume. This elaborate costume includes an aqua pattern scarf skirt, a ruffled underskirt with attached tulle petticoat, a red faux sequin waist sash and bandana, an embossed vinyl belt, and a tambourine. Please allow additional shipping time for this special order item.

Deluxe Stormtrooper Childrens Costume
$49.99 from Halloween Mart
Forever loyal to the Emperor, Stormtroopers maintain the order of the Empire. Our Child's Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume looks so authentic you'd expect Luke, Han and Lord Vader to show up at any moment! The costume includes a white jumpsuit with EVA molded armor pieces and 2-piece helmet. Check out our great selection of other Star Wars costumes and accessories, too--you can even get your dog in on the act!

Deluxe Boba Fett Childrens Costume
$49.99 from Halloween Mart
Boba Fett, the legendary Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter, strikes fear into the hearts of fugitives of The Empire and the Rebellion. Tonight, although he's just hunting down treats, he looks just as fearsome. This child's Deluxe Boba Fett costume comes with a jumpsuit and molded armor appliqus, as well as a two-piece helmet and an ammunition belt. Jabba the Hutt ordered him to "Bring me Solo and the Wookie," but we bet he'll bring home loads of treats instead!

Chewbacca Childrens Costume
$59.99 from Halloween Mart
If you both reach for the same chocolate bar in the treat bowl, let the Wookie win! This Chewbacca Child's Costume, made in sizes 8 to 14, has a fully furry body suit and an oversized, full head vinyl mask. He's all set to take off in the Millennium Falcon with his sash and traveling pouch. Add your own black gloves or find some in our Accessories section.

Clone Trooper Deluxe Childrens Costume
$49.99 from Halloween Mart
Fight for the intergalactic good alongside the Jedi Knights as a Clone Trooper. This Clone Trooper Deluxe Child Costume looks really authentic! The white jumpsuit has all the required trim plus molded EVA pieces for three-dimensional flair. The full mask and belt complete the outfit. Add your own white sneakers, since the boot tops are already there! White or black gloves are also available in our Accessories department.