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Children's Kansas Girl Costume
Does your little girl dream of going to see the Emerald City and yellow brick road for herself? Luckily, kids have big imaginations, so make believe can be just as good as seeing the real thing. Wearing this children's Kansas Girl costume will definitely make it more real!

Children's Scarecrow Costume
Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the land of Oz in this Children's Scarecrow Costume. It features attached 'fabric' straw details on the shirt and pants. We think you'll like this much better than actually stuffing your clothes with straw, do you have any idea how itchy that stuff is?

Children's Clown Costume
This Children's Clown Costume is a cute and funny costume idea for kids to wear. Practice juggling or do a funny dance to entertain the crowd. Pick up a wig and a clown nose and some funny big red shoes to really look the part!

Children's Green Latex Boot Covers
If Sarge was his favorite Toy Story character, get him these Children's Green Latex Boot Covers to complete his costume. Great as part of a Toy Story group.

Kids Darth Vader Costume - Childrens Star Wars Halloween Costumes
When you're aboard the Death Star there is one man you don't want to anger, Darth Vader. If you were to upset this Sith Lord he may just use you for lightsaber practice or if he's busy he just may force choke you. Now your child can be set to become the galaxy's most feared force in this Star Wars costume.

Kids Crayon Box Costume - Crayola Crayon Costumes for Children
Does your little one love to spend his or her day coloring in coloring books? Then they'll love dressing up in this great crayon box costume. This is a perfect costume for those kids who just can't pick their favorite color!

Childrens Tree Frog Costume
Some people think frogs are icky, but we think frogs are cute. That's mostly because we know what your baby will look like wearing this froggy costume and it's downright adorable.

Black Childrens Tights
You could use these black tights to make a sock puppet or make a slingshot out of them, but we mostly recommend using them to keep your little girl looking awesome in her new costume.

Childrens Pink Witch Costume
Get a look straight out of Oz with this deluxe Pink Witch costume. You can be the one to help guide your new friends on the right path when you act as their guardian and protector. In this beautiful gown, they'll all look at you in awe whenever you appear!

Toddler Cobra Ninja Costume - Childrens Ninja Halloween Costumes
He's a ninja. He's a cobra. He's a Cobra Ninja! We're not quite sure we've ever seen a warrior as fierce as this serpentine, but with the hooded ninja cloak of this warrior, we're sure that he's a fearsome opponent. At least he will be when your toddler suits up in this fun costume. Set him up with this ferocious costume look, and let him have a great time as this classic warrior!

Children's Ruffled Shorts
$4.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Shorts. Not included: Tights.

Pink Children's Petticoat
$4.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Petticoat. Not included: Tights.

Children's Footless Tights
$2.00 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Tights. Not included: Skirt, shoes.

Black Children's Petticoat
$4.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Petticoat.

Polka Dot Tutu
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Flocked Polka Dot Child Tutu Perfect for any ballerina dancer or dress up princess! Costume includes: Ballet style tulle tutu with flocked polka dots Available colors: Black -One size fits most children Pink - One size fits most children Red - One size fits most children Bodysuit, tights and shoes not included.

Adult Freddy Costume
The children of Springwood have started to have nightmares, nightmares of the same scared man. Legend has it that this man is none other than the former Springwood Slasher known as Freddy Krueger. Why is the invading the dreams of children? Because before Freddy died he vowed to get revenge on those who killed by attacking what they held dear, their kids. Now you can look just like the classic villain when you wear this horror movie themed costume. Be sure to pick up one of our great Freddy Krueger gloves to complete your nightmare king look.

Child James Team Rocket Costume
"Some parents want their children to be doctors or lawyers. Others want their children to enter the business of world-domination-through-the-theft-of-Pokemon business. To each their own, but this Child James Team Rocket Costume mostly appeals to the second kind of parent. It lets you get an early start on the Pokemon stealing game since it has the daring ""R"" of the criminal organization, Team Rocket. Once he has it on, all you have to do is teach him how to steal a Pikachu and he's good to go."

Creepy Clown Adult Mask
"We WANTED to call this the ""Super Freaky Gives Your Children Nightmares For the Rest of Their Lives Demon Clown Mask."" Our Marketing Department told us that we'd have a hard time selling something with such a long name, so we shortened it to Creepy Clown Adult Mask. (Feel free to call it the Super Freaky Gives Your Children Nightmares For the Rest of Their Lives Demon Clown Mask though)."

Frosty Jack Mask
We don't know what happened to Frosty. One day he was running around town with a broomstick in his hand and children by his side and then suddenly, he just went missing, and this guy showed up. Frosty Jack! He does not play well with children, in fact, he actually eats them! If you see Frosty Jack in your front yard, we suggest that you lock your doors and crank up the furnace.

Astronaut Helmet
$68.99 from Halloween Express
Astronaut Helmet To space and beyond. Includes: Hard plastic design with sound chip, push button activation with real space agency speak. Push button activates spring loaded retractable visor and mock boom microphone inside of helmet. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults and children 12 and up Please note, additional padding may be needed for children.

Batman Full Mask
$33.99 from Halloween Express
Batman Full Child Mask The dark knight vigilante needs to mask his identity from the criminals Full over-the-head latex Batman mask for children. Available size: One size fits most children. This is an officially licensed Batman The Dark Knight Rises product.

Toy Story Woody Costume Kit
$30.99 from Halloween Express
Toy Story Woody Child Accessory Kit A Must Have For Any Woody Costume ! The Woody Accessory kit includes: A cowboy hat, sheriff badge, black and white spotted vest and a red handkerchief. Available size: One size fits most small children. (Per the manufacturer, the hat fits most children up to age 6.) This is an officially licensed ┬ęDisney/Pixar product.

Dream Of Jeannie Hat with Hair
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Dream Of Jeannie Hat with Hair From the sands of the Arabian deserts comes a genie headpiece. Includes: I Dream of Jeannie pink hat with attached sheer veil, and attached blond ponytail with braided accent. Available size: One size fits most Adults and Children. This product is NOT intended for children 3 years of age and younger. Please note we cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed. Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair. For wig care and styling tips click here . This is an officially licensed product from I

Witch or Vampiress Wig
Witch or Vampiress Wig All You Need Now, Is A Broomstick Vampiress Wig - Classic black wig with white streaks, perfect for a vampiress. One size fits most children. $11.99 Witch Wig - Classic black witch wig. One size fits most children. $11.99 Blonde Wig - Blonde side parted wig like movie stars of the 1930's. One size fits most adults. $33.99 Please note we cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed. Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair. For wig care and styling tips click here.

Gothic Glovettes
Black and Red Rouged Child Glovettes A Great Accessory! Includes: Leather-look fabric, fingerless gloves with red stripe and frilly chiffon wrist edges. Polyblend. One size fits most children. Available Sizes: One size fits most children.

Mens Elite Ringmaster Costume
"""Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. What you are about to see will amaze and frighten you!"" You better work on your projecting because it's going to be your job to direct the circus tonight in this most amazing and spectacular Mens Elite Ringmaster Costume. (Please note that an elephant is not included)."

Adult Deluxe Bunny Costume
Once a year there there is a magical day where baskets filled with candy and eggs go missing. Where do they go? They are hidden by the amazing Easter Bunny. He does this so that children everywhere can have some fun on Easter day by searching for their lost baskets. Now you can get in on the fun by pretending to be the Easter Bunny himself in this great mascot costume.

Adult Polar Express Santa Costume
"Do you still believe in Christmas? Can you hear the bell ringing? If you're here looking at our Polar Express Costume, we think you still believe in the spirit of the holidays. But of course you do! You can actually BE Santa in this exclusive costume and help all the children of the world believe in him once again. While we doubt you'll have access to a blimp to carry your gift bag, we think you can still convince even the youngest skeptic with a smile and wink while wearing this Polar Express Santa costume. Show them, ""There is no greater gift than friendship."""