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Elite Cleopatra Couple Costume
You can be Queen of the Nile this Halloween when you order our Elite Cleopatra Costume. This elaborately detailed costume comes with all the things you?ll need to become Egyptian royalty for Halloween. The beautiful tank cut white satin dress runs to the floor with a gold trim on its lower half. The gold waist sash adds a true Cleopatra air to this costume with its broad ruffles and beaded center drape piece. The gold cape is worn attached to the gold armbands that go around your upper arm and wrists. The collar piece is what sets this apart from our other Cleopatra costumes. It?s made from gold sequined material and is complimented even further by the gold beaded head dress. You?ll have no choice but to rule the party when they spot you in this amazing costume. Try with your partner in our Marc Anthony costume and go as a couple!

Adult Pirates Wench Elite Couple Costume
This is one female counterpart of a complete costume. Our Elite Pirates Wench Adult Couple Costume comes with a mid-length dress, vinyl vest with gold trim and laced-up bodice, tulle petticoat, bandana, sash and jeweled choker. **PRICES FOR ELITE PIRATES WENCH ADULT COSTUME ONLY. MALE COSTUMES CAN BE ORDERED SEPARATELY BY ADDING AN ORDER QUANTITY BELOW.** We hope that you have found what you?re looking for. If not, please keep up your search. We have thousands of costumes and are confident that you will find a costume that you love! Besides great costumes, we also offer a wide range of accessories. At Costume Discounters we work hard to make sure that you get the best costume for your money. To that end, we guarantee that our prices are not amongst the lowest, but the lowest online. We will match any competitor?s prices and even sweeten the deal. Besides great pricing, we offer same day delivery, free exchanges and high quality costumes.

Batgirl Costume for Couple
Hey ladies, here?s the female half of the perfect couple?s costume! The Batgirl Couple Costume (women?s half) includes a black dress with the Batgirl logo on the chest, attached cape, vinyl mask with bat ears, and utility belt. We also include gauntlets and boot tops. Boot tops are great, so you don?t have to buy brand new shoes! Add our The Batman Muscle Chest Costume for Adults, sold elsewhere on this site, to get the man in your life on board! You?ll both be a hit at your next adult costume party or Halloween party! Get ready to fight crime or dance the night away in these comfortable, attractive costumes. You don?t have to be part of a couple to love the Batgirl look, though, so get the female half for a great solo costume, too! Don?t wait for these iconic, licensed, official costumes to go out of stock, just get your very own Batgirl Couple?s costume today!

Couples Wizard Wanda Costume
Ladies, are you looking to cast a spell on your special someone or just enjoy the sexy school girl look with a wizard?s school twist? Look no further! Wizard Wanda is a naughty take on Harry Potter, so pair with our adult men?s Harry Potter costume to pull off a couple?s look nobody is likely to forget! This is the lady?s half of the Wizard Wanda Couple?s Costume, including starched grey mini dress, cape, collar, red and gold necktie and wand. If the skirt seems just a little too daring for your adult costume or Halloween party then just add our adult black Roxie shorts to CYA. You?ll certainly cast a spell on everyone in the room when you become this hot, hot, hot wizard. Don?t wait for the Wizard Wanda Couple Costume to go out of stock, just get one of your very own today!

Couples Corrections Officer Costume
Hey ladies! Looking for the perfect couple?s costume? This is the female half of a hilarious option! The Corrections Officer Couple?s Costume includes the woman?s cop half of the equation, with a dress, sleves, epilates, hat, necktie, belt, handcuffs, and billy club. It?s everything you need to turn into a prison guard! Get him into the adult male prisoner costume, sold elsewhere on this site, and turn some heads at your next adult costume party or Halloween party! Add our whistle and patent thigh high boots in black so that you complete your butt kicking sexy look! Dance the night away together knowing you are the perfect fit for one another, and then take him home and either show him who is boss or organize a little prison riot. Don?t wait for the Corrections Officer Couple Costume to go out of stock, just get one of your very own today.

Couples Adult USB Port & Stick Costume
This Couples Adult USB Port & Stick costume features a great matching men and woman's flash drive themed costume. The Men's costume features a black Men's USB stick costume that fits around the waist with USB symbol displayed on the side in white. The women's costume features a black dress with white USB symbol on top and USB port around the waist. Show everyone you both have a great connection with this fun couples costume.

Couples Costume: Plug and Socket
They say there's a socket for every plug and this costume is out to prove it! This deluxe light weight Couples Plug and Socket Costume is certain to be a hit at any Halloween party you wear it to! The women's costume is a light black tunic with a printed two prong outlet on it while the men's costume is the matching two prong plug! Not the most sophisticated joke out there, sure, but it's a classic and still makes for a great fun couples costume!

Bacon & Eggs Adult Couples Costume
Are you looking for a costume to wear with your significant other or a close friend? Order this Bacon & Eggs Adult Couples Costume, which includes a one-piece bacon outfit and a one-piece egg outfit. The red and white bacon pullover looks like three pieces of bacon. The white egg with center yellow yolk looks like it?s sunny side up. Wear it with a black or subdued-color top and pants and get ready to sizzle at your Halloween party.

Plus Size Plug and Socket Couple Costume
If your looking for a funny and unique couples costume you should consider this one. This comical costume includes 2 pieces one for Men and one for Women. The men's Costume consists of a a life size plus costume with the prongs facing front. The omen's costume includes a tunic with plug print detail on the front. If you put two and two together you'll see why this costume is so funny. The Plug and Socket costumes come together and is sure to get an electrifying response at any Halloween Party.

Adult Couples Ruby the Pirate Costume
You?ll be the treasure in this Ruby Pirate Couple Costume. This sassy costume is sexy but not over-the-top. It features a corset-style top with red and white detailing and sleeves. The ensembles black skirt has a jagged edge and has an asymmetrical cut. A red and white stripped wrap and matching head tie complete this Ruby Pirate getup. This costume is available in small, medium, large and x-tra large. Consider adding our silver and gold pirate cutlass for added effect. PRICES FOR FEMALE COSTUME ONLY. MALE COSTUMES CAN BE ORDERED SEPARATELY.** If you?ve found the costume you were looking for, great! If not, we encourage you to keep looking. We have thousands of great costumes. We pride ourselves not only on our selection but on our prices. We have the lowest prices on the internet?guaranteed! We offer same day delivery, free exchanges and the lowest prices online!

Sexy Cop Woman Couple Costume
Our Sexy Lady Cop Couple Costume is absolutely arresting! It features a form fitting jumper with hot pants, poly/cotton shirt, belt, handcuffs, matching boot covers and badge. Law breakers beware! This sexy cop is looking to break all the rules. Bringing a date? Check out our matching Adult Male Costume. **PRICES LISTED BELOW ARE FOR THE FEMALE COSTUME ONLY. MALE COSTUMES MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY.** We hope you?ve found what you?re looking for. If not, we encourage you to keep looking because we have tons of options. We work hard to bring you a wide variety of costumes so that you can find one that is true to your personality, taste and the occasion. We hope you have found what you need. Once you find a costume that you love, be sure to take some time and peruse the accessories we have chosen for that costume. They are listed below and are the ones which match your costume the best. This little convenience makes it possible for you to get everything you need at once. We strive t

Couple Mafia Princess Costume
Behind every man is a woman and behind every gangster is a very brave woman. You can be his partner in crime this Halloween with our Gangster Princess Costume. This sexy costume comes with a skirt, jacket, and white spats. The double-breasted jacket comes in a black material with grey pin stripes running vertically. The matching black skirt also has these same pin stripes giving it the look of a gentleman?s suit gone awry in all the right places. The white spats can cover any shoe you choose and give this costume an authentic appearance from top to bottom. You?re going to be the gangster girl all the coppers are going to want to interrogate. Try it out with a male companion and go as a couple to your next Halloween function, gangster style! **PRICES ARE FOR FEMALE COSTUME ONLY. Hat and cigar are available from our accessories department.

Pink Female Gangster Moll Couple Costume
You?ll look killer in our Gangster Moll Pink Couple Costume. This chic Gangster Moll getup comes with a six button double breasted suit, flare pants and tie. **PRICES FOR FEMALE COSTUMES ONLY. MALE COSTUMES CAN BE ORDERED SEPARATELYBY.**

Ghostly Gal Costume for Couple
If your looking for a spooky costume that will scare the living daylights out of everyone than look no further than out Ghostly Gal Couple costume. This detailed costume has been carefully created to include specific detailing to accurately replicate a real lady ghost. The ladies garb includes gloves, a dress, belt, and a headpiece. You can add to the look and purchase the Men's Ghostly Guy Costume that will compliment the Ghostly Gal costume perfectly.

Flintstones Pebbles Adult Couple Costume
Have a yabba dabba doo time this Halloween in this Flintstones Pebbles Adult Costume! Perfect for a couples costume with Bam Bam, this nostalgic outfit includes everything you need to be the cutest baby in Bedrock! A pink tank top with jagged edges and black details comes with a pair of black shorts, pink leg warmers, and a pink wig with a bone stuck in the top knot.

Couple Costume Jacket In Satin
If you're looking for a phenomenal old-school costume to sport then it doesn't get much cooler than our 50s Pink Satin Jacket Couple Costume. The lady's 50s Pink Satin Jacket is a sleek polyester jacket with Pink Satin Lady screen printed on the back. The jacket features black elastic cuffs, collar, and a waist band. The jacket will look great with any pair of black tights, leggings, or jeans. The 50s Thunderbird Jacket is a terrific buy for your partner and can be added separately by selecting a quantity below.

Elite Cleopatra Couple Costume
She was master of the known world and she enchanted and seduced the most important men of her time, now Wholesale Costume Club makes it possible for you to do the same in the 21st Century with its Cleopatra Elite Couple Costume. You?ll look every bit the part of a queen in this outfit that consists of a long golden cape with a sequined collar that adorns a white satin gown. The traditional Cleopatra beaded headpiece tops off the ensemble with class. You can accessorize this regal queen outfit with a Ring and Gold Snake Bracelet and Woven Snake Arm Band. You can dress the man in your life up as your lesser half with an Adult Mark Antony Costume. You can add to the sex appeal of this queen outfit by accessorizing it with Women?s Gold Egyptian Sandals. You?ll be Queen of the Nile when you walk into your Halloween party with this Cleopatra Elite Couple Costume.

Elite Adult Gothic Vampira Couple Costume
At night, the dead walk the streets again according to vampire lore, and you can make legend reality when you wear Wholesale Costume Club?s Elite Adult Gothic Vampira Couple Costume. This stylish and sexy outfit consists of a beautiful long black and red satin corset style dress trimmed tastefully in lace with a jeweled chocker, and a lace and tulle petticoat. You?ll make a grand entrance at your costume ball or Halloween party when you stride in sizing up your potential victims. This vampire outfit comes in sizes ranging from extra-small to large in size 12 to 14 and most women will love this sexy and comfortable costume. You can add to the horror factor of this quality outfit with a Fangs Costume Accessory, making it easier to bite the men at your party. You can also double-date with Dracula when you dress your man up with an Adult Elite Gothic Vampire Costume.

Snow Couple Christmas Sweater
You might not want to wear this Snow Couple Christmas Sweater if there are kids at your holiday party, but the adults will all think it's hilarious. This blue sweater with a lovely winter scene featuring a snow man and woman with some risque anatomical details.

Couple Mafia Princess Costume
Bada Bing! Bada Boom! You?ll look the part of the head of the family with this Couple Mafia Princess Costume. As the daughter of the family Don, you?ll help decide who gets whacked and who becomes part of the family when you wear this costume consisting of a double-breasted jacket, a short matching skirt with white spats. There is plenty of room beneath the jacket to carry a ?piece? so you can be the boss at your costume party or Halloween blast. This mafia costume comes in sizes ranging from small to large and is suitable for most adults. You can add to the dark side of this gangster outfit by accessorizing it with a DLX Black Gangster Hat, or add to the sexiness factor with Adult Fishnet Stockings for ladies. Women can stylishly outfit their very own Don with an Adult Gangster Costume for adult men.