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Nerds Box Couples Costume
$69.99 from Halloween Express
Nerds Box Couple Costume A great couples costume set that allows you and your partner to become your favorite retro candy! Includes: One purple costume and one pink tunic is included and when standing together, forms a whole box of Nerds candy. Head, arms and legs are visible. Costume covers roughly from neck to upper thigh area. Polyester. Available Sizes: One size fits most Adults Glasses, black shirts and black pants are NOT included. This is an officially licensed Nerds costume.

Adult Ham And Swiss Couples Costume
$44.99 from Halloween Express
Ham And Swiss Adult Costume 2 costumes in one bag. A great couple's costume! Includes: Smock style costumes. 1 ham on bread costume & 1 Swiss cheese on bread costume. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults. Black shirts and black pants are not included.

Hot Dog and Bun Couples Costume
$52.99 from Halloween Express
Adult Hot Dog and Bun Couples Costume A great couples costume! After all, what goes better together than a hot dog and a bun? Includes: Hot dog tunic features hot dog with yellow mustard stripe down the middle and Bun tunic features top of bun on outside and greyer plain area in the middle! Wearer's faces, arms and legs are visible. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Black shirt and pants are not included.

Naughty Snow Couple Christmas Sweater
This snow couple is waiting for the lights to go off so they can have some fun. And it's probably for the best that they're restraining themselves until then. Some things just aren't a spectator sport, however much fun they might be as a participant.

Venetian Couple Mask
$16.99 from Halloween Express
Venetian Couple Mask Here Is The Accessory To Complete Your Ballroom Look! Includes: Mask made of plastic, black feathers and a head band. White mask with black trimmings. Black feathers with red stones. Available size: One size fits most 12 and up

Dark King & Queen of Hearts Couples Costume
$30.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: King tunic, queen tunic. Not included: Shirts, pants, shoes.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Couples Costume
$31.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: (2) tunics. Not included: Shirts, pants, shoes.

Adam and Eve Couples Adult Costume
$21.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: (2) jumpsuits, (2) headpieces. Not included: Apple, snake.

Plug and Socket Costume - Funny Couples Costume Ideas
Some things just belong together like a plug and it's outlet. When these two things connect, there will be a spark that is just pure electric. Now if you're looking for a costume for you and your significant other, then this plug and socket costume is perfect for you. It's the perfect way to put some electricity back into your relationship!

Adult Deluxe Predator Latex Hands
"With a name like predator, you absolutely have to be the perfect hunter. We're not talking just being able to shoot a rabbit from a couple hundred yards away, no, we're saying you need to be able to sneak up on a tiger and pluck a couple hairs from its tail without it noticing before you walk right in front of it, and slay it with your bare hands. In other words, you better have the stealth, strength, and cunning all wrapped into one for you to be titled ""Predator."" We're guessing none of us are that good, nor do we have the superior cloaking technologies to be quite that great. Honestly our best alternative is to just look like one of those ruthless villains that took the toughest, buns-kicking governor ever to be defeated. Don't worry though, you'll be back for a couple cage matches against other popular movie creatures."

Adult Key To My Heart Costume
$44.99 from Halloween Express
Key To My Heart Couples Adult Costume The perfect costume for couples! Costume includes: Gold lame key for man to wear around neck and womens dress with heart locket makes for a great romantic couples costume. Available Sizes: One size fits most Adults Mens shirt and pants not included.

Adult Classic Nun Costume
"Bring a little religion to your Halloween when you go as this hip sister. You can go for a ""Sister Act"" look by wearing this classic costume and singing your heart out. You can take pop songs from yesteryear and add in some biblical references to impress everyone. This is also a great costume to be paired off with one of our priest costumes for a fun couples look. You would be the most powerful holy couple at your party this holiday."

Betty Rubble Teen Costume
The stone age was a different time. People used various dinosaurs and animals as household appliances and you had to drive a car with your feet. But what was still the same is that you just needed love to make a marriage work and that is what Betty and Barney Rubble prove. These two never were a rich couple but that didn't matter because they were wealthy in the amount that they cared about each other. Now you can become one half of an adorable couple in this Flintstones costume.

Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume
Does everyone say that you and your partner make the perfect couple? If so, we have the perfect costume for you! This Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume is a cute couples' costume because it's unique and fun to wear. The peanut butter and jelly look so real that you'll make your party guests hungry for the quick-to-make sandwich.

Comic Book Brawler Mask
"Say you're a criminal mastermind, and you're putting together a team for a big heist, who all would you need? Obviously, you'd need a sneaky cat burglar type, for getting into tight spots, and you'd need a quick thinkin', smooth talker for getting back out. You might want to bring along an explosives expert, too, just in case you find an especially tricky door you can't open. Does that cover the basics? Oh, you almost forgot a couple of hard-hittin' goons to back your team up with some muscle! You could always bring a couple of guys who are wearing this Comic Book Brawler Mask along, just in case you need to intimidate some bold-feeling security guards. This beefy mask is definitely intimidating, and it makes the wearer look like a real tough cookie. You might not want to call them ""cookie"" to their face though, you should see how the last guy who did that looks..."

Black and Grey Child Witch Wig
Every witch has a few streaks of grey hair in their long, black locks. We're thinking that it's because of how long they've been around. We're pretty sure the average witch these days is about 200 years old give or take a couple of decades. The problem with this is they don't think the new witches are any good because they don't have those streaks of gray hair and who has time to wait a couple hundred years for that to happen? It's just not fair. Well we're here to give those young witches a bit of a leg up in the world of sorcery. Just wear this sweet wig for a while and you'll be able blend in with the crowd just as well as nightshade blends with frog legs to make an excellent sleeping potion. Just be sure to pin it down well before you go flying around on your broomstick.

St. Patricks Day Light Up Bow Tie
Gold can be pretty dang shiny, but at night it's a little hard to shine when there are no lights out. So if you want to show off how much of a flashy outfit you've got, you'll have to bring some sort of a light along with you. Or you could always just get a sweet accessory that has a couple festive lights built right into it! This St. Patty's Day Holiday Light Up Bow Tie does pretty much exactly what the title tells you; you push a button and it lights up a couple shamrocks right on the tie. But it does it in such great fashion that we know you'll love it. You'll especially dig this big shiny beacon of unrefined Irish class if you pair it with a full green and shiny gold outfit, or maybe just a sweet hat. Keep looking around the site and you're sure to find something else you'll like to go right with it.

Star Wars Yoda Deluxe Force FX Lightsaber
Who knew Yoda had a lightsaber? Nobody until we saw him in Attack of the Clones when he finally fired that bad boy up and took on Count Dooku. Yoda could roll and pivot like no other Jedi we've ever seen, and that's really something since, you know, he uses a cane and such. But the force is strong with him, and we think the force is strong with you, too, so you need this Star Wars Yoda Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber to show that. It lights up and even makes the sounds right out of the films. Now it will only be 899 years before you become a Jedi Master like Yoda! Wait a minute... that's a long time... we think if you get this lightsaber and really push that training you'll probably be a master in like a couple weeks. That's how this Jedi stuff works, right?

Pink Gorilla Suit
Wear this Pink Gorilla Suit and become a creature that will never be found in nature! It's just like our realistic gorilla suit, just in a psychedelic color. Snag a couple of friends to wear it in the other two colors it comes in: purple and bright green.

Womens Reindeer Costume
Being a reindeer is a lot of fun when you're on your way to a holiday party. And this Reindeer costume for women is the perfect choice! The only thing that could, possibly, maybe, happen... (No really, it's a long shot) is that Santa might see you, and then he'll probably stop his sleigh, and ask what you're doing, if you're unhappy with the job, why are you AWOL on Christmas; those types of things. Don't be surprised if he asks you to guide his sleigh so he can deliver toys to all the children of the world. It's happened once or twice to a couple people we know, but it's really unlikely, so don't fret too much. With any luck, you'll go to your office party and live it up without any North Pole interference.

Women's Wonder Lady Costume
Ever wonder how tough it is to be a superhero? Sure, it’s definitely not easy, but if you can manage to capture a few low-level goons, stop some amatuer evil plots, and get your justice-dishing exploits in the local papers a couple of times, you might just have what it takes to survive going pro. While fighting crime is still no walk in the park even for the most seasoned costumed crusaders, the ones who are looking for a real challenge do it in high heels and a corset. That’s pretty much the superhero equivalent of playing on “hard mode”! They are the toughest of the pack, and it’s no coincidence that criminals who scoff at fighting a hero in heels quickly change their tune, after they finish picking their teeth up off the floor, that is.If you think you have what it takes to be a hardcore superhero, suit up in this Women’s Wonder Lady Costume and show those villains what you are made of! The entire costume shines (like the justice you’ll be serving) with sequins and metallic fabrics,

Realistic Stormtrooper Costume
Stormtroopers are the spearhead of the Galactic Empire, often being the first and last things many unlucky people see after their planet falls under Emperor Palpatine's control. But stormtroopers have gotten a bad reputation lately for being a bunch of incompetent goons who aren't able to hit the broad side of a bantha, or can get taken out by a pack of ewoks armed with spears and logs. Actually, when you think about it, it's kind of amazing that the Empire was able to conquer anything at all when its soldiers couldn’t even find a couple of shiny, chatty droids in a big empty desert. Maybe they were just having an off-day when all of that was going on. Do your part to help the humble stormtroopers regain their reputation as the crack soldiers that once struck fear into hearts across the galaxy in a Realistic Stormtrooper Costume. This officially licensed Star Wars costume includes separate foam armor pieces attached to a black bodysuit, so it looks like the armor suits worn by Imperial

Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume
Travel back in time to ancient Egypt in this Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume. Add sandals, a Cleopatra wig, and exotic makeup. Dress your date in a Roman warrior costume for a couples idea!

Alice Through the Looking Glass Child Deluxe Costume
Who's to say what may be waiting on the other side of the mirror? Your little could find all sorts of things on the other side! Perhaps an adventure involving one Mad Hatter and one March Hare awaits! Perhaps there's a tea party with friends and strange characters alike! Maybe, there's a talking caterpillar. Maybe, just maybe, there are a couple of queens on the other side that need help from a young adventurous Alice! Well, there's really only one way for your little girl to find out. You need to dress her up in this Alice Through the Looking Glass Costume for kids and send her to the looking glass!Based on the 2016 movie, this girl's costume helps your child get the look of the Disney character. With rich purples and colorful swaths of golds, reds and greens, this colorful outfit gets any child ready for an adventure from the movies. Trust us. She's going to need an outfit that colorful if she wants to standout next to the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen!

Women's Classic Beauty Costume
This Women's Classic Beauty Costume is great on its own or as a couples costume idea!

Mouth Mover Fox Mask
"For the past couple of years everyone has been wondering, ""jeez what DOES the fox actually say?"" It's been a debated topic since 2014 and now it's up to you to set the record straight. Wear this furry mask and you'll look like a sly fox who has a lot to say. The mouth mover fox mask contains an animated jawline so when you speak, the mask moves. We have a feeling that you'll get into a ton of conversations with folks so many people will know what the fox is saying. Finally, the mystery has been solved thanks to you!"

Veronica Corningstone Costume
Veronica Corningstone isn't going to let any man stand in her way, and if that sounds like your kind of gal, you'll love this authentic Anchorman costume. Sure, you'll have to trample down some sexist attitudes and work on chipping away that glass ceiling, but it will all be worth it to get your share of the evening news. Team up with Ron Burgundy for an epic couples costume (since we're sure your favorite guy will look great with a mustache) or the entire Channel 4 news team for a group theme. San Diego celebrity status will be all yours with this exclusive costume!

Womens Sexy Fallen Angel Costume
She'll be wishing for a free pass to heaven eventually, but tonight she's going to be having a good time in this Womens Sexy Fallen Angel Costume! Combine this with one of our devil costumes for a dark couple costume idea!