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Girl Power Wig - Discount Celebrity Wigs
Add some attitude to your 90s girl group look with this ginger colored wig! This wig is styled in a short bob and features a blend of red and gold hair along with white blonde highlights. The wig is lined with a stretchable mesh cap for a perfect fit. Add this to our Ginger Power costume for a complete look!

Discount Vampire Teeth
Treat yourself to a pair of shiny new Vampire Fangs. We know yours are everlasting but this is just in case you get tired of using your own. In other words, let us to do the work for you.

Discount Flapper Wigs
We predict that time will eventually start running backwards. When it does, you don't want to be caught unprepared for the the second coming of the 1920's. Alright, so maybe the likelihood of time going in reverse is pretty low, but this cute jazz wig is still fun for any kind of 20's themed flapper party and those are pretty swinging if we must say so ourselves.

Progressive Flo Costume Set
Don't worry, Flo's here! At least she will be when you go in this replica costume. You'll be able to tell all of your friends about Progressive Compare and Save, and other great ways to save on their insurance like combining home and auto coverage, and the Snapshot program . Take your friends down to aisle three for safe driver discounts and help them check out with one great big bag, or two still pretty big bags!