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Woof Dog Costume
$39.59 from Halloween Express
Woof Dog Pet Costume Travel the world! Includes: Familiar Waldo striped shirt, hat and glasses for your pet. Available Sizes: Medium (fits dogs with weight 24-45 lbs, neck 10 in, and back length (neck to tail) of 12 in) Additional Sizes: Small (fits dogs with weight 11-23 lbs, neck 8 in, and back length (neck to tail) of 10 in) Large (fits dogs with weight 46-70 lbs, neck 13.5 in, and back length (neck to tail) of 15 in) This is an officially licensed Where's Waldo product.

Adult Jumbo Dog Costume Kit
$15.99 from Halloween Express
Jumbo Dog Animal Costume Kit Puppy lovers will go crazy for this Jumbo Dog Kit! Great floppy brown dog ears with cream linings are attached to a matching brown headband. Includes long plush brown dog tail. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Leotard, shoes and gloves are not included.

Mascot Puppy Dog Costume
Who let the giant dog out? Whoever it is better be ready to pick up after it! This cute dog costume is adorable and will have everyone wondering how much is that doggie in the window. This costume is ideal for anyone who wants to cheer on their favorite sports team or high school team. Remember to really bust a move when they play 'Who Let the Dogs Out!'

Teen Hot Dog Hoodie
This kid loves hot dogs! Usually he's just wearing the ketchup from a hot dog on his shirt, but now he's wearing a hoodie that looks just like a hot dog! Meta.

Medieval Dog Mask
Rottweilers? Pitbulls? Dobermans? None of those even stand a chance against a dog made out of metal. Protect your king and protect your kingdom when you wear this Medieval Dog Mask. Your king's enemies will know to fear the dog knight!

Star Trek Spock Hooded Dog Uniform
Vulcan logic may not be a dog's strong point, but that doesn't mean your four-footed friend can't wear this Star Trek Spock Hooded Dog Uniform. The hood gives the appearance of Spock's dark hair and pointed Vulcan ears. And, who knows? Maybe your dog can learn some logic!

Tin Man Dog Costume
Some dogs have amazing talents. Some of them know how to surf. Others can skateboard. Your dog? He's an actor! He's ready to make his debut in your version of The Wizard of Oz as the legendary Tin Man. This dog costume recreates the classic character in an outfit that fits your little pooch's frame. Just make sure you get your doggie his own dressing room for the show to get his best performance.

Underdog Dog Costume
"""There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"" Transform your pooch into the beloved cartoon Underdog in this Underdog Dog Costume! Your best friend is sure to save Sweet Polly Purebred (or pretty much any neighborhood dog) against those neighborhood Bullie-dogs this Halloween. But be sure to keep him on a leash, or he might just try to fly up up an away! You know how it goes, you give your dog a cape and it goes straight to his head."

Dog Nose
Don't be surprised if you have an increased sense of smell once you place this Dog Nose on your real nose! This dog nose is a must have for any dog costume. Check out all of our cool animal noses.

Superman Dog Costume
$23.99 from Halloween Express
"Superman Dog Costume In the comic books, Superman had a dog named Krypto joining him on adventures. With this costume, your dog can now become a crime fighter! Includes : Blue chestpiece with Superman 'S' insignia and red cape. Available sizes: Medium - 15"" from neck to tail. Large - 22"" from neck to tail. Extra Large - 28"" from neck to tail. This is an officially licensed Superman product."

Lucky Dog Costume
$23.99 from Halloween Express
Lucky Dog Costume You Lucky Dog! Includes: Yellow doggy tunic covered in good luck charms - red dice, green four leaf clover, white rabbit foot and hrose shoe. 100% polyester. Available Sizes: One size fits most dogs.

Adult Fluffy Dog Costume
This puppy loves belly rubs! If you want to get the attention of all the hot chicks at the party, then cuddle up to them wearing this Adult Fluffy Dog Costume. You'll be everyone's favorite pooch because the soft fluffy jumpsuit is fun for everyone to pet. Now, throw this dog a bone!

Tarantula Dog Costume
"Some people like spiders as a pet. Other people like dogs as a pet. With this Tarantula Dog Costume, you don't have to choose between the two! This cute little puppy outfit ""arachnifies"" your doggy, so you can have a dog-spider roaming around your home."

Shark Dog Costume
Your dog thinks that it's his job to protect you and some doggies are just self-conscious about their ability to intimidate away possible threats. That's why we've come up with a solution. Dressing your pet up like a hammerhead shark gives him the needed confidence to bark at the mailman with complete authority, since sharks are the most dangerous animal on the land or sea. They're even more frightening than the dreaded jackalope. That's something any dog can feel proud of.

Kids Hot Dog Costume
One of the most American foods you can get is the classic hot dog. These can be found at any sports game and backyard cookout and are beloved by everyone. Now your little one can become a great American food with this walking hot dog costume.

Deluxe Latex Dog Mask
You'll be ready to 'raise the woof' while you are we this cool Deluxe Latex Dog Mask. This is a unique mask animal mask that will turn you into the ultimate party pooch. You can pick up a tail to attach to your pants to complete the dog look!

Star Trek Uhura Dog Uniform
Dogs can communicate in ways that humans can't so it stands to reason that they would be uniquely qualified to be a starship's communications officer. This Star Trek Uhura Dog Uniform will have your pooch ready to report for duty aboard the Enterprise!

Taco Dog Costume
Turn your little pooch into a crispy, crunchy, meat filled goodie with this Taco Dog Costume. He'll look so appetizing you'll want to reach down and take a bite. WARNING: biting your dog is considered animal abuse. Please eat a real taco instead!

Superman Dog Costume
Sometimes pets really do make the best superheros. They're friendly, protective, and know how to fight when they need to. We think that everyone would feel a little more safer with flying, super pets. Transform your dog into his favorite superhero with this Superman Dog Costume.

Adult Zombie Hot Dog Costume
Since a hot dog was only living when it was part of a pig or a cow, this Adult Zombie Hot Dog Costume leads to all sorts of unsavory speculations. You probably don't want to know how it got to be a zombie!Wear the tunic over your own dark pants.

Child Hot Dog Hoodie
Mmmm... hot dogs. Your child can be the American culinary classic with this easy hot dog hoodie. It only has a splash of mustard, so you'll have to figure out a way to add your own onions, relish, and/or sauerkraut. We're fine with just mustard so it's up to you!

New York Jets Dog Cheerleader Outfit
Your dog might not know all the cheers that the professional cheerleaders do, but she'll make up for it in pure cuteness! All it takes to make her a part of the cheer squad is this New York Jets outfit for dogs. It's officially licensed NFL gear, so your pooch will know that she's gor the right look!

Invisible Dog Leash
Are you searching for an obedient pet that you don't have to clean up after? You've come to the right place. This Invisible Dog Leash will let you take place in fun pet activities like walks and playing fetch. People will wonder whether you're a loving dog owner or a little nutty. It's perfect for parties of even April Fool's Day.

Combat Hero Dog Tags
So you think you got what it takes to be a hero? If you want to run with the big dogs, then you're going to have to look like one. These Combat Hero Dog Tags add the combat-hardened look to your outfit that you need. Just put them around your neck and start telling people that you've seen some real action.

Puppy Dog Ears and Tail
Man's best friend is one click away! Slip into this Puppy Dogs Ears and Tail set and you'll transform into a loveable household pet. It's the easiest way to sport your love for dogs and Halloween!

Star Trek Scotty Dog Uniform
"If you're pretty sure that at your house ""arf arf arf"" means ""I'm givin er all that I got, captain"" you're going to want to get your dog outfitted with this Scotty uniform costume. Whatever kind of dog you have, we're sure you'll love having them outfitted in this classic Star Trek look, and it'll be great to have your pooch help keep your engines running at full tilt!"

Santa Pup Dog Costume
Your dog may not know (or care!) who Santa is or what Christmas is all about. But he can still get into the holiday spirit in this Santa Pup Dog Costume.He'll love the soft velour fabric and the padded belly. Ho, ho, ho! (Or, maybe, woof, woof, woof!)

Woolly Mammoth Pet Costume - Funny Costumes for Dogs
Turn your dog into an ice age creature in this funny mammoth costume, designed for dogs! The costume includes a polyester bodysuit with a soft lining on the interior and brown faux fur on the exterior. Adjustable Velcro straps fit under your pet's tummy and around your pet's chest to secure the bodysuit in place. Your pet's legs fit into a set of sleeves with foam mammoth feet foot covers, while a short mammoth tail hangs down in the back of the suit. Finally, a faux fur headpiece fits on your pet's head with a Velcro strap that fits under the chin. A stuffed trunk and tusks decorate the top, while a set of elephant ears poke out on each side. Your pet will be ready to become a blast from the past!