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Dog Mascot Costume
Mens movie costume includes dog suit with hand and foot covers and a dog head. Lead the parade and the crowd in cheers when you wear this Dog Mascot Costume. Men and women can enjoy wearing this whimsical costume that includes plush dog outfit with shoe covers. The dog mascot...

Whattup Dog Costume
$69.99 from Halloween Mart
Yo, yo, yo dog! Whattup?! Feeling a bit like chasing cars or going for a long walk in the park? Caught the scent of some furry felines lately and just wish to burry your bone? Then you'll simply need to get your paws on our amusing Whattup Dog costume and howl the night away! This charmingly furry adult novelty costume is a complete brown dog from head to toe to tail! Included are a brown shirt and pants complete with furry chest, tummy, paws and attached furry tail! Perfect for scratching. Top yourself off with the open faced dog head hood with furry ears and black collar. This costume is party friendly as your face is uncovered for maximum enjoyment of all the treats that'll get thrown your way! Costume fits adults up to 200 pounds. Just be forewarned marking your territory may get you thrown into the dog house! Fits up to a 44" chest and a 34" waist.

Rock Star Dog
$19.99 from Halloween Mart
A monkey riding a dog?Now that's good entertainment!Watch the monkey's arms bounce while your dog's tail wags when you put our Dog Riders Monkey on your dog!Fits medium to large dogs, with a neck size up to 24" and a chest sizeup to20" around.

Woof Dog Costume
$38.59 from Halloween Express
Woof Dog Pet Costume Travel the world! Includes: Familiar Waldo striped shirt, hat and glasses for your pet. Available Sizes: Medium (fits dogs with weight 24-45 lbs, neck 10 in, and back length (neck to tail) of 12 in) Additional Sizes: Small (fits dogs with weight 11-23 lbs, neck 8 in, and back length (neck to tail) of 10 in) Large (fits dogs with weight 46-70 lbs, neck 13.5 in, and back length (neck to tail) of 15 in) This is an officially licensed Where's Waldo product.

Dog Riders Mailman Dog Harness
Dog costume dog riders mailman dog harness Put this harness on your four legged friend and itwill look he they are taking a crazy mailman for awild ride! This costume is comfortable, lightweig t and completely hysterical....

Dog Costume: Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dog
$32.99 from Anytime Costumes
You're sure to be impressed by the quality and attention to detail on this fabulous Stegosaurus dinosaur dog costume from Animal Planet. It's simply an irresistible dog costume for Halloween!

Dog Costume: Animal Planet Tortoise Dog Costume
$28.99 from Anytime Costumes
Turn your dog into the fastest Turtle on the block with this adorable Animal Planet Tortoise Halloween costume for dogs.

Dog Costume: Animal Planet Zebra Dog Costume
$14.99 from Anytime Costumes
Just imagine how cute your little dog will look in this Animal Planet Zebra Dog costume for Halloween.

Superman Dog Costume
$23.99 from Halloween Express
"Superman Dog Costume In the comic books, Superman had a dog named Krypto joining him on adventures. With this costume, your dog can now become a crime fighter! Includes : Blue chestpiece with Superman 'S' insignia and red cape. Available sizes: Medium - 15"" from neck to tail. Large - 22"" from neck to tail. Extra Large - 28"" from neck to tail. This is an officially licensed Superman products."

Lucky Dog Costume
$23.99 from Halloween Express
Lucky Dog Costume You Lucky Dog! Includes: Yellow doggy tunic covered in good luck charms - red dice, green four leaf clover, white rabbit foot and hrose shoe. 100% polyester. Available Sizes: One size fits most dogs.

Unisex Hot Dog Adult Costume
Costume features a pull over tunic in the shape of a hot dog and bun. Here is a humorous costume with many uses. You can wear the Adult Unisex Hot Dog Costume for Halloween but it is also perfect for wearing on the job. If you work at a carnival or for a hot dog stand y...

Lost Dog Costume For Adults
Mens humorous costume features a bodysuit a dress stuffed dog attached to the rear and a lost dog sign. Would you know a good costume if it bit you in the .. ? Here's a hilarious costume for your adult costume party or Halloween party! It's a costume with a definate punch line! The Lost Dog Adult Cos...

Dog Riders Jockey Dog Harness
Dog costume dog harness This hysterical costume will have the neighbors roaring. Turn your pooch into a Thoroughbred racehorse as he speeds across the yard.

Kids Unisex Hot Dog Mens Costume
Features a pull over tunic. You know the expression, You Are What You Eat? Well in this case your child can be a yummy hot dog. The Child Unisex Hot Dog Costume is a foam tunic shaped like a hot dog in a but. It has realistic co...

Dog - Black & White
$69.99 from Halloween Mart
Because not all dogs are brown! Keep an eye out for fire hydrants, moving cars, and garden hoses in our Black and White Dog costume. This full jumpsuit includes white pants, black dog paws, black paw shoe covers, and a full fabric covered foam headpiece that leaves your face exposed. This costume also comes with an attached black tail and a red collar with doggie bone license tag. Please allow additional shipping time for this special order item.

Big Dog Costume
$64.99 from Halloween Mart
Bow wow Arruu! This cute dog can perform many tricks, from fetching the paper to standing on his or her hind legs. Get rewarded with treats in this Big Dog costume. This light brown micro fiber plush jumpsuit has a dark brown stomach, a headpiece with dark brown ears, and an attached tail. Perfect for birthday parties or anytime a Big Dog suit is required.

Bride Dog
$19.99 from Halloween Mart
Ever heard a canine buzz? Your dog will be smelling flowers in our Bee Dog costume! This dog costume includes a shirt, hood, and sheer wings.

Whattup Dog - Adult Costume
$59.99 from Anytime Costumes
Take your favorite dog game and put it to action in this furry dog costume. Chase the ball, go on a walk, spend the day dozing on the couch or hit the party with your other K9 pals.

Dog Costume: Animal Planet Elephant Dog Costume
$24.99 from Anytime Costumes
This Animal Planet Elephant dog costume is so cute, you'll think you have a real baby elephant running around your house! Also makes a great Republican Elephant!

Lost Dog Costume
$34.99 from Costumes Inc
Adult hilarious Costume ,comes with bodysuit, outfit w/attached dog & lost dog sign.

Bride Dog Pet Costume
$16.99 from Costumes Inc
A white outfit that has little h&s holding a bouquet of flowers that goes around the dogs neck & a vail that goes on the dogs head

Devil Dog Pet Costume
$8.49 from Costumes Inc
A red cloak that wraps around the dog's neck & little scary devil ears that have an elastic around the dogs head

Nose: Dog
$2.49 from Anytime Costumes
Add a cute finishing touch to your puppy dog costume with this brown animal dog nose.

Woofer Dog Mascot - Adult Costume
$1,199.00 from Anytime Costumes
Woofer the dog is one playful pup. Spirited dog mascot costume comes complete with Head, Body, Mitts and Feet.

Pet Costume: Bride Dog
$9.99 from Anytime Costumes
Bride Dog pet costume is always fun at in-home Bachelorette parties or paired up with a Top Dog Groom for Halloween.

Pet Costume: Hot Dog
$9.99 from Anytime Costumes
Adorable Hot Dog costume simply speaks for itself. Fun dog costume for summertime barbeques and parties.

Pet Costume: Biker Dog
$12.99 from Anytime Costumes
"Mess with this cool Biker Dog and he'll ""mess"" on you! Fun dog costume for Halloween."

Nose: Dog Large
$2.49 from Anytime Costumes
Compete your dog halloween costume with this fun plastic Dog Nose. Great for Adults and Kids!