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Black Dog Handbag Basket
Keep this charming black dog handbag basket on your side at any party for authenticity and practicality. The little puppy will be a cuddly and helpful companion, keeping all of your essentials safely stowed in his basket.

Chiquita Banana Dog Costume
What do dogs and bananas have in common? Absolutely nothing, but not everything needs to make sense to be fun! One's a fun loving canine who likes to party with you and the other's a tasty tropical fruit perfect for cocktails. We think it's a great idea to have both in one package. Now all you have to do is get the cat to dress up like a pineapple.

Toto Dog Hand Bag
Now you can tote around Toto wherever you roam- from Kansas all the way to The Emerald City. Not only is this dog handbag completely adorable, it can also hold all your necessities as you trot down the yellow brick road. This precious purse is ideal for any Dorothy costume!

Queen of Bones Dog Costume
Well, it's finally happened. Your little pup is now full fledged royalty! At least they will be when you suit them up in this Queen of Bones dog costume. We just hope that being top pup in the land won't go to her head. Sure, she'll have all the best doggie servants that the royal treasury can bankroll, but she's still going to have to rely on you to get her ears scratched!

King of Bones Dog Costume
If he's the one true ruler of your backyard, outfit your best friend with this King of Bones costume. All will respect him his status as top dog when they see his regal style. And with all of those bones buried back there, he's going to have the wealthiest kingdom in the entire neighborhood!

Bride of Frankenpup Dog Costume
Boy, did Dr. Frankenstein outdo himself with his last experiment! He decided to mix a woman's DNA with a dog's DNA and he came up with a monster of a creation. The sound that comes out of this creature when it 'barks' is terrifying. Its diet is also alarming. You'll have to find out what it eats for yourself! Bride of Frankenpup is kind of a handful at times, but you'll forget all about that when she cuddles with you.

Frankenpup Dog Costume
It's alive! Your puppy...is ALIVE! Oh, you already knew that? Well, with this Frankenpup Dog Costume you may have a hard time not saying phrases like that. Despite being based on the classic Frankenstein horror monster, we have the feeling that your puppy will still be irresistibly cute while wearing it.

Gingerbread Pup Dog Costume
You have your gingerbread man all baked. You just finished putting the last gum drop on your gingerbread house. But you are still missing something! What about your gingerbread pup? Bundle up your pooch in this adorable Gingerbread Pup Dog Costume. Your doggy will be cute enough to eat!

Adult Sheep Dog Mascot Costume
$369.95 from Halloween Express
Sheep Dog Mascot Adult Costume A great puppy mascot costume to round up the crowd! Includes Oversized mascot head, plush body, mitts, spats, and parade big feet. Available Sizes: One Size fits most Adults

Devil Dog Mask
$70.99 from Halloween Express
Devil Dog Mask So Ferocious, Your Own Reflection Will Scare You! Fangs exposed, ears reared back and getting ready to go on the attack. Includes: Classic Hound of Hell latex Halloween mask. Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most Please read valuable information regarding latex products .

Pity The Bull Dog Pet Costume
$35.99 from Halloween Express
"Pup- A- Razzi Pity The Bull Dog Pet Costume Your four-legged friend is ready to knock out the competition! Costume includes: A camouflage print shirt with brown muscle sleeves, black and tan mohawk wig and gold chains with ""T"" pendant. Available Sizes: X-Small - Length 8” Chest 12-16” Neck 10-12” (Bichon Frise, Brussels Griffon, Maltese, Miniature Pincher, Papillon) Small- Length 12”Chest 16-20” Neck 12-14” (Dachshund-Miniature, Norfolk Terrier, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle) Medium- Length 16 Chest 20-24” Neck 14-16”(Beagle, Dachshund,"

Pirate Dog Costume
$24.99 from Halloween Express
"Pirate Pet Costume Your pooch will be ready to set sail! Dog Costume includes: Cute one-piece brown jacket/black and orange shorts combo. Comes with matching brown hat with orange and black bandana! Available Sizes: Small - Fits small pets 10""-12"" long from neck to tail. Medium - Fits medium pets 14""-16"" long from neck to tail. Large - Fits pets 18""-20"" long from neck to tail."

Pet Monster Dog Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Hound Hoodies Monster Perfect for that pet of the family Great costume for your favorite pooch! Fits medium to large Dogs up to 60 lbs. Adjustable Velcro neck tab. Available colors: Green Blue Purple

Doginatrix Dog Costume
$22.79 from Halloween Express
"Doginatrix Dog Costume Look out for this doggie dominatrix! Costume includes: Corset, mini riding crop and collar. Available Size: Small, back length 11""-14"", neck size 14""-16.5"" Also Available: Medium"

Doginatrix Dog Costume
$22.79 from Halloween Express
"Doginatrix Dog Costume Look out for this doggie dominatrix. Costume Includes: Corset, mini riding crop and collar. Available Size: Medium, back length 14.5""-17"", neck size 17""-20"". Also available: Small"

Big Dog Redneck
$28.99 from Halloween Express
"Big Dog Redneck Git-R-Done! Includes: Plaid doggy, beer bellied tunic, """"Redneck and proud"" t-shirt."

Toddler Poodle Dog Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Poodle Dog Toddler Costume Rock around the clock! Includes: Dress with faux fur collar and polka dot poodle skirt with attached lace edge petticoat, belt, and polka dot neck tie. Available Sizes: Toddler Small 24-2T Toddler Large 3T-4T Tights and Shoes are not included. Also available: Women's Plus Sizes Women's Standard Sizes Child sizes

Infant Hot Dog Costume
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Hot Dog Bunting Infant Costume Would you like Ketchup or Mustard? Costume includes: Bunting with hat. Available size: 3-9 Months

Puppy Dog Kit
$12.99 from Halloween Express
Puppy Dog Kit Everybody loves a cute puppy! Includes: Headband has floppy ears and includes tail with loop for easy pinning. Available size: One size fits all Leotard and shoes not included.

Bad Boy Dog Costume
$18.69 from Halloween Express
"Bad Boy Dog Costume This is one bad doggie. Costume Includes: Black and denim jumpsuit with a dogskull printed on the back. Available Size: Small, back length 11""-14"", neck size 14""-16.5"" This costume is also available in: Medium, back length 14.5""-17"", neck size 17""-20"""

Princess Leia Dog Costume
Princess Leia is the royal that everyone wants to be in a galaxy far, far away. She is both powerful and beautiful and helps lead the Rebel forces help take down the evil Empire. Now your pup can look just like Rebel Princess in this great Star Wars costume.

Yoda Dog Costume
The Jedi order is full of the wisest beings to ever exist in the galaxy. Of those members of the order Yoda is considered to be most loyal. He is always there to help out his fellow Jedi. Now your loyal best friend can look just like the amazing Yoda in this adorable Star Wars pet costume.

Darth Vader Dog Costume
Darth Vader has one plan, to take over the galaxy. He travels through space in his brand new Death Star looking for a brand new planet to add to his collection. Now your little pup can become the greatest villain from Star Wars in this Sith Lord costume.

Dog Mask
$71.99 from Halloween Express
Party Animal Mask Follow Him To The Party! Includes: Full, over the head, latex, hand painted Party Animal with beret mask. Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most Please read valuable information regarding latex products .

Toddler Puppy Dog Costume
$33.99 from Halloween Express
Puppy Infant Costume Lovable Puppy! Costume Includes: Jumpsui with hood, mittens and snap open seam for easy diaper changes. Available sizes: 6-12 months 12-24 months. Manufacturer's suggested washing instructions included.

Raggedy Ann Dog Costume
Raggedy Ann Pet Costume The One And Only Classic Raggedy Ann Costume, For Your Pet! Costume includes: Dress and appron with hat. Available sizes: Small Medium Large

Dalmatian Dog Mascot Costume
$124.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Jumpsuit with mitts, mascot head, shoe covers.

The Dog Adult Costume
$42.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Headpiece with collar, jumpsuit, shoe covers. Not included: Nose, gloves.