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Gothic Fairy Costume
Most fairies spend their time playing in the meadows, romping amongst all the flowers and creatures, but that gets a little old and boring for some fantasy creatures. Some fairies want to taste a little bit of dark magic, cause a little mayhem and get themselves into some real trouble. Those are the kind of fairies who like to play the tricks where someone gets hurt at the end of the night. So, which kind of fairy do you think you are? You ARE looking at an evil fairy outfit - we're just sayin'...

Fairy Ear Tips
Fairy experts have called us crazy, but we think that the secret to fairy magic lies within their pointed ears! All of our extensive testing with these fairy ears has been inconclusive, but we did find out that it's pretty fun to put them on and act like a fairy.

Women's Rainbow Fairy Costume
$65.97 from Halloween Express
Rainbow Fairy Adult Costume Perfect for a fairy, rave, dancer or clubwear costume! Costume includes: Psychedelic fairy dress has neon pink and green sequin fabric with multi-colored attached sparkly tutu. Fairy wings and removeable/adjustable shoulder straps also included. Materials: Nylon and Polyester. Available Sizes: Small 2-6 Medium 6-10 Large 10-14 Extra Large 16-18 Wand, wig, fingerless gloves, jewelry, thigh highs and boot covers not included.

Women's Fairy Costume
$49.99 from Halloween Express
Black Rose Fairy Plus Size Adult Costume Sexy Fairy! This Black Rose Fairy costume includes a black low cut dress with brocade inset front, drop sleeves and accenting fairy wings. Available size: Plus Size (16-24) Shoes and stockings not included.

Women's Cinderella Fairy Godmother Costume
How do you turn a dream into reality? Become a fairy godmother. How do you become a fairy godmother? Wear this Women's Cinderella Fairy Godmother Costume! Then you just have to appear in a garden , change a girl's dress from a torn hand-me-down to a gorgeous new gown. Oh, and change a pumpkin into a coach, mice into horses, a goose into a coachman, and lizards into footmen. Details, details!

Fairy Queen Costume
She's the fairy of all things created by nature! She loves trees, and plants, and flowers, and even shrubs! This Fairy Queen Costume is perfect for attending a Renaissance Fair. All the fairies will gather around you since you are their Queen!

Women's Tooth Fairy Costume
I told ya the tooth fairy is real! Surprise your toothless children with this Women's Tooth Fairy Costume. Leave a few bucks under their pillow while you wear this costume so they fully believe that this mystical fairy is real!

Child Springtime Fairy Costume - Pink Fairy Toddler Costumes
Do you know what is responsible for spring coming? It is the world of tiny little fairies who work as hard as they can to make sure the snow completely disappears. After that is done they go around waking up each and every flower so that they can bloom. Now your little girl can join those cute pixies in this adorable fairy costume.

Mens Tooth Fairy Costume
The tooth fairy is here to collect you tooth and leave you some dough! Sounds like a great trade. This Mens Tooth Fairy Costume is a funny costume that will turn you into the most infamous fairy that all kids hope exist!

Womens Tinkerbell Fairy Costume
Transform into a Disney legend in this Womens Tinkerbell Fairy Costume. Add a pair of fairy shoes and a wand, and all of your friends will believe in fairies!

Tooth Fairy and Tooth Adult Costume
$67.97 from Halloween Express
Tooth Fairy and Tooth Adult Costume A great couples costume and that's the tooth! Includes 2 costumes: Tooth Fairy - white dress with wings and white wand. White Tooth pullover tunic with gold crown. Available sizes: Tooth fits up to 6' 200lbs & Tooth Fairy Dress fits up to a size 14. Shoes, jeans and sunglasses are not included.

Women's Midnight Fairy Costume
$49.99 from Halloween Express
Midnight Fairy Adult Costume At Midnight I Make All Your Dreams Come True! The midnight fairy costume includes the black velvet dress with net apron, belt, shoulder pieces & deluxe fairy wings. Available sizes: Small/Medium Medium/Large Shoes and wand are sold separately.

Toddler Lilac Fairy Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Lilac Fairy Toddler Costume The perfect pixie to spread joy, laughter, and fairy dust! Includes: Tutu style one piece dress and purple fairy wings. Available Size: Toddler 3T - 4T Also available in Adult Size . Child leggings and shoes NOT included.

Deluxe Fairy Wings
$28.49 from Halloween Express
Deluxe Shimmer Fairy Wings Shiny Dramatic Fairy Wings Will Carry you away! Flared sparkle fairy or butterfly wings Available colors: Blue Opalescent (white) Pink Purple

Toddler Ballerina Fairy Costume
$28.99 from Halloween Express
Ballerina Fairy Toddler Costume Green pixie fairy Costume includes: tutu dress and matching fairy wings. Sizes available: 24 mos - 2T 3T - 4T Tights and shoes not included.

Girl's Fairy Costume
$28.99 from Halloween Express
Watercolor Fairy Child Costume Elegant Watercolor Fairy! Costume Includes: Blue/green velvet dress, purple shiny mesh overlay with matching cummerbund. Purple/green glitter fairy wings with velvet ties. Wand also included. Available sizes: Small Medium Large

Girl's Fiber Optic Fairy Costume
$39.99 from Halloween Express
"Fairy Fiber Optic Child Costume Pixie star light! Costume includes: Beautiful green fairy dress with underskirt made with dozens of soft, sparkling fiber optic lights and fairy wings. The costume has a ""hidden pocket"" that is located under the skirt on the side of the costume. You slip the small control unit out of the pocket. There is an on/off switch at the top of the unit. There are also extra batteries included with the costume. Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 *Star Wand and shoes NOT included."

Fairy or Spider Eye Lashes Make Up Kit
$16.09 from Halloween Express
Fairy Or Spider Eye Lashes Kit A great makeup kit that is sure to be great to use to augment any sort of sexy fairy, witch or demon costume ! Includes: Stylized character lashes, lipstick, glitter makeup, 2 color tray make up, sponge and gems. Available option: Fairy Spider Available size: One size fits most.

Fairy Wings
$18.99 from Halloween Express
Opal Shimmer Fairy Wing Shiny Fairy Wings To Flutter Through the Forests! Beautiful and dramatic fairy or butterfly wings will attract attention. Colors available: Blue Opal Pink Purple Available Sizes: One size fits most adults.

Fairy Shoes
Fairy Shoes Perfect for your little fairy princess! Child Fairy Shoes. Cloth material shoes with ruffle top. Fits easily over your shoes. Available color: Purple Pink

Girl's Angel Fairy Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Angel Fairy Toddler Costume A gift from above! Costume includes: white velvet dress, shoulder tatters, tatter apron, white rope robe belt, fairy wings, halo headband, and fairy wand. Available size: Toddler size 3T-4T Stockings and shoes sold separately. Polyester and pvc

Toddler Pirate Fairy Tinker Bell Deluxe Costume
If Tink decided to join Captain Hook's crew, you just know she'd wear the sparkliest outfit--because of all the pixie dust! She might wear something that looks just like this Pirate Fairy Tinker Bell costume. It has all the sparkle and shine any little fairy in training could want, and it's perfect to wear for a treasure hunt. Outfit your toddler with deluxe costume, and just be ready for her to shine!

Sexy Blue Fairy Costume
Let's be honest here. There's nothing you love more than a little bit of magical mischief in the evening. Who could really blame you? The only thing that might have more fun than a fairy, is a unicorn and everyone knows that unicorns aren't real. Fairies though, they're 100% real, as proven by this cute outfit.

Adult Fairy Tale Princess Costume
In this Adult Fairy Tale Princess Costume you can be the princess or the fairy godmother. It's pink, shimmery and gilttery, and you're bound to feel like royalty in it.All you need to add is some sparkly jewelry. Then practice curtsying, for when you meet your prince!

Women's Fairy Costume
Have you ever been stuck with the dilemma of deciding on an outfit to wear for your next fairy ball? No. Yeah, us neither. But dressing up like a fairy still has a magical feel to it that you can't deny, and showing up all those unicorns and princesses who show up to the party feels oh-so-good. You don't even need magical pixie dust to beat them when you have a look this sweet.

Sexy Forest Fairy Costume
Become a sexy fairy for Halloween in this sexy forest fairy costume. The detailed and unique-looking costume has an enticing and creative look. You'll be ready to spread your pixie dust all over the party when you're wearing this alluring costume, just be sure to add a fabulous pair of wings from our wide selection!

Girls Classic Pirate Fairy Zarina Costume
You're going to need some blue pixie dust! Actually, you're going to need all the pixie dust that you can get your hands on because this little fairy is ready to make magic happen. Your little girl will have fun fluttering around her make-believe Pixie Hollow as the Pirate Fairy, Zarina. She can put her flying and sword fighting skills to the test! Grab your sword, wings, and pirate boots. What a combo!

Girls Tinker Fairy Slippers
She'll be as cute as a button in these Girls Tinker Fairy Slippers. Cuteness aside, I admire any girl who can repair and make things out of tinware especially since it takes 4-6 years to master it. Yes, Tinkerbell is a master craftsman er... fairy!