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Purple Sequin Fedora with Flashing Lights
$7.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Hat.

Black Sequin Fedora with Flashing Lights
$7.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Hat.

Necklace Beads with Flashing Pirate Skull Medallion
$3.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Necklace.

The Flash Infant Costume
$16.50 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Romper, headpiece. Not included: Shoes. Recommended Age: 6 - 12 Months.

Flash Toddler Costume
$15.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Jumpsuit, headpiece.

Silver Beads Winks Flash EyeLashes
$3.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Eyelashes.

Money Boa
$28.99 from Halloween Express
"Money Boa Flash that cash with this million dollar look! The perfect accessory for a 20's flapper, 40's gangster moll, burlesque dancer or anytime a little flash is needed. Boa seemingly made out of hundred dollar bills. Boa measures approximately 52"" in Length. Dress, hat and shoes not included."

Women's Nurse Costume
$34.99 from Halloween Express
Hot Flash Nurse Adult Costume Calm Your Hot Flashes With This Nurses' Costume. Costume includes: Low Cut, Zipper Front, Form Fitting Dress, and Hat. Available sizes: Small Medium Large Shoes not included.

Womens Disney Maleficent Costume
You could tell from the horns that this lady is particularly evil. Her menacing smile can be easily spotted through a flash of green frames. This Womens Disney Maleficent Costume is a sexy and seductive costume and will definitely turn you into one villainous vixen. Crows can't even help themselves and they'll land right on your hand!

Men's Silver Glitter Disco Shoes
Disco was all about glitz and glamor. These Men's Silver Glitter Disco Shoes will give you all the glitz you could want. They'll reflect the flashing lights and highlight your smooth dance moves!

Kids Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket
Bring out your inner King of Pop with this licensed Kids Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket! Start a Thriller flash mob, or just be the kid that gets the most candy this year due to your ability to replicate a perfect moon walk dance.

Womens Sidekick Girl Costume
Superpowers? You don't need superpowers to get your superhero career started. Sure, some superheroes rely on super strength or some kind of crazy eye-beam to get the job done, but we think a deadly attitude and this Womens Sidekick Girl Costume are all you need. Slip into this, flash your best super pose and we bet the villains will be shaking in their boots.

Adult Deluxe Venom Latex Mask
Which Venom is your favorite? Ours is Eddie Brock. Sure, Mac Gargan was always the psychotically evil villain that a lot people wanted the Symbiote to be and Flash Thompson uses the suit to be a gun-wielding super soldier, but something about the original Eddie Brock tormenting Spider-Man seems classic. (And Red Hulk donning the Symbiote is just a bit too much, but to each their own). This Adult Deluxe Venom Latex Mask is somewhere between Brock and Gargan, so you can become your own complex version of the Marvel character.

Adult Beer Man Costume
Whenever thirst hits a bar or tailgate party there is only one man to save the day: Beer Man! He's always ready to fly in, armed with his cans of beer at the ready, to serve up fun to those in need. But what does fizzy hero fear? His weaknesses are being over-shaken and drinking beer past the expiration date;as long as he avoids those two things he cannot be stopped. No one can shot-gun a can faster or chug harder than this hero. Sure, the Flash can run fast, Superman has super strength, and Batman has keen detection skills but our favorite hero has the power to always have beer. So next time you crack open a can, think of Beer Man--because if you run out just shake your can and he'll be there!

Adult Dalmatian Costume
Do you know why Dalmatians became fire dogs? In the days before motorized vehicles with sirens and flashing lights, the dogs would run ahead and alongside of the horse-drawn fire wagon, barking to get attention and clear a path. Sounds like a fun job to us!Dalmatians have a long and storied history and are a well-respected and beloved dog breed for owners around the world. Not only are they an important breed historically, but they are also incredibly cute! And who doesn’t love a cute little pup running around (unless you are a cruel, dog-fur wearing villainess, then maybe you don’t like them so much)? These energetic and fun-loving pups are always ready for action!Suit up with this exclusive costume and it's sure to fulfill all of your Dalmatian aspirations. The 100% poly faux fur and felt jumpsuit has the classic black and white Dalmatian spots along with a stuffed tail sewn to the back. There are also mitts that are attached to the back of the wrists so you can get a complete look b

Adult Venom Mask
Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan and Flash Thompson have all been hosts to the alien symbiote. It amplifies the desire for violence and hatred within its partner, driving its host to the bring of madness and transforming them into a hideous monster.

Executioner Mask
Back in the days before televised sports, war documentaries, and reality shows, people needed to satisfy their cravings for violent entertainment in simpler ways. They could usually scratch that morbid itch by waiting for the next public execution. Seeing the executioner, in their sinister hood, swing their ax or pull the lever to send some poor soul to their doom must have been a chilling sight. So, who was it under the mask that had to carry out that grisly charge? It might have been an upstanding member of your community, who you never thought could hurt a fly, let alone lop someone's noggin off. Or, it might have been someone with a sadistic side who got a little kick out of decapitating their neighbors. That's probably what your friends will be thinking when you show up in this creepy Executioner Mask. This frightening latex mask covers your whole head, so everyone will be wondering who you are, and who's head you are there to collect. Of course, when you flash them your toothy gr

Child Cheshire Cat Jumpsuit
Being cute and cuddly doesn't mean you can't also have a bit of a mischievous streak ... Flash that grinning smile of yours and help (or not help) Alice in this Child Cheshire Cat Jumpsuit. This makes a perfect addition to any Alice in Wonderland group costume!

Wonder Woman Toddler Costume
The mightiest of all heroic heroines is the amazing Amazonian Wonder Woman. For years this rough and tough superhero has been putting a stop to supervillain plans. Sometimes she does these good deeds alone or she is joined by a team of some of the greatest heroes ever assembled, the Justice League. Time and time again she has fought alongside Superman, Batman, and the Flash to save the world from total destruction. But during the night of Halloween this crime fighter takes a little break to collect a much deserved reward in the form of candy! Give your little one the chance to fill the shoes of Wonder Woman with this superhero costume. Even if she's not ready to take on a whole world of villains, we're sure she'll be ready for a sweet candy treat!

Kids Robin Costume
When Young Justice needed a leader they just needed to look to the dark knight's sidekick. Robin has always been anxious to get out and become a hero in his own right and has found other teen heroes felt the same. Superboy, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash all have superheroes that have learned from and are looking to prove that they can save the day without their mentors. Now your child can lead a team of teens in this awesome Young Justice costume!

Child Light Up Batman Costume
Gotham City is a very dark place filled with scary alleys and there is only one man to make them safe, Batman. The caped crusader uses the latest in technology to strike fear into the hearts of criminals who stalk the innocent. His latest suit makes sure that every bad guy knows who their dealing by having his symbol flash. Now your child can be just like the dark knight in this great light up costume.

Child Cuddly Batman Costume
Getting Batman to come to your house isn't as easy as you might think. We constructed a Bat-signal and flash it in the night sky constantly, but the Caped Crusader has yet to show up at our place. Is it possible it was just past his bedtime? So, we came up with another solution! We just made a cute and cuddly costume that turns any kid into Gotham City's greatest hero! Now, you can turn your kid into the hero too! Just dress up your child in this costume and send him off to do all your crime fighting.

Child Ghost Bride
Imagine a nightmare situation. It's dark, the lights have suddenly gone out, and you're stuck in a dust covered bedroom with a huge mirror. Lightning flashes light the room briefly and out of the corner of your eye you think you see something move. You look to the mirror. There's nothing. You look again as the lightning strikes once more and you see a terrifying ghost bride lingering in the corner! She has come back to take revenge for the tragedy that struck her wedding day! This Child Ghost Bride might just be the scariest thing we've ever seen.

Plus Gothic Witch Costume
He'll be putty in your hands once he sees you in this Plus Gothic Witch Costume. To place a spell on your intended, shift your hips to the left and right. Bat your luscious eyelashes and flash him an award winning smile. It works every time!

Adult White Superhero Boots
Becoming a superhero is as easy as putting on your shoes, or in this case, your boots! Slip into these white superhero boots and you'll be ready to save the day. You'll feel like you can run as fast as The Flash when these shoes are on your feet. No matter what superhero you plan on turning into, they will look great with your costume.

Adult Deluxe Matador Hat
Oh the bravery of a matador. He dresses in the bright gold, silver, and red colors flourishing his fancy ensemble, flashing steel blade, and bright scarlet cape before the great bull in front of him. It is a true symbol of the fight between man and beast. Let us not forget the unique hat that adorns his head. Although not quite as intricate as the rest of their outfit, the hat is actually sometimes given away to someone after the fight as a symbol of respect and honor. There's even a little more symbolism than that. The knob-shaped sides represent the bull's horns, and the circular indentation on the top symbolizes the bull's eye. You didn't know you'd get a culture lesson when choosing your costume--did you? Nowadays for us it's mostly just a silly hat that will complete your fantastic matador outfit without having to harm (or be harmed by) a single bull! They can hang out in the pastures for a little bit longer while you show off your killer paso doble moves at the next dance party.

Red Hair Extension
Did you do something different with your hair? Change up your look in a flash with this cool Red Hair Extension. They easily clip into your real hair so you can fool people into thinking you got a funkier look. Use them for your devil costume or just for a fun night out on the town!

White Vampire Fangs
What do you need to be a successful vampire? Is it the ability to turn into a bat or a shadow on a whim? Or, perhaps it's the aversion to crucifixes, garlic, and stakes through the heart? How about the tendency to drink blood and burst into flames in the daylight? If you think the key is in any of these things we mentioned, you're in for a surprise. It's the fangs, obviously! All of the other things we brought up are definitely important parts of being a vampire. But, without these pearly White Vampire Fangs, you could easily be mistaken for some creepy introvert with bad skin. You need to flash your fangs to your victims while you're raising your hands towards them in a menacing manner! That way, they know you are actually commanding dark forces and weakening their will, instead of just gesturing for them to give you a hug.