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The Flash 2nd Skin Costume
In the DC Comics universe there is only one person who can beat Superman in a fast foot race and that is the Flash. The scarlet speedster has used his speed to put a stop the chilly Captain Cold, the tricky Trickster, and the viciously evil Captain Boomerang. Now you can become the fast man on earth with this skin tight Flash superhero costume.

Adult Deluxe The Flash Costume
The Flash is back and cooler than ever! If you want to look just like the newest incarnation of the speedy superhero, this costume is just the ticket. You can flash down the street to pick up your groceries, and then race back to the television before the commercial is over. We knew being fast had some super benefits!

The Flash Men's Muscle Shirt
$49.99 from Halloween Express
Flash Muscle Shirt Adult Costume You, too, can be a muscle-bound Superhero hunk! Includes: Red muscle chest shirt with The Flash logo and character headpiece. Available Sizes: Standard fits up to size 44. This is an officially licensed DC Comics product. Pants and shoes not included.

Sexy Flash Costume
When you got guys like Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang committing crimes all across your city, you really have little other choice than to suit up in a spandex suit and kick their butts. This sexy version of the Flash suit, lets you do all of your super villain booty kicking in style.

Deluxe Flash TV Series Costume Hoodie
Barry Allen harnesses the power of the Speed Force to run at incredible speeds that would put an Indy car to shame. We wish that we could have that kind of power, but until we find a way to tap into the Speed Force, this Flash TV Series Costume Hoodie does a pretty good job of making us feel like a superhero. With a classic zip-up style, you can look like a superhero when you head for errands.

Classic Flash Mask
$42.99 from Halloween Express
Flash Cowl Adult Mask Superman isn't the only hero that can move faster than a speeding bullet as the Crimson Comet amazes you with his lightening reflexes. Includes: Full over the head latex mask with red and yellow cowl with Barry Allen look. Available Size: One Size fits most Adults This is an officially licensed DC Universe product. Please read this valuable information regarding latex products .

Boy's Flash Muscle Costume
$52.99 from Halloween Express
Flash Muscle Child Costume What Was That Red Blur? Costume Includes: Muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, belt and lightening accent headpiece. Materials: polyester. Available sizes: Toddler 2-4 Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Look for the other members of the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter. This is the officially licensed JUSTICE LEAGUE™ costume.

Adult Flash Costume
Running really fast might not even seem like a super power, but when you have the ability to run as fast as the speed of light (Wally West achieved it once and lived to tell about it), it's safe to say that the whole superhero thing is for you. The real trick to his amazing ability is lightning bolts on the suit and cowl. Or wait, maybe it was being able to tap into the Speed Force. It's definitely one of those two things.

The Flash Deluxe Adult Costume
$50.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Jumpsuit with belt and boot tops.

The Flash 2nd Skin Suit Adult Costume
$44.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Zentai skinsuit.

Fireman Flash Kids Costume
$41.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Shirt, pants, belt.

Muscle Chest Flash Adult Costume
$46.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Jumpsuit with boot tops, belt, headpiece.

Men's Silver Glitter Disco Shoes
Disco was all about glitz and glamor. These Men's Silver Glitter Disco Shoes will give you all the glitz you could want. They'll reflect the flashing lights and highlight your smooth dance moves!

Kids Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket
Bring out your inner King of Pop with this licensed Kids Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket! Start a Thriller flash mob, or just be the kid that gets the most candy this year due to your ability to replicate a perfect moon walk dance.

Womens Sidekick Girl Costume
Superpowers? You don't need superpowers to get your superhero career started. Sure, some superheroes rely on super strength or some kind of crazy eye-beam to get the job done, but we think a deadly attitude and this Womens Sidekick Girl Costume are all you need. Slip into this, flash your best super pose and we bet the villains will be shaking in their boots.

Adult Deluxe Venom Latex Mask
Which Venom is your favorite? Ours is Eddie Brock. Sure, Mac Gargan was always the psychotically evil villain that a lot people wanted the Symbiote to be and Flash Thompson uses the suit to be a gun-wielding super soldier, but something about the original Eddie Brock tormenting Spider-Man seems classic. (And Red Hulk donning the Symbiote is just a bit too much, but to each their own). This Adult Deluxe Venom Latex Mask is somewhere between Brock and Gargan, so you can become your own complex version of the Marvel character.

Adult Beer Man Costume
Whenever thirst hits a bar or tailgate party there is only one man to save the day: Beer Man! He's always ready to fly in, armed with his cans of beer at the ready, to serve up fun to those in need. But what does fizzy hero fear? His weaknesses are being over-shaken and drinking beer past the expiration date;as long as he avoids those two things he cannot be stopped. No one can shot-gun a can faster or chug harder than this hero. Sure, the Flash can run fast, Superman has super strength, and Batman has keen detection skills but our favorite hero has the power to always have beer. So next time you crack open a can, think of Beer Man--because if you run out just shake your can and he'll be there!

Adult Dalmatian Costume
Do you know why Dalmatians became fire dogs? In the days before motorized vehicles with sirens and flashing lights, the dogs would run ahead and alongside of the horse-drawn fire wagon, barking to get attention and clear a path. Sounds like a fun job to us!Dalmatians have a long and storied history and are a well-respected and beloved dog breed for owners around the world. Not only are they an important breed historically, but they are also incredibly cute! And who doesn’t love a cute little pup running around (unless you are a cruel, dog-fur wearing villainess, then maybe you don’t like them so much)? These energetic and fun-loving pups are always ready for action!Suit up with this exclusive costume and it's sure to fulfill all of your Dalmatian aspirations. The 100% poly faux fur and felt jumpsuit has the classic black and white Dalmatian spots along with a stuffed tail sewn to the back. There are also mitts that are attached to the back of the wrists so you can get a complete look b

Adult Venom Mask
Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan and Flash Thompson have all been hosts to the alien symbiote. It amplifies the desire for violence and hatred within its partner, driving its host to the bring of madness and transforming them into a hideous monster.

Boy's Green Lantern Costume
$54.99 from Halloween Express
Justice League Green Lantern Child Costume Let those who worship evil's might - beware my power , Green Lantern's light!! Costume includes: Black jumpsuit with green accents, one-button closure in back, the Green Lantern insignia, and attached Green boot tops. Available sizes: Toddler (2-4) Child Small (4-6) Child Medium (8-10) Child Large (12-14) Look for the other members of the Justice League: Superman , Batman , Wonder Woman , The Flash , Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter. This is the officially licensed JUSTICE LEAGUE™ costume.

Girl's Wonder Woman Costume
$49.99 from Halloween Express
Wonder Woman Child Costume She Can Do Amazing Things! Costume Includes: Two tone dress, cape, belt, boot tops, gauntlets, and headpiece. Available sizes: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14) Look for the other members of the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Hawkgirl. This is the officially licensed JUSTICE LEAGUE™ costume.