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Kids Grease T-Birds Jacket
Go, greased lightning, go, greased lightning, go, greased lightning. It will be years before he has his own car, but he can dream of Grease-style drag races and owning the halls of his high school now! Wearing this Kids Grease T-Birds Jacket will give him fuel for those automotive dreams!The T-Birds were the most infamous members of Rydell High School and they made sure that everyone knew who was in charge! Though they were mostly known as trouble-makers, they were also good guys who looked out for one another no matter what. Whether they were trying to help their friend win a drag race with Grease Lightening or get noticed on National Bandstand, they were always up to something – good or bad!Even if your child has never seen the classic musical, they will love showing off their trouble-maker side with this faux leather vinyl T-Birds jacket this Halloween! This child Grease jacket is officially licensed from the Grease film and it has an off-center front zipper for both style and easy

Adult Greased Lightning Jumpsuit
Grease showed the world what it was like to live in the 1950's. There was the greased up hair, the love, the betrayal and Rydell High School students would break out into song and dance at any moment. It was truly a great time in American history. (Our high school was nothing like that). Now, you can have a piece of that by dressing up in this Adult Greased Lightning Jumpsuit, which will have you ready to jump into song and dance when you head to school. With a classic design based on the movie, you'll look like Danny Zuko in no time.

Toddler Grease T-Birds Jacket
"Give your future greaser an early start with this Toddler Grease T-Birds Jacket! You might have to explain exactly what ""greased lightning"" or a T-Bird"" is, but he'll love the concept. It's never too soon to be the coolest kid in school."

Child Grease Danny Wig
"He learned about the 50s in history class, now let him experience that era! This Child Grease Danny Wig is all he needs to look just like John Travolta's character in the hit 1978 movie. ""Grease"" really is the word!"

Grease Frenchy Wig
$40.99 from Halloween Express
Grease Frenchy Wig Frenchy from Grease Classic 50's flip with straight bangs. Available Sizes: One size fits most Please note we cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed. Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair. For wig care and styling tips click here. (c) 2007 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved

Girl's Grease Cool Sandy Costume
$50.99 from Halloween Express
Grease Cool Sandy Child Costume Grease Lightning! Costume Includes:Imprinted pleather jacket with authentic insignia, matching belt, scoop neck top and shiny fitted leggings. Small Medium Large Wig and shoes not included.

Men's Grease Danny T-bird Costume
$42.99 from Halloween Express
Grease Danny T-bird Plus Adult Costume Couple wth Sandy for some Grease Lightning Includes: Imprinted pleather jacket, black t-shirt, and shiny black pants. Avaliable Sizes: Plus size 48-53.

Adult Grease Authentic T-Birds Jacket
So, you've found a Sandy of your own and you need to sweep her off of her feet! What's a guy to do? We suggest joining a group of high school delinquents, getting a fast car and of course, dancing and singing your butt off for her! Hey, it worked in the movie Grease and that one is a classic, so we're not going to argue with Danny Zuko's methods. This authentic T-Birds jacket will have you well on your way to making your girl swoon in your arms.

Authentic Grease Pink Ladies Jacket
Go Grease Lighting! Get your favorite gang back together when you dress your group in these Pink Ladies jackets! From Frenchy to Rizzo, the Pink Ladies were a one-of-a-kind group that could sing, dance, and throw a memorable carnival. Bring out your retro, sassy side with one of these authentic Pink Ladies jackets!Capture the attention of the T-Birds and everyone at your school or party when you rock one of these pink jackets. Whether for Halloween or a 50’s theme party, these jackets are an inexpensive, great-looking way to make a lasting impression. Your friends will be wishing they were part of the in-crowd when your group shows up – fashionably late, of course!You won’t be stranded at the drive-in when you show up in this 100% polyester jacket with satin and chiffon accents. The jacket is topped off with a full satin lining and a center zipper that allows for comfortable wear. ‘Pink Ladies’ is printed on the back and the nametags attach with a Velcro strip on the front. To make the

Adult Grease T-Birds Jacket
You don't have to BE a greaser to look like one! Just wear this licensed Adult Grease T-Birds Jacket over a white T-shirt and rolled-up jeans. Bring your own Brylcreem.

Women's Grease T-Birds Jacket
"If your main squeeze is a T-Bird but won't let you wear his jacket, get your own! This officially licensed Women's Grease T-Birds Jacket is perfect. Whether you're a Pink Lady or a newcomer from Australia, Wearing this jacket shows that you're part of the ""in"" crowd at Rydell High."

Child Grease Pink Ladies Jacket
This Child Grease Pink Ladies Jacket is perfect for her to wear for a 50s day at school. Let her join a group of friends to create their own version of the cool clique from Rydell High. It's good practice for when she actually gets to high school!

Women's Grease Bad Sandy Wig
This Women's Grease Bad Sandy Wig gives you the 'do that got the guy! Top off your bad Sandy costume in perfect 50s style. You'll be the one that he wants!

Adult Grease Danny Wig
Be too cool for school in this Adult Grease Danny Wig! It's the perfect greaser look for a 50s theme party. You'll be the one that she wants!

Deluxe Grease Adult Danny Wig
You can't blame Sandy for falling for Danny Zuko. First of all, he's got the bad boy attitude that the ladies can't resist. Second, his leather jacket makes him even more alluring. And finally, what lady wouldn't want to run her fingers through Danny's thick, shiny, jet black locks? You'll have all the moves you need to woo your very own Sandy while you are wearing this Deluxe Grease Adult Danny Wig. All the other T-Birds will be jealous.

Toddler Grease Pink Ladies Jacket
She'll be the coolest kid at preschool in this Toddler Grease Pink Ladies Jacket. Even though it will be a few years before she gets to high school, she can still join the Pink Ladies. It's never too soon to be cool!

Grease Marty Wig
Marty is a member of the Pink Ladies, and while she loves to sing and dance like everyone else at Rydell high, what she REALLY loves is to gossip. Gossip is really underrated. How else would we know everything about everyone else? Would Sandy and Danny really get together in the end without Marty's help? We think not. See... she's totally the most important character in the whole thing. If you've always wanted to play her part, if even for a night, you're in luck because our Marty Maraschino wig will transform you into the sweet girl from the Grease film. Now all you need is a Pink Ladies jacket and a couple of pen pals and you'll be just like her!

Grease Rizzo Wig
"Have you always dreamed of being the bad girl? Of course you have... even if you don't want to forever be known with the girl with the bad reputation, there's nothing wrong with wanting to see what it's like for just a night. When you wear this Grease Rizzo wig that's exactly what you'll get. We hope you have a great night being bad (but not too bad) and we just know you're going to nail that solo in ""There are Worse Things I Could Do."""

Grease Frenchy Wig
Put down the pink hair dye, girl! It's not necessary for this look!When you wear this Frenchy wig you can follow in the footsteps of the Grease star and drop out of high school! Wait, no, that's not what we meant to say... that's not what we meant to say at all! We repeat..don't drop out of high school for beauty school! Stay in school and find a nice guy named Doody and start dating him. Wait, no, that's not what we meant to say either... what we want you to do is stay in school, not date a guy named Doody, and just get this officially licensed Frenchy wig! We can say, without a doubt, that this wig will allow you to have a wham-a-lamma-bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop time. We hope that you end up becoming an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Well, we don't want to claim that we had everything to do with it, but this wig certainly didn't hurt.

Girl's Grease Poodle Skirt Costume
$47.99 from Halloween Express
Grease Poodle Skirt Child Costume Perfect poodle skirt for your pink lady costume or just a sock hop Costume includes: Cardigan sweater, flared poodle skirt, petticoat and polka dot scarf. Available Sizes: Small Shoes and socks not included

Women's Grease Sandy Costume
$35.99 from Halloween Express
"Cool Sandy Adult Costume Couple with Danny for some Grease Lightning Costume includes: black ""leather"" imprinted jacket with the authentic insignia, matching belt, scoop neck top, and shiny fitted leggings. Danny will sure notice you! Available sizes: Small Medium"

Carnival Grease Sticks Set
"Bright Yellow Carnival Set Enough to last you many Halloweens to come! Contains 8 yellow grease sticks approximately 2 1/2"" in length. Bright Yellow."

Grease Good Sandy Wig
What is it about Sandy that made Danny Zuko fall in love? Was it the dance moves? The singing? Or maybe it was her cute cheerleader outfit? We think it's the hair. Her signature blonde locks are what really turned him into a slave of love. This licensed wig makes that look easy, so you can lure in your own T-Bird with your perfectly style cheerleader hair.

Grease Jan Wig
"Jan can be a little bit sweet and a little bit mean (depending on who she's talking to) but she's one of the most memorable and hilarious women of the Pink Ladies. If she's your favorite character we promise you won't find a better version than our own Jan wig. Get the pigtails and the baby bangs without hours at the salon! Once you get into that Pink Ladies jacket, you're going to burst into a spontaneous rendition of ""Brusha Brusha Brusha."" Trust us, it's a crowd-pleaser."

Grease Rizzo Adult Costume
$25.00 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Dress, belt. Not included: Wig, shoes.

Grease Pink Satin Ladies Adult Jacket
$16.50 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Jacket, scarf. Not included: Jumpsuit, shoes.

Grease Pink Satin Ladies Kids Jacket
$15.68 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Jacket, scarf. Not included: Wig, glasses, shirt, pants, shoes.

Grease Danny Adult Wig
$11.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Wig.