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Halloween II Blood Tears Mask
$81.97 from Halloween Express
Halloween 2 Michael Myers 1981 Blood Tears Mask This mask is an identical replica of the mask worn in the final confrontation in Universal Studios Halloween II. Includes: Full over the head latex mask Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Get yourself some coveralls and a nice replica butcher knife and give your friends the ultimate scare this Halloween Please read this valuable information about latex products. Halloween II is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved. Hand painted for the most realistic movie look

Halloween II Mask
$81.97 from Halloween Express
Michael Myers Halloween II Latex Mask This mask is an identical replica of the mask worn by one of the most famous movie serial killers of all time. Universal's Halloween II, a spine-tingling dark ride into the scariest night of the year. Includes: Full over the head latex mask. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Please read this valuable information about latex products. Halloween II is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Halloween II Mask
$33.99 from Halloween Express
Halloween II Economy Latex Mask Now you can have a screen accurate replica of Michael Myers from Halloween II. Includes: Face mask only. It uses your own hair to finish the look. All latex face mask with elastic headband for secure fit. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults *Hair is not included. This is an officially licensed Halloween II product. Please read this important information about latex products.

String of Strobe Lights with Halloween Sound
$19.99 from Halloween Mart
Light up your next Halloween Party in style when you use this light string of Strobe Lights with Halloween Sound. Includes: string of 12 strobe lights and is sound and motion censored. Size: L9" x W9" x T6" and requires 3 AA batteries. (Included) Flash! Flash! Flash! Happy Halloween!

Halloween III Witch Mask
$68.99 from Halloween Express
Halloween III witch Latex Mask Just like the one used Halloween III: Season of the Witch! Includes: Green witch latex face mask attached to plush hood. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Please read this valuable information regarding latex products .

Halloween II Mask
$42.99 from Halloween Express
Halloween II Economy Latex Mask Michael Myer's returns to terrorize teenagers with his murderous rage. Includes: Full over the head latex mask with sculpted hair. Available Size: One Size fits most Adults Please read this valuable information regarding latex products . Halloween II is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Halloween Boppers
Halloween Head Boppers A great Halloween party favor! Includes: 1 head bopper with snap-on headband. Assorted bat, ghost, spider and pumpkin designs- our choice. Available Sizes: One size fits most

Blood Tears Halloween II Mask
Look just like Michael Myers at the end of the 1981 movie Halloween II when you wear this licensed full-head Blood Tears Halloween II Mask! The molded latex mask has brown synthetic hair and painted blood drops. Be a horror!

Adult Spooky Ghost Costume - Classic Halloween Costume Ideas
"""BOO!""It's time to go out and do a little scaring this Halloween! When you wear this spooky ghost costume you'll be all set to haunt your home and give trick or treaters a little fright. This costume is perfect to get into the true scary Halloween spirit this holiday!"

Massive Mobster Halloween Costume
This brutish-looking Massive Mobster Halloween Costume will prove that you’re the top gangster in town! You can be the gang's enforcer--add wingtip gangster shoes and a toy Tommy gun to complete your look.

Michael Myers Halloween II Mask
Own an exciting piece from the Halloween movies with this licensed Michael Myers mask from Trick or Treat studios. This mask features realistic details to turn you instantly into an infamous horror movie killer!

Girls Darling Devil Costume - Devil Halloween Costumes for Kids
This Girls Darling Devil Costume will transform your child into a sassy demon for Halloween. Complete the look with Gothic boots and devil makeup, and see how far this angel can fall!

Kids Deluxe Rey Mysterio Costume - Child WWE Halloween Costumes
Is your child a huge wrestling fan? Then they'll have a blast pretending to be the king of the ringin this Rey Mysterio costume. They'll have his same look with the included hood and pants plus have his great muscles in an instant. So this Halloween your little will be set to win the belt and get the candy prize with this WWE costume.

Licensed Halloween II Economy Mask
This expressionless face has cause millions of nightmares around the world, and now this face can be yours! Get this Licensed Halloween II Economy Mask as a classic way to scare trick or treaters. Just pick up a toy machete and let the shrieks ensue!

Women's Police Officer Costume - Sexy Cop Halloween Costumes
Arrest bad boys this Halloween with this alluring Women's Police Officer Costume. The ensemble includes shirt, shorts, belt, badge, hat, boot tops and toy handcuffs. Get some aviator shades and a night stick accessory to finish your look, and check out our men's cop or prisoner costumes for your date!

Child Glamour Witch Costume - Kids Witch Halloween Costumes
Show everyone the Wicked Witch has glamour in this Child Glamour Witch Costume! When you add our girls' wicked witch shoes, a witch broomstick and a cauldron bag, she'll be all set for Halloween magic.

Sexy Party Monster Costume - Exclusive Sexy Monster Halloween Costume
This sexy party monster is a Halloween Costumes.com exclusive from Leg Avenue. This costume includes the dress with a bright pink torso and jagged-edged yellow inset to emulate a hairy monster chest. The arm sleeves are also jagged. The skirt is blue with blue, yellow and pink mesh layers on top. This costume comes complete with a fuzzy blue, yellow and pink monster hood which has pink and purple striped horns and three eye balls. Two colorful fuzzy poms poms hang down on each side. Accessorize this sexy costume with our purple fishnets, multicolor fuzzy leg warmers and neon pink petticoat.

Child Smurfette Costume - Kids Smurfs Halloween Costumes
Complete your Smurf group with this child Smurfette costume! The cute costume includes a matching blue shirt and pants made from polyester. The shirt velcros in the back for closure and has an attached white dress. The dress features a scalloped bottom hemline and grey screenprinted accents shaped like water drops (please note the accents vary slightly from the picture). The pants have an elastic waistband for a secure and comfortable fit. The costume is complete with a white hat made from foam to maintain its shape. Have a Smurfy Halloween in this cute costume!

Women's French Maid Costume - Adult French Maid Halloween Costumes
Want to feel naughty while you clean this Halloween? Then this classic French Maid costume is for you! You'll be sure to get some people to do double takes when you show up to a party in this. But you may want to make sure you leave before the party ends because you could get asked to help clean since you dressed in uniform.

Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag
Here's one pumpkin you won't have to carve. Introducing our first ever mess free pumpkin. It's so handy you may even call it a bag. Trust us, you're going to need this Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag to keep the spoils of your night safe.

Nurse Halloween Costume
Write the prescription for a broken heart with this Nurse Halloween Costume! All the folks at the big party might be a little disappointed that you're a total professional and don't do house calls, but we're sure they'll get over it. Check out our lab coat and scrub suit costumes or patient costumes for your date!

Adult Zorro Costume - Mask of Zorro Halloween Costumes
When freedom is a memory and justice is outlawed, the just must become outlaws. There is a legend in Mexico of a man who always fights for what is right no matter what the law says. This man goes by the name Zorro and he always leaves his mark to remind everyone that he is there to protect the innocent. Now you can look just like this masked hero when you wear this fantastic Zorro costume.

Adult Count Dooku Costume - Star Wars Costumes for Halloween
This Count Dooku robe is composed of a thick polyester material. It is padded in the shoulders for extra comfort. The two intricate clasps and chain hold the robe securely together at the chest. Remember to get Count Dooku’s signature style lightsaber!

Adult Hippie Love Child Costume - Female Hippie Halloween Costumes
It's time for a psychedelic trip through the country looking for good music. Because the only way to experience the grand, old United States is to get in a van with your best friends and go from show to show. Now you can join your hippie friends for a summer of love and adventure in this great retro costume.

Shark Attack Costume - Adult Funny Shark Halloween Costumes
When you're swimming out in the ocean you may notice a fin sticking out of the water. This fin would belong to a Great White Shark and if you're not careful he may notice you. Once this vicious fish sees you you'll see that shark fin turn in your direction and move quite fast. Try to swim away all you want but that shark will catch up with you make you his mid afternoon snack. You can now look a shark's tasty treat in this shark attack costume. This is perfect for fans of the greatest week ever known as Shark Week.

Child Deluxe Sith Robe - Star Wars Kids Halloween Costumes
Being good is overrated! The darkside is where it's at! If you ask any Sith Lord about their time learning all the evil things that they've learned they'll tell you that it is a blast. Also the lightsaber you get will have a stylish red blade, which everyone knows is way cooler than blue or green. So now you can let your kid become just like Darth Vader and Darth Maul with this Star Wars robe. It's perfect to enjoy some darkside cookies in.

Adult Divine Angel Costume - Sexy Angel Halloween Costumes
Everyone around you will feel touched by an angel when you wear this Adult Divine Angel Costume! Add our white babydoll or glittery silver heels and elbow-length gloves to add elegance to your angelic appearance!

Child Deluxe Superman Costume - Kids Superman Halloween Costumes
The last son of Kyrpton land on Earth in a rocket shot from his home world that was about to be destroyed. His name was Kal-El but his adoptive parents, Jon and Martha Kent, renamed him Clark and raised him as their own child. Young Clark Kent grew up in Smallville not knowing of his secret past. But the older he got the more powerful he became. Eventually this mild manner man would take on the title Superman and make it his business to save Metropolis and the world! Now your little one can look just like the man of steel in this great costume!