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Harry Potter Tie
$14.99 from Halloween Express
Harry Potter Tie Traditional Harry Potter Gryffindor House Colors ! This tie would be perfect to complete your Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or Ron Weasley wizard costume. Available size: One size fits most This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.

Harry Potter Wand
Harry Potter Wand A great accessory for any Harry Potter outfit! Include: Plastic wand modeled after the same one of the famous boy who lived. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.

Harry Potter Accessory Kit
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Harry Potter Accessory Kit A great accessory kit for a Harry Potter costume! Includes: Glasses and wand. Available size: One size fits most. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.

Harry Potter Glasses
Harry Potter Glasses The Perfect Finishing Touch To Your Wizard! Includes: Officially licensed movie glasses, with brushed metal finish, antiqued gold emblem on each temple, UV400 protection, metal hinges. Available size: One-size fits most 12 years and up This is an officially licensed Harry Potter™ product © Warner Bros. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR

Harry Potter Scarf
$17.99 from Halloween Express
"Harry Potter Scarf Also Great For Hermione And Ron Too! This officially licensed Harry Potter wizard scarf is in the traditional Gryffindor colors.(exact shades may vary). Scarf is approximately 4'6"" in length. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product."

Harry Potter's Glasses
Harry needs his glasses because he's basically blind as a magical bat without them. Throw these Harry Potter's Glasses on with any Harry Potter costume to make it looks more authentic. Just don't forget your wand also! How would you ever vanquish Voldemort?

Harry Potter Magic Wand
The first thing a wizard needs is a good wand. And there's nothing better than a wand that lights up and makes sounds. This one does both. This officially licensed Harry Potter wand will make the most boring costumes magical, and the most elaborate costumes even more amazing. It's a must-have accessory for any fans of Harry Potter this Halloween!

Harry Potter Glasses
The Boy Who Lived Needs his glasses if he is going to defeat Draco Malfoy and the rest of The Death Eaters! These Harry Potter Glasses is the perfect finishing touch for any Harry Potter costumes- for kids or adults!

Harry Potter Ron Weasley Wand
$10.99 from Halloween Express
Ron Weasley Wand Be just like one of Harry Potter's wizard friends! Includes: Light brown plastic wand with wooden-look handle. Approximately 14 inches long. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Only the seeker is fast enough to catch the smallest ball in Quidditch. Include: One winged golden snitch. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.

Harry Potter Wand
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Harry Potter Wand With Light And Sound A powerful tool to cast magic spells! This plastic wizard wand magically lights up and makes three movie sounds when waved. Motion activated. Measures approximately 14 inches. This is the officially licensed Harry Potter Wand!

Harry Potter Gryffindor Polo with Tie
If the Sorting Hat were placed on your head, would it exclaim Gryffindor? Are your adventurous and always in search of something exciting to do? If you think a little mischief never hurt anyone then you would get along great with Harry and his crew. You always have to be extremely loyal and really value your friendships to be able to call yourself a Gryffindor. Be a part of the Gryffindor gang by wearing this Harry Potter Gryffindor Polo with Tie.

Harry Potter Necktie
Every girl's crazy about a sharp-dressed man, or so the story goes. The same is true for wizards. Just because you're magical, that doesn't mean you can dress like a slob. Keep up the Hogwarts dress code by adding this Harry Potter necktie to your outfit. It's a must-have accessory for any die-hard Potter fans aiming to look sharp this Halloween.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Banner
If you are Harry Potter fan, we know exactly what your dorm room, man cave, lounge area, or game room needs. This officially licensed Hogwarts banner is a great accessory to hang on any wall and show your love of the popular series of books and movies.

Harry Potter Snitch
If you want to be successful at quidditch, you've gotta snatch the snitch. Imagine how excited you'll be when you find out how easy purchasing it online can be. Well, it is. Save yourself the inevitable physical beating of an actual game of quidditch when you can get the prize right here. It's detailed and officially licensed and sure to be a hit with any Harry Potter fan who's not quite ready to hop on their broomstick and join the battle fray.

Harry Potter Robe Adult Comfy Throw
Keeping warm isn't the only thing you can do while wearing this Harry Potter robe. You could sip on a nice cup of tea while you read a charming tale of a boy wizard who defeats an evil sorcerer, or you could try mixing some of your own potions in the kitchen. Us? We like to practice our Patronus Charm while wearing it. We were pretty surprised to find out that our Patronus animal was a Velociraptor riding a woolly mammoth. We can only imagine what kind of Patronus Charm YOU'LL summon when you wear this robe and start waving your wand around.

Harry Potter Slytherin Polo with Tie
There are plenty of reasons why Slytherin is the best house in Hogwarts, but we're only going to name a few in order to save some time. Slytherins are awesome because they can speak Parseltongue which means they can communicate with snakes. The powerful Salazar Slytherin was able to hide a humongous basilisk inside the walls of Hogwarts for hundreds of years. And last but not least, Draco Malfoy is one attractive wizard. So here's the bottom line, if you know what is good for you, you would tell the Sorting Hat that you want to be placed in Slytherin and wear this Harry Potter Slytherin Polo with Tie!

Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf
The very first scarf came out of Ancient Rome, where it was used to wipe sweat away on a hot day. Eventually the Chinese used this idea to identify ranks of soldiers in their army. By the 19th century, they were being used for cold weather and for fashion, and recently they've become quite popular again.For wizards getting their education at Hogwarts, they're a must-have. You identify your house colors with a scarf. You add an air of mystery with a scarf. You have something you can vehemently toss when casting a spell. Win win win. Don't leave for wizard school without it.

Harry Potter Broomstick
Did you realize that there are 700 Quidditch fouls listed in the Department of Magical Games and Sports records? Most of them can't be mentioned, because we wouldn't want to give the diabolical among us any crazy ideas, But there are some common fouls that aren't kept secret. Like blatching. That's flying at another player with the intent of colliding with them. Or cobbing. That's using your elbows a little too vehemently. And of course, who could forget blagging? That's right, keep your hands to yourself and off of my broomstick! It takes a real fearless player to play the game right. It also takes a solid broomstick. We've got a pretty good one right here, although it still might take a beating if you're playing Slitherin. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Spectre Specs
Granted, Luna is a little well, looney, but she has a great heart and she's a very talented young witch. These Luna Lovegood Spectre Specs are a must have accessory for any Luna Lovegood costume. Talk about all your crazy magical theories while you are wearing these unique specs!

Harry Potter Slytherin Cape Socks
What's up with Slytherin, anyways? Are they all naturally evil, or do they just kind of all lean that way? We can't legally say that our Slytherin accessories are evil, but we feel like we should warn you of possible evil tendencies you may begin to feel while a pair of these socks is keeping your feet snug and warm. Still, for a simple pair of sock they're actually really awesome. Maybe you happen to be someone that really is a bad guy, you probably wouldn't see yourself that way, but these socks would be perfect for you. We may not be sure as to what our position is on these socks... but they do have the house crest on the front, and they even have black capes above the calves. If that entices you then you may want to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and really ask yourself if you are evil. If the answer is yes, then congrats on finally being honest with yourself, and now it's time to start dressing like a stylish villain. These socks come with the whole evil-wizard territo

Wire Framed Harry Potter Glasses
$6.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Glasses.

Harry Potter McGonagall's Hat with Feather
$16.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Hat. Dimensions: 16"L x 15.5"W.

Harry Potter Dobby Costume Hands
$14.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Gloves. Recommended Age: 14+ Years.

Harry Potter Glasses
$4.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Glasses. Dimensions: 4.5"L x 2"W.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat
$5.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Hat. Dimensions: 15" High x 14.50" Round. Recommended Age: 3 - 12 Years.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat
$15.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Hat.

Harry Potter Dobby Child Mask
$10.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Mask.