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Adult Joker Costume
When the Christopher Nolan Batman movies started coming out, we were very curious to see how The Joker was going to be portrayed in the new dark, gritty, more realistic take on the Caped Crusader's story. Well, it may not be everyone's favorite version of The Clown Prince of Crime, but pretty much everyone can agree that the filmmakers still nailed it. He's a homicidal maniac who prefers spreading chaos with traps and schemes designed to unravel the hypocrisies of civilization rather than with poisonous laughing-gas and jack-in-the-boxes full of hand grenades. Whatever weapons he chooses (usually a knife, but sometimes he picks a gun or an attack dog), he still has a real knack for getting on Batman's bad side. If you're feeling like siding with the bad guys, but don't want to deal with Batman searching for you, you can always just look like his arch-nemesis with this Adult Joker Costume. This officially licensed costume is designed to capture the look of The Joker as he played mind ga

Arkham City Joker Latex Mask
After Arkham Asylum was destroyed by a titan fueled Joker it was decided that a section of Gotham City would be used as a new prison. And since there was no where else to send him the Joker then got to rule over a small area of this new city prison. Even though the clown prince of crime was feeling ill he still found time to cause trouble for Batman as he tried to deal with being in Arkham City. Now you can look just like the Joker as he looked in the video game Arkham City with this great mask!

Joker Scoop Neck Purple Dress
The Joker had an amazing fashion sense, so it's no wonder his signature look would inspire clothing designers to create items such as the Joker Scoop Neck Purple Dress. This flirty dress is printed to look like the front of the Joker's suit. It's the perfect look for when you want to get a little crazy with your look, but still command the respect you deserve.

Arkham City The Joker Costume
Ever since the Joker destroyed Arkham Asylum while trying to kill Batman on the powerful Titan drug he hasn't been doing as well (not much of a laughing matter here). Sure, since the prison was transferred to a walled off section of Gotham City he has become king of a section but will he last? He did basically become the king of the original asylum much to the guards and even the rest of the inmate's fears but will he be able to last with this new obstacle? Because after taking the Titan drug his body is starting to fail but there's one last thing, one last joke he has left. He has to take on the Batman one last time. But who knows if he'll actually be dead this time? How many times has he cheated death? Get in the mind of the greatest villain in history straight from an iconic video game series with this Arkham City Joker costume. He's been built up through the ages to be this perfect villain who always kills with a punchline and even seduces his own therapist. Become the Clown Prince

Deluxe Joker Mask
Crazy doesn't even begin to describe Batman's nemesis, The Joker. At least The Penguin and Ra's al Ghul are somewhat predictable. The Joker is stealing from the mob one minute he's attacking people with chemicals without much reasoning behind any of it.

Sexy Harlequin Joker Costume
Become the girlfriend of Batman's nemesis the Joker in this Sexy Harlequin Joker Costume. The ensemble includes a red and black cropped tank top, pants, vest, choker and gloves. Finish off your look with scary makeup and our Harlequin boot covers. Be the sexiest villain at the asylum!

Girls Joker Tutu Costume
Some girls are the superhero type. Others? They just want to have fun, tell a few jokes and plot evil schemes! If your girl is more of the scheming type, then the whole Batgirl thing probably isn't her style. This girls Joker costume may be exactly what she needs to let her super villain skills shine! Based on the Batman comic book character, this costume combines the Joker's purple style suit with a tutu skirt, so your girl will have a look fit for taking over Gotham City.

Men's Joker Costume T-Shirt
Wreak havoc in Gotham this Halloween, or at least dress like someone who would, in this Men's Joker Costume T-Shirt. Add any of our Joker costume accessories, such as a wig, gloves or makeup, for a more authentic look!

Child Joker Gloves Purple - Halloween Batman Movie Costume Accessory
The Joker is one dastardly villain. Everyone of his crimes is based on something silly that can turn deadly. Sometimes he uses a jack-in-the-box bomb or he uses his scary poisoned smiling fish to create havoc. Now if your little one wants to be the Joker this Halloween you'll want to complete his costume by adding these great gloves for the final touch.

The Joker Wig
Everyone knows that clowns have colorful hair. Being the Joker, however, you don't have to follow all the rules. Keep things a little more ... chaotic with this The Joker Wig.

Arkham City Joker Mask
Something really needs to be done about Gotham's prison rehabilitation system. It seems that they can't keep any criminal in there for very long, before they're out terrorizing the innocent. Look at the Joker. Every other week the guy is out stealing from banks and blowing things up. The moral of the story is, even if you get caught by Batman, if you're wearing this Joker mask, you'll probably get in a week. At least, that's what we've put together about Gotham's criminal justice system.

The Joker Wig and Makeup Kit Deluxe
Wanna know how The Joker *really* got his scars? It was from this deluxe Joker wig & makeup kit. Everything you need is in this officially licensed kit. Get out there and find yourself a Batman and then let the laughs and jokes begin!

Men's Joker Grand Heritage Costume
$224.95 from Halloween Express
The Joker Grand Heritage Adult Costume Joke's on you Batman! Gotham City is his playground. Costume includes: A grey shirt, purple jacket, green vest, striped pants, purple gloves, tie, and a character wig. A basic make-up kit with: (white cream make-up, a small black make-up stick, a large red make-up stick, mouth scars and face adhesive) is also included to complete this authentic Joker costume. Available Sizes: Medium Large Extra Large Shoes not included. This is an officially licensed costume from the movie Batman The Dark Knight ™ .

Adult Grand Heritage Joker Costume
$179.95 from Halloween Express
Grand Heritage Joker Adult Costume From the classic Batman TV series in the '60's comes this great costume version of The Joker! Includes: Classic purple jacket with shirt cuffs, vest, shirtfront with tie, pants, and gloves. Available Size: Adult Standard fits up to size 44

Men's Arkham City Joker Costume
$69.97 from Halloween Express
Batman Arkham City Joker Adult Costume The Dark Knight's insane arch-nemesis! Costume includes: Purple jacket with pinstripes and attached vest and bow tie, pinstripe pants, purple gloves and The Joker character mask. Available Sizes: Standard fits up to size 44 Shoes not included. This is an officially licensed DC Comics costume.

Joker Mask
$64.99 from Halloween Express
"Joker Latex Adult Mask Perhaps this time he can defeat that pesky Bat Man and destroy Gotham for good! From the video game ""Arkham City"" comes a darker version of Batman's old arch-enemy The Joker. Full-over-the-head latex mask. Available size: One size fits most adults 12 and up Please read this valuable information about latex products ."

Joker Mask
$71.99 from Halloween Express
Joker Latex Mask With Hair Put the joke on Batman! Includes: Full over the head latex mask. Individually hand painted with real hair attached for the most realistic movie look possible. Available Sizes: One size fits most Please read valuable information regarding latex products . Complete Your Look With The Joker Deluxe Costume

Joker Mask
$33.99 from Halloween Express
"3/4 Vinyl Joker Adult Mask Can Batman Save Gotham From this Villan? From the video game ""Arkham City"" comes a darker version of Batman's old arch-enemy The Joker. Vinyl 3/4 mask. Available size: One size fits most adults 12 and up"

Batman Joker Gloves
$25.99 from Halloween Express
Batman Joker Gloves Adult The perfect accessory to your Dark Knight-styled Joker costume! Include: Purple gloves. Available size: One size fits most adults. This is an officially licensed Dark Knight Batman products.

Batman Joker Clown Mask
$33.99 from Halloween Express
Batman Joker Clown Mask Adult A great Joker clown mask based off the movie The Dark Knight Rises! Include: Full, over-the-head handpainted latex mask. Available size: One size fits most Adults Please read valuable information regarding latex products . This is an officially licensed mask from the movie Batman The Dark Knight.

Batman Joker Cane
$25.99 from Halloween Express
Joker Cane Perfect for the evil Gotham City super villain! Tan plastic cane with wooden look and gold Joker head design on cane handle. This is an officially licensed DC Comics product.

Joker Bathrobe
Being bad can be hard work. At the end of the day, you'll want to relax like the baddest bad guy there is so get yourself this Joker bathrobe!

Joker Dark Knight Costume T-Shirt
"It's hard to get the look of super villain while staying comfortable. (That get-up that Bane wears can't be all that comfy). This Joker Dark Knight Costume T-Shirt does a great job of combining both of those things! Since it packs the signature purple suit into a comfortable t-shirt design, you can dress up like Batman's greatest foe, all while being ultra-comfortable at the party. It's a great way for you to keep from being ""so serious"" at your next costume party."

Deluxe Child Joker Costume
"""It's a funny world we live in. Speaking of which, do you know how I got these scars?""Batman has protected Gotham City for years. He has patrolled the city making sure that it's citizens stay safe. But there is one person out there looking to make sure the dark knight's job is far harder than it needs to be. The Joker has spent hours planing schemes to make sure the caped crusader's city gets a good dose of chaos. Now your little one can cause some trouble in this movie inspired costume."

Adult Deluxe Joker Mask with Hair
Do you want to rip off the mob or get in a fist fight with Batman? Those are two of The Joker's favorite pastimes! You might just be ready to fill his shoes and head to Gotham City. Of course, you could put some scars and clown paint on your face, but this licensed Dark Knight mask is a much better option.

Adult Joker Clown Mask
We can't really recommend committing any major bank robberies while wearing this clown mask, but that's exactly what The Joker did in The Dark Knight. Just don't say that we never warned you when Batman comes over to knock some sense into you.

Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo Kit
This Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo Kit is an officially licensed DC item.

Suicide Squad Adult Joker Wig
This Suicide Squad Adult Joker Wig is the perfect accessory to complete your look.