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Grand Heritage Julius Caesar Mens Costume
Et tu? The Men's Grand Heritage Julius Caesar Costume is a purple and white Roman style outfit that features a white ankle length tunic with gold leafing on purple trim at the cuffs and collar. It also comes with a long purple drape and a gold leaf crown. Sandals are not included.

Men's Plus Size Julius Caesar Costume
Experience the thrills of being Rome?s greatest ruler wearing our Men?s Plus Size Julius Caesar Costume. It includes a white robe, red shoulder drape, gold belt, and leaf headpiece. Sandals not included. Fits most sizes 48-52.

Adult Mighty Caesar Costume - Plus Size
You'll look as regal as the Roman statesman in the Adult Mighty Caesar Costume - Plus Size. This costume includes a long, white polyester robe with gold trim, an attached burgundy shoulder drape with gold trim, a thin gold belt, and a Roman gold leaf headpiece. This costume looks just like the one Julius Caesar, the Roman general and statesman would have worn. Caesar played an important role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. You can complete the costume with Roman or Greek themed sandals and swords, easily found elsewhere on our website. Go to your next party on your own or with friends dressed in any of our other Greek or Roman themed costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website. You'll look as powerful as the Mighty Caesar in this historical costume.

Caesar Costume for Adults
Caesar was a great emperor that has inspired a famous play! Now you can become this great character with the Caesar Costume for Adults. This costume features a full length gold trimmed robe with attached over the shoulder velveteen drape with gold trim. You'll become a royal member of society with this great costume. This costume is great for Halloween parties or if you a thespian you'll definitely want to wear this costume for your next rendition of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. This is a flexible costume so feel free to accessorize it with our creative products! With the Caesar Costume for Adults you'll be the Caesar of any party!

Caesar Costume for Adult
Julius Caesar was one of the most powerful Roman emperor's and now you can portray him on Halloween in our Caesar Costume. This stately Roman ruler costume includes a white poly robe trimmed in gold, an attached over the shoulder drape in gold trim, a belt, and a regal looking head piece. Roman sandals are sold separately. Have a great time and be comfortable in this costume, just make sure not to get stabbed in the back.

Marc Antony Roman General Costume
Second only to Julius Caesar in historical recognition and first in the heart of Cleopatra! The deluxe costume features a knee-length tunic in a rich burgundy with gold puff painted chest details and gold trim, matching wrist cuffs, cape, and a gold laurel wreath headpiece. Marc Antony served Caesar loyally for years until the Dictator's death, when he and Caesar's adopted son, Octavian, both schemed to control the unofficial empire he'd left behind and Antony made his fateful alliance with Cleopatra. Triumph and tragedy are both embodied in this magnificent figure, represented in this deluxe costume!

Cleopatra Sexy Costume
You'll be ready to rule the Nile in this Cleopatra Sexy Costume. Mark Antony and Julius Caesar will be fighting over you in this gorgeous black sequin gown with a drop waist and gold pleated skirt. The scoop neckline is adorned with gold sequins, and the attached cape matches the skirt. The cape features wrist cuffs and arm bands for a sweeping dramatic effect. This sleek and sexy outfit also comes with an ornate rhinestone headband.

Royal Emperor Costume - Adult
Rule over your next Halloween party with the Roman Emperor - Adult Costume. This costume includes a white tunic with gold trim, a faux leather top with detailed gold trim and flaps, and matching wrist cuffs and shin guards. This outfit is just like the clothing Julius Caesar would have worn, and can also be used as a gladiator or Roman warrior costume. Be sure to check out our selection of coordinating Greek and Roman accessories like swords, jewelry, wigs and sandals, sold separately on our website, to complete the look. Pick it up while it's on sale and go into battle on your own or with friends dressed in any of our other Greek or Roman costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website. Ladies won't be able to resist this powerful look.

Mens Roman Senator Costume
Feel like a noble statesman that can hang with the likes of Julius Caesar in the Roman Senator Costume for Men. This great costume features a full length, short sleeve white gown with a gold cord tie and braided trim around the hem and neck. This elaborate costume also includes a burgundy drape and gold belt that you can wear around the gown to give it a better fit. Add other great accessories such as Roman styled sandals or great gold headpiece! Our website has more than one sandal style that would work well with this costume! Enter the party and feel like Roman royalty

Adult Roman Emperor Costume
Julius Caesar was the most known and respected dictator of the Roman dynasty. Take over his rule this Halloween with the Caesar Plus Size costume. This costume features a white robe that is stylized by the included gold OR burgundy drape. A gold headpiece and arm bands are also included with this purchase. Take control of the Roman Empire, or at least the party this Halloween.

Greek Emperor Men's Costume
Look greekin' awesome in the Adult Greek Emperor Costume. This great costume includes tunic with blue trim, attached blue drape, and wreath headpiece. Feel like an honorable statesman, like Julius Caesar for a memorable evening! Add great finishing touches like Greek themed sandals that will more than complete the costume! Have the party bowing down to you as they chant toga, toga, toga!

Black Tunic Mens Costume
The perfect way to stand out at your next toga or Halloween celebration is with the Black Tunic Costume for Men. This costume tunic with gold rope belt. This is a great twist on your every day toga and will grab attention as soon you walk into the room! Use great Roman and Greek themed accessories like sandals, gold cuffs, or even armor if you're going for a warrior look! Make Julius Caesar proud with this great look!

Toga Plus Size Costume for Adults
This is one costume that like to party Roman style. The Toga Plus Costume for Adults comes with a long white robe with attached drape. Whether you want to dress up as Bluto from Animal House or if you are Caesar from Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. With the Toga Adult Plus can be accessorized with brown Roman sandals and Caesar Coin Necklace Costume Accessory!

Brown Roman Sandal for Adult
Dress up your Julius Caesar or toga costume with a pair of Adult Brown Roman Sandals. The classic design is versatile for a number of ensembles, and slips on easily. Step back in time with these great sandals.