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Child Katy Perry Candy Girl Costume
She loves Katy Perry songs. She also loves sweet treats. Light bulb!! It's time to combine her favorites into this Katy Perry Candy Girl costume! Let your girl go as this colorful version of the pop singer, and she'll be ready to star in her own music video. Get her a mic and hit record on the iPhone, because we're sure that she's going to be a star in the making!

Adult Katy Perry Left Shark Costume
Definitely the star of the Super Bowl Half Time show in 2015 was the unexpected but glorious appearance of the Left Shark. He stole our hearts as he danced and grooved to his own beat in front of the entire world. What more is there to say about this incredible fish? For starters, he's an aquatic American hero. He once swam across the sea just to party. He can dance with pop stars and still steal the show. Yep, he's the most interesting shark in the world and now you can feel what it's like to be so awesome when you wear this official Left Shark costume!

Katy Perry Candy Girl Kids Costume
$24.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Dress. Not included: Wig, shoes.

Katy Perry Last Friday Night Adult Costume
$14.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Dress, belt. Not included: Wig, jewelry, shoes.

Katy Perry California Gurl Cupcake Adult Costume
$16.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Top, shorts. Not included: Wig, shoes.

Exclusive Sexy Peacock Costume
"""I wanna see your peacock!"" Sing the infamous Katy Perry song while you wear this unique Exclusive Sexy Peacock Costume. Peacocks are rare and now you can be a rare beauty when you wear this beautiful teal costume. One thing is for sure, everyone will be flocking to you while you are wearing this costume."

Purple Hairspray
It's a proven fact that characters with purple hair are totally awesome. Don't believe us? How about we name a few then. Let's see, there's Hit-girl from Kickass, Trunks from Dragonball Z, Leela in Futurama, The Cheshire Cat, heck, even James from Pokémon! They've all got their own form of serious attitude, and aren't afraid to show it! Katy Perry herself is even in love with dyeing her hair every shade of purple imaginable. What is it about that color that gets people so excited? We think it's the combination of that playful pink color with the mystery of a dark blue. Are you excited to embody your favorite character in cosplay, or dress up as a hit after hit pop idol? Sometimes it's difficult to commit to that color for longer than a day. We know you love your natural hair color too. That's why this sweet purple hairspray will look great for the day but can wash out no problem with a little shampoo.