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Girl's Gothic Doll Costume
$64.99 from Halloween Express
Gothic Doll Child Costume Just as cute as a doll with a bit of a twist! Costume includes: Red and black one-piece tie dress with attached hood and robe. Available Sizes: Large 10-12 Extra Large 12-14 Boots and stocking are not included.

Girls Gothic Vampira Costume
What's a vampire's favorite fruit? Nectarines! Whether you prefer real blood or a good ol' piece of fruit, you'll be ready to petrify and scare in this Girls Gothic Vampira Costume (or just swap a few jokes). What did the vampire say to his victim? It's been nice gnawing you.

Girl's Dragon Fairy Costume
$69.97 from Halloween Express
Gothic Dragon Fairy Child Costume As beautiful as a goth dragon fairy could ever be! Costume includes: Blue and black dress with black wings and sleevelets, black headband with blue horns and black and blue striped footless tights. Available Sizes: Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Boots are not included.

Women's Vampiress Costume
$71.99 from Halloween Express
Vamptessa Plus Size Adult Costume Beauty Awaits Her Master! Costume includes: Gown with Lace Sleeves and Gothic Rose Skirt Panels, Collar with medallion and choker. Available size: Fits Sizes 16-24. Dress is 100% knit polyester, except for trim. A fun costume for the entire family, available in Toddler , Child , Adult and Adult Plus sizes .