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Child Lancelot
Includes a black and gold tunic with coat of arms,cape, sleeves and pants. One of the greatest Knights in all of King Arthur's court, the invincible Sir Lancelot comes to life with this outstanding costume. The outfit includes a black and gold tunic with long and short slee...

Lancelot the Knight - Kids Costume
$29.99 from Anytime Costumes
Lancelot the knight is a great kid's medieval knight costume.

Lancelot Costume
$98.99 from Costumes Inc
Kids' Renaissance Costume ,comes with black/gold tunic, cape, sleeves & pants.

Lancelot Costume
$31.44 from Costumes Inc
Childrens Medieval Knight Costume ,comes with Panne velvet & metallic shirt, metallic hood & panne velvet pants.

Guinevere Girls Costume
Features a raspberry velvet dress with lace and satin accents. Guinevere is the faire lady who was betrothed to King Arthur but fell in love with the knight, Sir Lancelot. This caused a big problem and in order to protect herself, Guinevere spends the rest of her...