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Child Brown Bear Hat
Be a ferocious grizzly bear. Or be a cuddly Teddy bear. It's your choice with this Child Brown Bear Hat. Either way, you'll stay toasty warm.

Toddler Teddy Bear Costume
Who needs a hug? This sweet teddy bear loves giving hugs! This Toddler Teddy Bear Costume is a plus costume that is stuffed to have a rounder, fuller shape on the bottom. This is a cozy costume that little kids will love to wear because of the soft plush body and adorable headpiece. Now who is ready to give this little guy a squeeze?

Tom Arma Brown Bear
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Tom Arma Signature Collection™ Brown Bear Picture your sweet cub in this adorable Tom Arma heirloom brown bear costume. Cuddly, cute and cozy. Only the “bear-y” best! Heirloom Quality Costume. Fully lined in baby soft fabric. Includes: Character headpiece with front Velcro closure, piped face opening and pink lined ears. Character bodysuit with back snap closure, chocolate “teddy bear” faux fur and contrasting tummy patch. Character booties with embroidered details and white padded soft claws. To keep your booties in picture perfect condition, Tom recommends

Psycho Teddy Bear Kids Costume
$32.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Shirt, mask, gloves. Not included: Pants, shoes.

Teddy Bear Kids Costume
$21.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Jumpsuit. Not included: Shoes.

Infant Dancing Bear Costume
$32.99 from Halloween Express
Tie Dye Hippie Teddy Bear Infant Costume This 60's costume is off the charts and sure please any peace loving band. Costume Includes: Jumpsuit with snap-close inseam, attached elastic-strap mittens, and snap on hood. Available Sizes: 6-12 months 12-24 months Your child may be dead tired after trick or treat but he/she will be grateful for the snap close diaper change. Perfect for a Woodstock, retro, or rock and roll festival group theme.

Ted 2 Football Jersey
Everyone knows that Ted is a huge fan of football! His radical fandom becomes very apparent when we see just how far he is willing to go in order to get his favorite football player to be the biological father of his unborn child. You may not love football quite as much as the animated teddy bear but still, you're a fan of the sport and you can't deny how much you love Ted! So we think this Ted 2 Football Jersey is possibly the perfect accessory for your Ted costume this Halloween. Not only would you look like an exact copy of the little loudmouth (ok maybe you'd be a slightly taller version) but with this jersey you can even represent a few of Ted's favorite things. First, his football team, which everyone who's anyone already knows is the New England Patriots, and secondly, you'll even be sporting his favorite number! Now then, get your Ted impression down, learn a few good jokes, maybe ask Mark Wahlberg if he wants to hang out, and you will be ready to party all Halloween or even ju

Stewie Deluxe Adult Mask
Do you often feel hell-bent on world domination or even just breaking out into a song and dance with your dog? Well, then you have probably got a lot in common with Stewie Griffin! Wait, you love red overalls too? No way! That's like pretty much all this iconic evil baby will wear! See, we knew you guys were practically two peas in a pod. Why not show your support for the youngest Griffin child with this Stewie Deluxe Adult Mask!Wear this around at your next costume party, along with a pair of those red overalls you love so much, and be the one to spread laughter like a wildfire... just don't do what little Stewart would do and actually set a wildfire, we can't condone that. Now, just perfect your high-class English accent, find a teddy bear to name Rupert, and maybe quick invent a laser pistol or a freeze gun to show off your diabolical engineering skills. Then you're sure to be everyone's favorite villainous baby!