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Game of Thrones Hand of the King Metal Pin
Who put YOU in charge? Oh, what, the king? THE king? You'd better be packing some proof that the king sent you to do his bidding, like this Hand of the King pin. It sort of lets people know that you're acting on behalf of the king. People in Westeros have no choice but to respect your power while wearing it. Just make sure your son doesn't have access to any crossbows. It might be a good idea to lock the bathroom door while you're at it, but you should already be doing that anyways. If you can stave off the occasional assassination attempt, you can wield power second only to the king! (Note: Hand of the King pin only works as a symbol of authority in Westeros. It just looks cool everywhere else.)

Child King Robe and Crown Set
All hail the young King! Rule over your kingdom, or household, while you're dressed as a Renaissance King. Your little guy can decide if he wants to be a cool King or a tyrannical King! Pick up a scepter to complete the cute royal costume.

Adult Classic King Kong Mask
This gorilla is either very happy to see you or he knows you have a banana. If he thinks you have a banana, things could get ugly. King Kong loves bananas and will do anything to get one. He'll even snatch up a pretty lady and hold her hostage on top of the Empire State Building. Can you really blame King Kong? He's in dire need of a banana! You'll look like you could go on a banana rampage any minute when you wear this Adult Classic King Kong Mask. There's definitely a crazed look in this primate's eye.

King of Egypt Costume
Forget King Tut! You're the new ruler and a mighty pyramid is being built right now in your honor. If the peasants don't recognize your power, they are obviously in 'da Nile.' Not only will you be King of Egypt, but you'll also be the king of any party that you attend.

300 Spartan King Leonidas Sword
Are you a tough guy? Yeah, so was King Leonidas. He decided that he and 299 of his soldiers were going to take on 300,000 of some of the meanest men Xerxes could bring together. That takes guts and, of course, a pretty sweet weapon by your side. This King Leonidas Sword recreates the one wielded by the Greek king from the 300 movie. With realistic details and a comfortable grip, this sword is one way to make you feel like a true Spartan, even in the face of intense danger!

King of Hearts Playing Card Costume
It is true what they say, behind every great Queen there is a King. In the world of Wonderland the King of Hearts doesn't do very much. He doesn't make any laws or decrees nor does give any orders. The King leaves that to his trusty Queen because if he were to ever make a peep he just may end up like so many in Wonderland, headless. Now you can become a royal in this playing card costume!

King of Hearts Robe Costume
Here comes the king…so regal…so kingly in a King of Heart Robe. Wave to your subjects oh great one and let them kiss the train of greatness that runs from your shoulders. Stay noble o’ royal one!

Metal King's Crown
Become the greatest king to ever rule the kingdom when you add our Metal King's Crown! It's an important thing to have for any monarchy and now you can finally have it. It's made of metal and even sports plenty of faux gems to look extra regal. Finally, you can prove that you're king of the castle when you wear this crown.

King Crown
Hear-ye! Hear-ye! I need the attention of all the townspeople. I am introducing a new king. Bow down when you are in his presence for he is majestic and wonderous! You'll feel completely majestic when you wear this soft King Crown. It will make any King's costume totally epic.

Plastic Jeweled King Goblet
Are you trying to rule a kingdom without a goblet? For shame. You, sir, are just asking for an uprising from the peasants you lord over. You could try to rule your people without one, but we don't recommend it. Everyone knows that the key to being a successful king is having a really extravagant cup to drink from! It need not be the largest goblet in all the land (no one is impressed by a drunk) but it must, surely, be the most exquisite chalice in all the kingdom. Drink ware that says, for one's lips to taste the finest of wines from this glorious goblet, one must be born into royalty. Well, your highness, you are in luck because we have the perfect kingly cup for you to show your rank above anyone that should enter your kingdom. So, quickly, before your underlings begin to question your position of power and start a rebellion, keep your kingdom in check with this Plastic Jeweled King Goblet!

Men's King Balthazar Costume
$101.97 from Halloween Express
Balthazar King Costume The King from The East! He is One of The Three Wise Men, Known Better as Three Kings. Costume includes: Hat with tassel and braided trim, striped lame robe with attached belt and cord Sizes available: One size fits most adults Sandals not included.

King Kong Latex Mask
$97.97 from Halloween Express
King Kong Adult Mask Feel like you can scale the tallest building with ape-like strength. Includes: Full over the head latex mask with attached fur that will make you feel like you're in Wilis O'Brien's stop motion 1933 King Kong classic. Available Size: One Size fits most Adults Please read this valuable information regarding latex products . This is an officially licensed King Kong product (c) RKO Pictures, Inc.

King Crown
$29.29 from Halloween Express
King Crown Great for medieval era kings like Charlemagne, Richard the Lionheart, or medieval French kings like Charles V. Embossed antique gold material crown with velcro adjustable closure. Large plastic jewel adorns the dimensional fleur-de-lis. Great look! Available Sizes: One size fits most adults

Boy's Warrior King Costume
$39.99 from Halloween Express
Warrior King Child Costume Fight for Right and Honor With this Knight of the Realm and King! Perfect costume for your young King Arthur! Costume includes: Headpiece with cowl, tunic and boot tops. Sizes available: Small Medium Large *Sword is NOT included.

King Medallion
$32.99 from Halloween Express
King Medallion A must have for any King! Includes: King Medallion 16'' long 3'' wide medallion!

Deluxe Witch King Costume
In the land of Middle Earth there it someone who is known as the Lord of the Nazgul or as he is better known as the Witch King. This evil force was at one point a king of man who was given a ring of power but was corrupted by what it gave him. The power and control proved to be too much and it transformed him into a wraith who follow what ever Lord Sauron would command. Now you can become one of the bad guys from the Lord of the Rings movies in this evil looking costume.

Adult Rock And Roll King Parade Mascot
This Rock And Roll King parade mascot is ready to rock! When you walk the parade this year, you might just incite a riot. The king of rock and roll was a hot ticket back in his day, so we think there's a pretty good chance the children of today are going to flip when they see your plush face. Practice your shake and shimmy, and get ready to roll, because this is going to be a parade to remember for the ages!

King Henry VIII Costume
Become one of the most charismatic rulers that has ever sat on the English throne when you wear this historical themed costume. This King Henry VIII Costume will turn you into an educated, attractive, and accomplished king. You can pick up a crown if you want to feel more royal. Go on a hunt for your Queen while you are wearing this costume!

Deluxe Burger King Costume
Being king gives you all sorts of benefits that normal people just aren't privy to. You can sometimes get free burgers from local restaurant establishments and when you creep around in people's houses early in the morning to give them a breakfast sandwich, it's totally not weird. Ok, so it is, but when you're the king you can get away doing strange things.

Coming to America King Jaffe Joffer Costume
Stepping into anyone's shoes is a difficult thing to do, but James Earl Jones? Talk about intimidating! But we think you can totally pull it off when you go in our Coming to America King Jaffe Joffer costume. It's exclusive to us and it's officially licensed. You'll look regal, stately, and like you got a thing for furs. That's power! And it can all be yours with this King Jaffe Joffer costume. All that's left now is the deep voice, but you're on your own for that...

King Arthur Costume - Knight Costume Ideas
This King Arthur Costume for men will transform you into the legendary warrior who fought to protect his kingdom for enemies both real and supernatural! It includes a tunic with attached cape, belt, brooch, and armor including epaulets, gauntlets and leg guards. (Note: the tunic appears darker gray than portrayed in the image). When you add a sword and shield accessory you'll look like a truly valiant king!

Child Medieval King Arthur Tunic
It used to be that the only way to become king was to pull out a sword that's been stuck in a stone. These days it's a little bit easier! All you need to do is gear your child up in this Medieval King Arthur Tunic, get some of his friends to be his loyal knights and let him defeat an evil wizard. (You might have to pretend to be the evil wizard, but it's worth it).

Gold King Crown
We crown you King Humperdink. Go and rule your servants with an iron fist and we mean iron! Now that you’re wearing a Gold King Crown, this is your chance to show the world the true meaning of dictator, benevolent is out and the iron fist, it’s in!

Adult Royal King Wig And Beard Set
Back in the Medieval times, it was practically a requirement to have a rugged beard to be a king. Not everyone has the time to grow out a lengthy and dashing beard! That's what this Adult Royal King Wig and Beard Set is for. Just putting it on makes your face feel like ruling over some vassals.

Red Royal King Hat
Commoners will bow at your feet once you’ve dubbed yourself king of the world! Actually the Red Royal King Hat won’t give you such powers but it’s good to pretend right? But only pretend, you don't want to cause a lawsuit.

Royal King Hat
Modeled after the royal Crown Jewels of England, this Royal King Hat will proclaim to your subjects that you are the ruler of all that you survey! And once you have the power we urge you to use it wisely. Keep the peasant folk happy, and their hard work will help the crown earn more gold. Because it takes a lot of gold to party like a king!

Unisex King Crab Costume
$109.97 from Halloween Express
King Crab Costume Adult Be the hit of your next beach party with this great King Crab costume. Great for Mardi Gras too! Costume includes: Red tunic with hood headpiece that has googly eyes and tentacles and matching crab claw mitts. Available size: One size fits most adults Pants and shoes not included.

Men's The King Hoopster Costume
$65.97 from Halloween Express
The King Hoopster Adult Costume When King was young he became a big star, when he got older he just got big but with this costume, you will make him even bigger! Includes: Full-length, one-piece jumpsuit with Vegas-y faux rhinestone designs on front and gold look on cuffs and faux belt and a pompadour-style headpiece. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Shoes are not included.