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Black Cat Dog Rider Pet Costume
This is an animal costume with a sense of humor! The Black Cat Dog Rider Pet Costume is an all black costume that will fit over your dog and is designed to look like a cat costume! Everyone will laugh when they get the joke of this costume!

Adult Teachers Pet Costume
You'll be at the head of the class this Halloween in our Teacher's Pet Costume for women. This sexy spin on the classic schoolgirl costume comes with a top, skirt, panties and a matching headband to give you the studious look you're aiming for. The white top comes in a knit fabric with short sleeves and a button-up enclosure. Accenting the sleeves and enclosure itself is a red and green plaid trim presented in thin stripes. The pleated mini skirt that comes with the costume is made from the same red and green plaid material and comes to mid thigh for a look the teacher won't be able to keep his eyes off. As if that weren't enough, the panties that come with the skirt say teacher's pet on the back. Complete this sultry schoolgirl costume with the matching red and green plaid headband with an attached bow.

Pity The Pooch  Pet Costume
Your dog can be the new mascot for The A Team. The Pity The Pooch Dog costume is from the Pup-A-Razzi collection of spectacular pet costumes modeled after celebrities. Just one look at this costume and you know exactly who it is. It features a brown and camo doggy jacket with gold colored chains and a bald cap with black mohawks.

Adult Teacher's Pet Costume
This little lady won't need an apple to suck up to her teacher. The Men's Teacher's Pet Adult Costume features a top, skirt and inflatable chest. This costume is fashioned after a traditional school girl look. The white, buttoned-down top is collared and embellished with plaid trim and the Twin Peaks High emblem on the chest. The pleated, plaid skirt also features suspender-like straps to give this skirt a jumper look. The inflatable chest takes this look to the next level. Any guy can get the perfect pair of breast that will turn heads all night long. This humorous costume is perfect for showing off your girly figure. You'll be sure to get an A plus this Halloween in this Men's Teacher's Pet Adult Costume whether you pull an all-nighter or not!

Silver Screen Starlet Pet Costume
Hollywood never saw a beauty quite as stunning as your pooch when its dressed in the Silver Screen Dog Costume. This quality pet costume is from the Pup-A-Razzi collection. It features a blonde bombshell wig and a white dress with buxom cleavage.

Workshop Elf Pet Costume
Yes, your dog can be on hand for Santa this year as much as any elf. Wrap him or her in our Workshop Elf Dog Costume! This brown apron and candy cane hat will make your pooch Santa's new best friend. This fun pet costume is too cute to pass up, order yours today!

Cowboy Dog Rider Pet Costume
You cant leave your pets out of the fun! Our Cowboy Dog Rider Pet Costume is a way to get you dog involved in the festivities. The cowboy is in a saddle attached to an adjustable harness. Ride 'em Doggie!

Beer Girl Pet Costume
The Beer Girl Pet Costume is the perfect outfit for your dog to wear to join I the festivities. This animal costume is a brown and white apron dress with attached lace petticoat and red trimming. Your dog will so cute and ready for Oktoberfest with this outfit.

Alice In Wonderland Queen of Heart Pet Costume
Your spoiled princess will look just like a member of royalty in the red, black, and white design of our Alice in Wonderland Queen of Heart Pet Costume! This item includes a two layered black dress with lacy white trim and a sliver of red ribbon at the hem. There is a cute red bow on the back. A yellow crown headpiece is also included.

Zelda Prisoner Pet Costume
Have your pup serving a life sentence for being so lovable in the Zelda Prisoner Pet Costume! The costume includes striped prisoner shirt, striped hat with prison number, and ball and chain accessory! Don't be too ruff on the new inmate!

Adult Sexy Teachers Pet Costume
You are sure to get all A?s in this sexy Teacher?s Pet Costume! This hot hot HOT costume features a white top that laces up the front and is trimmed in an adorable baby pink. A pink plaid mini skirt is certain to score you extra credit, and the white collar with matching pink plaid bow tie is the perfect finishing touch to draw the eye! The white stockings eccentuate your assets, and if you add our Adult White Patent Mary Jane Shoes, your legs will be scoring 4.0?s all across the report card! Comfortable enough to wear all night long, to dance the night away at your next big costume bash, or even for just hanging at a small costume party with friends! Get your Teacher?s Pet Costume now! Act fast, they are going quickly and you don?t want to miss your chance to score an A+ at your next party!

Adult Penthouse Pet of the Year Magazine Costume
This is an erotic and hilarious costume! The Penthouse Pet of the Year Magazine Womens Costume comes with a frame that is a replica of a Penthouse magazine with an attractive topless women on the cover and the Penthouse logo on the top, connectors and tubes to hold the costume on you. You can see through the face hole and your face will be on the cover of the magazine!

Pet Costume - Biker Dog
Is your dog a tough biker type? Yes or no, this Biker Dog Pet Costume is sure to make them look like either one bad dog or simply hilarious! The faux leather jacket and denim jeans body slip easily over the neck and front paws as do the decorative chains, while the biker cap slips on with an elastic band! Remove the chains and hat and you've got a Fonzie costume for your dog!

Pet Costume - Prisoner
Some dogs just can't be reformed and some just look too cute in stripes to resist! This arresting Pet Costume: Prisoner lets everyone know that you have a bad dog and comes with prison striped top that slips right over his or her front legs and a cap with Bad Dog stenciled right on it! Just the thing for Halloween or just for laughs around the house!

Pet Costume - Wonder Woman
Is Wonder Woman looking a little shaggy these days? This hilarious Wonder Woman Pet Costume will transform your beloved pooch into the super powered Amazon that might stop crime by making the criminals fall down in fits of laughter! The costume comes with a Wonder Woman jumpsuit that slips over your dog's front paws and neck and features stuffed arms holding a lasso as well as the famous headband. Sure to delight your family!

Biker Dog Rider Pet Costume
Now your cute little puppy can look like a big mean biker with this costume! The Biker Dog Rider Pet Costume is a biker style costume that will fit over your dog perfectly. Let your puppy join in on the fun of Halloween with this great costume!

Pet Costume - Dapper Dog
The perfect counterpart to the Bride Dog Beauty pet costume, this dog is all dressed up and ready to have his day! This adorable miniature tuxedo slips right onto your pooch and the cute top hat attaches with a simple elastic band and suddenly your best friend is ready for a wedding, a night puttin' on the ritz, or anything else your heart desires!

Littlest Pet Shop Classic Monkey Costume for Kids
Have your little one be the cutest monkey on the jungle gym in the Girls Littlest Pet Shop Classic Monkey Costume! This cute costume includes a dress with a detachable character hood! The short sleeve dress is brown and features pink trim around the sleeves, waist and along the bottom of the dress! The dress also features an adorable little monkey with a bow on top of its head! Show everyone you mean monkey business with the great detachable monkey character hood that sits on top of your head! What's even better is that since the hood is detachable, you can wear the dress all year round!

Pet Costume - King
Treat your dog royally this Halloween and anoint him King with this pet costume! This beautiful red cape fastened around your dog's neck and features plush trim and gold detail and a matching king crown slips right on his or her head with elastic, making for one regal pooch! Perfect for a hilarious Halloween costume or just for letting everyone know who is really in charge around your house!

Pet Costume - Bride Dog Beauty
Say I do! to this adorable pet costume! The Bride Dog Beauty features a bridal gown with stuffed arms holding a flower bouquet and a veil for her head. This beautiful bride's dress makes a hilarious Halloween costume, especially when paired with a groom dog, or is just the thing for a quite family wedding!