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Red Pirate Hat w/ Feather
Pirates are so hot right now. Movie pirates, internet pirates, heck, even the Pittsburgh Pirates. Take advantage of their popularity and get yourself a little pirate love this Halloween by dressing the part. Just don't forget a sweet hat to complete the ensemble. There's no better choice than this detailed and luxurious red pirate hat with a white feather on top.

Women's Buccaneer Pirate Costume
$60.99 from Halloween Express
High Seas Female Buccaneer Pirate Adult Costume Explore The High Seas Costume Includes: Peasant sleeve pirate shirt with attached faux leather vest, striped skirt, belt, pirate bandana, distressed leather-look boot tops and matching pirate hat. Pair with the High Seas Pirate for the perfect pirate couples... the his & hers match! Available sizes: Small-Medium (2-8) Medium-Large (8-14). Fishnet pantyhose and sword (differs from shown) sold separately. Manufacturer's suggested washing instructions included.

Rogue Pirate Hat
We truly believe that a pirate is only as good as his hat. Look at the famous pirates in history. Where would Captain Morgan be without his hat? Sunburnt and stranded on some desert island while his crew rocks the night away on his party boat. And Captain Hook, where would he be? He would have lost more than just his hand to that alligator, that's for sure. And don't even get me started on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Same goes for you. This Halloween, when you're caked in eye-liner and wondering if the guy in the Psy costume is looking at you, don't just wonder. Be sure. Wear our rogue pirate hat, and complete your sexy pirate costume. Then confidently strut up to the pretend Korean rapper and tell him, yes, you would like to meet a gentleman tonight.

Black Pirate Belt
It's time to go pirate this Halloween!If you're looking for just that right look for your pirate costume this holiday then you'll need just the right accessories. What can make or break a great pirate costume? If you have no place for your sword or pistol to hang from. Well we have you covered with this great pirate belt which is perfect for any pirate accessories.

Pirate Eyepatch
You'll be the sexiest one-eyed pirate in the history of pirates! This Pirate Eyepatch looks great with any sexy pirate wench costume, especially one that has a lot of red. The black lace accents makes the eyepatch more feminine. Don't forget to also pick up a matching pirate hat and sword!

Pirate Wrist Wallet
When you're a pirate, you have a whole lot of things to keep track of at all times. You have to have your pistol, of course, because you never know when you'll find yourself in a Tortuga fire fight. You've got to have your gold coin pouch, because if you didn't how else would you pay for your rum? You should probably have a sword at your side, and a treasure map stashed somewhere in your back pocket. Add a blunderbuss to your arsenal, and you've got one weighed down pirate! Living in our modern day we have all those things and a smart phone, too? What's a pirate to do? Well, you can have one less thing to hold onto when you use our pirate wrist wallet. It's the perfect companion for sexy pirates out there this Halloween. Now all you gotta do is download that treasure map app!

Men's Pirate Costume
$69.99 from Halloween Express
High Seas Pirate Man Adult Costume Come Sail The Seas With Me Cosutme Includes: Peasant sleeve pirate shirt with attached vest, striped pants, belt, pirate bandana, distressed leather-look boot tops and matching pirate hat. Available size: Adult standard - fits up to 180-200 lbs Wig Dredlocks 30' and sword differs from shown sold separately. Pair with the High Seas Piratess for the perfect pirate couples... This is perfect for his & hers match! Manufacturer's suggested washing instructions included.

Ghost Pirate Costume
Long ago, this pirate found the buried treasure but his merry men left him on the island and now he's just a skeleton of a man. This Ghost Pirate Costume is perfect for an adult who can't decide between a pirate costume and a scary costume. You may look like a pirate from behind but once they get sight of your face, they'll run! This is a unique costume for adult men.

Sexy Spanish Pirate Costume - Women's Pirate Costumes
This Sexy Spanish Pirate Costume is sure to spice things up at your next party! Make your look even sexier with fishnet or fence net tights, and pirate boots. Add a pirate pistol for an especially dangerous look!

Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume
Arrr matey! This great Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume will make you a welcome member of any pirate crew! Practice your pirate swagger, and add toy weapons such as a sword or replica flintlock pistol to complete your outfit. Check out our women's and kids' pirate costumes, for a family theme!

Golden Pirate Cutlass
Ahoy there, matey! Is it wild adventures on the high seas that you seek? Are your land lubber legs itching to step aboard a mighty vessel destined for treasures and untamed landscapes? Do you look really good in a bandana and an eye-patch? Well then, perhaps it's about time you dropped that smartphone of yours and picked up a sword to become scurvy pirate of the seas! Okay, so maybe it's okay if you keep your smartphone, but if you want to make it as a swashbuckling sea dog, then you'd better bring this Golden Pirate Cutlass along for the journey.Modeled after the deadly weapons wielded by buccaneers of an age long ago, this toy Pirate Cutlass is molded to add a fierce look to your costume experience. With an gold paint-scheme that gives it the look of a captain's treasure, this sword will have you feeling like the top dog in no time! Of course, this thing is made of plastic, so don't go starting fights with any real pirates.

Pirate Weapon Kit
Yawr! This Pirate Weapon Kit basically comes with everything you will need to be a pirate! Well, besides the gnarly beard and a pint of rum...but hey, don't feel bad! You'll get to enjoy those things when you are a full grown pirate.Until then, these toy pirate weapons are so cool, that they will suffice!

Adult Deluxe Pirate Boot Tops - Black Renaissance Boot Tops
You want to know the secret to the pirate's fantastic sea legs and footwork during a sword fight? It's just all the practice they have attacking other ships or sailing around the world (though that helps quite a bit!) The main reason is their fantastic boots. They're built just right to have a perfect amount of sturdiness to prevent the swaying of the ship to get to them but also enough flexibility to let them move gracefully as they swing their sword and dodge attacks! Plus they are some of the most stylish boots ever! We're not sure why they went out of fashion. Now you can test them out for yourself or just complete a pirate costume set with these Adult Deluxe Pirate Boot Tops! They are made out of black vinyl and have several gold colored buttons on the bottom straps that help it stand out from the rest. The tops of the boot covers can be laced up which adds to the authentic look. Remember, not just the pirates wore this style of boots. These covers also make a great accessory to a

Kids Captain Meyer Pirate Hat
Transform into a famous pirate with this Kids Captain Meyer Pirate Hat! That's right, with a hat like this your little one will have the privilege of choosing which blood-thirsty pirate he wants to imitate! They say that pirates don't follow a hook, or a shiny sword... what they'll really follow against all odds is a gorgeous new hat!

Adult Pirate Maiden Costume
Who knows how to make scurvy sea scum walk the plank like no other? This pirate maiden, that's who! But word has it you wouldn't even want to fight back because she's also a skilled swordsman. Yup, the best thing to do is just accept your fate, and be prepared to head to Davy Jones' locker. Or... you could just become the pirate maiden with this women's costume. With classic buccaneer details on this pirate look, we think you'll be able to learn the ways of the pirate world with ease. Prepare to sail the high seas with this detailed costume!

Puny Pirate Costume
This little boy's Puny Pirate Costume is sure to turn your toddler into the cutest pirate on the ship! Equip him for his treasure quest by adding an inflatable pirate sword, pirate spyglass and treasure map!

Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume - Ladies Pirate Costumes
Transform into Ruby the Pirate with this authentic looking Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume. Don’t forget to add a sword and sexy boots to complete your look, and you'll be welcome on any pirate vessel!

Women's Pirate Body Shaper Costume
$127.97 from Halloween Express
Pirate Body Shaper Adult Costume Shake your booty all night long! Costume includes: Striped pirate dress with built in Body Shaper. Dress features lace trim, bow accents and torn printed skull hem. Comes with matching shrug. Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Extra Large 14-16 Hosiery, pirate hat, gun, and pirate boots not included.

Girl's Pirate Costume
$41.99 from Halloween Express
Pirate Lady Child Costume Mysterious Pirate! Costume includes: Two tone, long sleeve dress with button look front and tricorn pirate hat. Available sizes: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14) Pirate sword , fishnet and boots NOT included.

Women's Pirate Wench Costume
$56.99 from Halloween Express
Pirate Wench Adult Costume Horrific & Dangerous Female Pirate! Costume includes: Tie-up front corset, scallop drop sleeve blouse and traditional pirate style skirt. Available size: One size fits up to 12 Pirate Sword , Fishnet hose and Boots not included.

Zombie Pirate Wig
$23.99 from Halloween Express
Zombie Pirate Adult Wig A perfect wig for any zombie pirate captain! The Zombie Pirate Wig will scare even the most ruthless ship capatain. This Zombie Pirate Wig comes with an attached headscarf, wooden beads and is a mix of light and dark grey synthetic hair. Available Sizes: One size fits most Adults Please note we cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed. Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair. For wig care and styling tips click here .

Pirate Hat with Beaded Braids
$30.09 from Halloween Express
Child Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Hat with Beaded Braids The Perfect Addition To Your Captain Jack Sparrow Costume! Costume includes: A pirate hat with beaded braids. Available size: One size fits most children Braided beard not included. This is an officially licensed Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl product.

Pirate Accesory Kit
$20.99 from Halloween Express
Caribbean Pirate Kit The Complete Accessory Kit For Every Pirate! Includes pirate sword, pirate hook, eye patch and earring.

Pirate Hat
$15.99 from Halloween Express
Pirate Hat Distressed Adult A great hat for a pirate costume! Includes: Distressed pirate hat with dangling beads for that rakish Caribbean pirate look. Brown. Available size: One size fits most adults. Shirt not included.

Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Child Pirate Hat Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me! Includes: Brown tri-corn pirate hat. Available size: One size fits most children Also available in adult .

Women's Noir Pirate Costume
Got a thirst for gold? There's a lot of doubloons sailing across the ocean blue, so all you need to do is find a pirate crew to join to get your taste of riches. But don't show up wearing any old thing. We recommend showing up in black! This Noir Pirate Costume will have you looking like a dark temptress of the Caribbean. Set your sights on that gold and arm yourself to the hilt. If any of the other pirates question your motives, just show 'em the steel of your saber!

Deckhand Darlin' Pirate Costume
Most people think that the only way to tame a pirate's heart is with lots and lots of gold. But, I'm sure that you can prove them wrong in this Deckhand Darlin' Pirate Costume. Everyone is searching for a little bit of love. So jump aboard and find the pirate of your dreams!

Boys Deadly Pirate Costume
Not every pirate runs around in an eyepatch with a parrot on his shoulder. Some buccaneers have some deadly assassin skill, which they use with razor-like precision. This Boys Deadly Pirate Costume is for just that kind of rogue. It's for the refined kind of pirate who's proficient with stealth, guns and knives, depending on the situation.