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Girl's Rock Star Costume
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Mega Star Child Costume Be A Star! Costume includes: Rock star headset with 'Mic', sequin top, vinyl pants, glitter make-up & beaded chain.Trimmed with marabou. Available sizes: Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Shoes not included.

80s Rock Star Boy Costume
This 80s Rock Star Boy Costume gives your son the look of an 80s grunge or heavy metal headbanger. Add a long wig, and he'll be ready to join a hair band--or start his own!

Boy's Rock Star Costume
$37.99 from Halloween Express
Cryptic Rocker Teen or Child Costume Skeleton Rock n Roll Star all the way to the grave Costume Includes: Jacket with faux printed shirt, zombie half cap-mask with hat and hair. Available Sizes: 7-8 14-16 Does Not include guitar, makeup, gloves, pants or boots.

Boy's Rock Star Costume
$17.99 from Halloween Express
Metal Mayhem Child Costume Guitar Punk Musician Rock and Roll Idol Includes: Black rocker shirt with red skull design, chinless mask with black hair, shoulder armor and gauntlets. Available Sizes: Child 7-8 Child 10-12 Tween 14-16 * Pants, guitar, boots, belt and makeup NOT included.

Pop Star Set
Pop Diva Headset and Hair Pieces A great idea for all the rock stars! Includes: Fake headset is held in place with a plastic headband. Colored strands of hair are placed in your own hair for the 'Pop Diva Look.' Available sizes: One size fits most kids.

80s Rock Star Boy Kids Costume
$20.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Headscarf, tank, mesh top, pants, belt, bandana. Not included: Gloves, bracelet, microphone, shoes.

Lil Punk Rock Star Boy Baby Costume
$12.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Jumpsuit, hat. Not included: Shoes.

Lil 80s Rock Star Girl Baby Costume
$9.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Dress with pants, hat. Not included: Socks, shoes.

Lil Punk Rock Star Girl Baby Costume
$5.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Dress with pants, hat. Not included: Socks, shoes.

80s Rock Star Girl Kids Costume
$19.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Overshirt, shirt with tulle, leggings. Not included: Bangles, microphone, gloves, shoes.

Child Rock Star Headset & Mic
$3.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Toy headset with mic.

Child Star Lord Gloves
If there were any gloves that you ever wanted to get your hands on, these officially licensed Child Star Lord Gloves would be it because Peter Quill is one of the coolest guys in the galaxy! Just think about all the cool stuff these gloves have touched- space rock, alien slime, moon dust! The possibilities are endless! These gloves go perfectly with any kids' Star Lord costume.

Girl's Pop Star Costume
$28.99 from Halloween Express
80's Pop Star Diva Child Costume The rock battle is on to make music history! Costume includes: Tank-style dress with large tri-color, holographic sequins covering the entire dress. Looks like a famous pop star! Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Large 12-14 Jewelry, microphone and go go boots not included.

Deluxe Toddler Elvis Costume - Child Elvis Presley Costumes for Kids
He may be years away from his American Idol debut, but that doesn't mean your toddler can't start his rock star training. If you want him to learn from the best, there can be no better choice than Elvis Presley. This deluxe Elvis costume includes everything he needs to learn the ropes of being a famous rock and roll legend.

Pageboy Tinsel Wig
$25.99 from Halloween Express
Pageboy Tinsel Adult Wig Complete your rock star, clown, or punk rock costume! Includes: Long and sleek pageboy tinsel wig with blunt bangs. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Available Colors: Gold Silver Please note we cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed.

Kids Screenprint KISS Spaceman Costume
He's finished his homework, cleaned his room, and practiced his air guitar skills. We thing he should be ready to take on the responsibilities of a rock star. But, if you still don't think he's ready just yet... try this Kids Screenprint KISS Spaceman Costume instead. This way, he'll feel like a epic star without the whole staying out late thing.

Boys Mr. 50s Costume
Ahh, the 1950s. We remember heading to the soda shop to have a malt with our sweetheart like it was yesterday. Why, you could get two of them for a nickel while Elvis Presley played on the radio. Then you could drag race a hot rod against a Tyrannosaurus Rex down Main Street to the car hop...okay, so maybe our recollection about history is a little bit hazy, but chances are that your kid doesn't remember much about the '50s either, but that won't stop him from looking handsome in this retro costume!This Boys Mr. 50s Costume recreates a classic rock and roll style from the 1950s. It comes with a snazzy pale green tuxedo jacket with black lapels. The matching black tie continental cross tie hearkens back to a simpler time of Americana. The final piece to the costume is a matching black cummerbund. (Pants and dress shirt not included). All the pieces combine for a look that will have him ready to become the next dreamy rock and roll star.Of course, if you plan on gearing your kid up for a

Kids Marvin the Martian Costume
"""I claim this planet in the name of Mars!""On our neighbor planet of Mars there is a little guy just plotting away about the destruction of Earth. But why would this tiny Martian want the third rock from the sun to no longer float in space? Just for the simple reason that he would love a better view of the planet Venus. But when Marvin isn't planning away to get rid of Earth he is off traveling the stars claiming other planets for Mars. Now your child can look just this space traveling Looney Tune in this cute costume!"