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Elvis Rock Star w/ Cape
$64.99 from Halloween Mart
You'll definitely get everyone all shook up as soon as they see you enter the building with this outfit! This white polyester suit comes with the gold belt and cape though it's up to you to add the dance moves. Pair this up with our Elvis wig and sunglasses to look like the proper hound dog.

Women's Rock N Roll Sweetheart Costume
Get ready to Rock Around the Clock when you wear this Rock N Roll Sweetheart Costume to your 50s-themed event. Complete it with fun accessories for an authentic look. Then start spinning those '45s and practice your Jitterbug. You'll be the star of the sock hop!

Star Trek Ladies Knee High Socks 3 Pack
Are you getting ready for your 5 year mission? Has Captain Kirk not assigned you a department yet? Don't sweat it, we've got you covered! Just pick up this three pack Star Trek socks, and you'll be ready for duty wherever you're needed on the Enterprise. Pair them with your Star Trek costume for a cool Starfleet look, or sneak them into your everyday style for a geek chic touch. Whenever you rock these socks, one thing's for sure—you're sure to feel like a bonafide trekkie!

Child Star Lord Gloves
If there were any gloves that you ever wanted to get your hands on, these officially licensed Child Star Lord Gloves would be it because Peter Quill is one of the coolest guys in the galaxy! Just think about all the cool stuff these gloves have touched- space rock, alien slime, moon dust! The possibilities are endless! These gloves go perfectly with any kids' Star Lord costume.

Girl's Pop Star Costume
$28.99 from Halloween Express
80's Pop Star Diva Child Costume The rock battle is on to make music history! Costume includes: Tank-style dress with large tri-color, holographic sequins covering the entire dress. Looks like a famous pop star! Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Large 12-14 Jewelry, microphone and go go boots not included.

Rock and Roller Glasses
$15.39 from Halloween Express
Rock and Roller Glasses Perfect for a police costume, movie star or rocker Includes: Big plastic frames with metal hinges and temple pieces. UV400 protection . Fits adults and kids 12 and up.

Star Pantyhose
Looking for a great way to add a little more edge to your rocker costume? How about with these Star Pantyhose? These sexy fishnet tights are a sure way to achieve a rock goddess look.

Rock N Roll King
$15.00 from Halloween Mart
"Woof you. Woof you very much!" If you're dog has to rent out the whole pet store, dog park, or grooming salon, they might just be Nothin but a Hound Dog, the King of Bark. Our Elvis costume for dogs features an trademark black haired wig, gold shiny glasses, highly recognizable white, wide, collared cape with printed gold stars and multi colored eagle, and concludes with red scarf for all those passed out puppies! Elvis has left the hydrant.

Neon Blue Fishnet Tights
Unleash your inner rock star with a pair of neon blue fishnet tights. They'll be a great extension to your costume and your rock star personality! So rock on baby blue, you just rock on!

Spicy Glamour Wig
$19.79 from Halloween Express
Wacky Monster Wig Bring out your inner rock star Includes: Unique rock star style wig with bangs. Available Colors: Blonde Brown Pink Please note we cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed. Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair. For wig care and styling tips click here.

Silver Elvis Glasses
$9.99 from Halloween Mart
Great Halloween costume glasses. These Elvis rock star glasses are just what you need to complete any Elvis Halloween costume or Rock Star look.Available in gold or silver.

Tempting Tresses Pink/Black Wig
Have rocking hair to match your rocking attitude. This Tempting Tresses Pink/Black Wig will give you a crazy combination of hot pink and contrasting jet black tresses! Pick up this wig to compliment any rock star costume!

Deluxe Toddler Elvis Costume - Child Elvis Presley Costumes for Kids
He may be years away from his American Idol debut, but that doesn't mean your toddler can't start his rock star training. If you want him to learn from the best, there can be no better choice than Elvis Presley. This deluxe Elvis costume includes everything he needs to learn the ropes of being a famous rock and roll legend.

Kids Screenprint KISS Demon Costume
Get ready to rock n roll all night long! Okay, well maybe until 10 PM, but that's only if you clean your room and eat your vegetables first. Budding rockstars have to work up to all-nighters. But, you can feel just like your favorite rock star in this Kids Screenprint KISS Demon Costume.

Black Heavy Metal Wig
Getting hair like a real rocker means staying up for 6 days in a row, partying non-stop between gigs. At least, that used to be the only way to get hair like a rock star. This black wig takes away all the trouble and the pounding headaches of hangovers out of the equation and leaves you with pure rock and roll goodness.

Rock-A-Bye Baby
$10.00 from Halloween Mart
"Elvis has left the womb!" With an appetite for peanut butter and banana sandwiches, turn your little rock star into the King of Rock and Roll with a one piece trademark white "Elvis" jumpsuit bunting with attached gold belt, red neck scarf, blue cape lined in shiny gold, black plush acoustic looking guitar, and topped off with a flesh colored beanie that has identifiable black Elvis up do hairstyle. "Drool you, droll you very much!"

Blonde Ponytail Clip
Do blondes really have more fun? Find out when you enhance your 'do with this Blonde Ponytail Clip! You'll love the long, smooth, silky tress. It will add glamour to any rock star, movie star or pinup girl costume. Your friends might even go gaga for it!

Kids Screenprint KISS Spaceman Costume
He's finished his homework, cleaned his room, and practiced his air guitar skills. We thing he should be ready to take on the responsibilities of a rock star. But, if you still don't think he's ready just yet... try this Kids Screenprint KISS Spaceman Costume instead. This way, he'll feel like a epic star without the whole staying out late thing.

Child Surgeon Costume
Paging Doctor Sam! Surgeons require steady hands and nerves of steel. If you think your child is up to the task, outfit them this year with a surgeon's costume! They'll be the rock stars of the ER, or the celebrity of the neighborhood costume party. It might even inspire a future career choice...

Minion Guitar Accessory
Minions can basically do anything. They might not do it right, but they'll get the job done in their own little minion way. One thing is sure, they are always down to take a musical break. Live out your rock star dreams like the minions by whaling away on this Minion Guitar Accessory.

Tri Color Glow in the Dark Makeup
Use this Tri Color Glow in the Dark Makeup to create cool looks that will be even cooler in black light! Three colors are included: pink, yellow & green. Be a cool 80s rock star or a time traveler from the future, or a space alien, or whatever you wish!

Child Pink Boa
This pink boa for children will be a great accessory for Halloween or for any play time! Whether a princess, a rock star, or even a WWE diva, she'll have fun at dress up time with this accessory.

Tattered Footless Tights
Go for that rock star look with these Tattered Tights. You'll be able to sing amazing pop songs and have throngs of fans worshiping your every move. Or at least you'll look like you are!

KISS Catman Halloween Make Up
All it takes to become a master drummer like Peter Criss is this KISS Catman makeup kit that applies like a temporary tattoo...and years of dedication and devotion to the art of drumming, and a passion for percussion and a wild desire to make music. Okay, so maybe it takes a little more than some makeup, but you'll still look like a rock star and that's half the battle.

Fake Cigarettes
From gangster to rock star, you'll look like a tough guy with fake cig in your mouth. Trust us, you're going to want a box of Fake Cigarettes to complete your look. It's okay, in the 1920s people actually thought smoking was cool.

John Glasses Gold and Purple
See the world through a violet lens! You'll look like a vintage rock star when you slip on these gold frame glasses with purple lenses. These shades look great with any of our hippie costumes!

Men's British Explosion Jacket
$49.99 from Halloween Express
British Explosion Blue Jacket Become your favorite 60's rock star from Beatles! Includes: Satin jacket with black and silver trim. The blue jacket also has black working buttons and attached epaulets. Avaliable Sizes: One size fits most Adults Also available in Red

Rockstar Wig
$33.99 from Halloween Express
Wig, Crazy, Black/White Punk or Rockstar look. Rock star style wig with one half white and the other black. Top of the wig is spiked. for the ultimate punk look. Synthetic hair with comfortable expandable crown. Please note we cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened, and sealed. Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair. For wig care and styling tips click here.