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Infant Scooby Doo Costume - Baby Scooby Doo Romper
"'Scooby Doo... Where are you?!?""Where ever there is a spooky place you'll be sure to find Mystery Inc. there ready to take the case. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby Doo have solved many mysteries over the years but to get the best work out of Scooby you better have some trusty treats with you. Because this pup doesn't go into scary places on an empty stomach.This Halloween your little one can go collecting his very own Scooby snacks in this classic cartoon costume."

Infant Dino Costume
Not every dinosaur is big, scary and out to eat you! It seems like that's what every Hollywood movie wants you to believe, but we know the truth! Some dinos are just downright adorable. This Infant Dino Costume is proof! Dress your baby up in it and although he may try to chase you down for breakfast, he definitely won't be trying to turn you into his meal!

Infant Tiger Costume
I spy something with stripes and fur and ... ah! It's a tiger! Run!!! But look how cute he is! He seems so nice and tame. I guess they're not so scary after all. Just a little bit fuzzy and misunderstood.

Infant Pink Monster Bunting
In this Infant Pink Monster Bunting, she'll be so cute that she couldn't possibly by scary. Well, unless she's hungry. Or maybe if she needs a diaper change. But most of the time, she'll just be cute!

Lil Pink Monster Infant Costume
$67.97 from Halloween Express
Lil Pink Monster Infant Costume Scary cute, your little monster can let the tiny terror out! Lined zippered pink jumpsuit with fur accents and leg snaps for easy diaper change, hood with horns plus slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms. Available Sizes: 12-18 months 18 months -2T