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Monster High Rochelle Goyle Makeup Kit
Rochelle Goyle brings the style from Scaris to Monster High! Whether your girl is looking to chat it up with Deuce Gorgon or scare up a new date with one of the other monster boys, she's going to need to look her scariest! This makeup kit helps her add the perfect combination of cute and scary to her face.

Net Leg Bones Thigh Highs
Oops! We got some sexy mixed in with our scary. Actually, scary and sexy might be the best new combination since peanut butter and chocolate. These bone themed thigh highs titillate and terrorize at the same time. What more could a girl ask for?

Teen Wild Child Monster Costume
There are two types of monsters in this world: the scary kind that gives you nightmares and the adorable kind. After seeing our fair share of the frightening kind, we have to say, this cute monster costume for teens is a breath of fresh air. Bright, pink and full of character, it's a wonder why all the monsters haven't caught on to this new kind of look. Maybe all those scary monsters would make a few more friends and be less angry all the time if they looked this cute.

Fatal Fantasy Mask
$57.99 from Halloween Express
Fatal Fantasy Mask Scary Fantasy! Includes: Scary Skull Mask with Movable Mouth. Full Over the Head Latex Hand Painted Mask. Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most Please read valuable information regarding latex products .

$24.79 from Halloween Express
Rustic Scythe The Grim Reaper is ready to harvest some souls with this scary sickle! This scary looking scythe features a rustic looking blade with rough wood-look wrapped handle. All made of safe plastic. Measures 21.7 inches long.

Giggles Creature Reacher Costume
$329.99 from Halloween Mart
This clown is anything but friendly and funny! Be prepared to scare everyone you encounter when you are dressed up in our Adult Giggles Creature Reacher costume. This freaky clown costume will help you to embody pure evil with its horrifically scary details. It includes a clown shirt and ruffle collar, as well as incredibly long arm and hand extensions. The enormous deluxe mask is also included, which is sure to finish off the scary costume.

Horror Robe Childrens Costume 8-12
$9.99 from Halloween Mart
Put the spook in Halloween night with this scary Horror Robe Costume. This versatile black robe comes complete with a full hood and belt. Add a frightening mask and no one will be able to tell who is underneath the scary ensemble. For an even spookier effect, pair the robe with a sickle, sword or other weapon. Fitted for children, sizes 8 to 12, this robe is 100% polyester.

Men's OppoSuits Zombiac Suit
It's costume time and they're trying to make you give up the suit to wear some tacky zombie costume. Are you going to let them get away with that? Some guys just need to wear the suit. Don't worry. We've got your back. This Men's OppoSuits Zombiac Suit combines the gory look of a zombie, with the class of a suit, so you can celebrate the scary season AND you can keep the suit, so your friends will stop bothering you to wear that dreadful zombie costume they have picked out for you. That's a win-win situation for everyone.

Womens' Dark Angel Corset Costume
Monsters and scary beasts aren't the only things that roam in the dark. Angels do, too! When you wear this Women's Dark Angel Corset Costume, the dark will be your element.

Green Gorilla Suit
Generally, gorillas are pretty scary, but green gorillas are on a whole other level! It looks like this gorilla has been dumped into some toxic waste! Now you can be a mutant monkey when you wear this Green Gorilla Suit.

Adult Cyclops Costume
It is said in ancient mythology that certain objects are protected by a one-eyed monster known as the Cyclops. This creature makes up for his lack of vision with his extreme strength. Now you can scare away anyone who tries to claim your prized possessions when you wear this scary Adult Cyclops Costume.

Adult Deluxe Lab Worker Adult Mask
If horror movies have taught us anything, it's that lab experiments go wrong all the time and they almost always create some hideous monster! That's one reason why we try to stay away from science labs these days, unless we bring one of these scary Lab Worker Masks with us. The frightening design makes you blend in with all the other hideous lab experiments gone wrong and has a sort of zombie and monster hybrid look going on for it.

Women's White Bad to the Bone Costume
When the song told you to go bad to the bone, we're not sure if this is what Mr. Thorogood had in mind. But bad to the bone you will be when you go in this awesome skeleton costume! Of course, nothing is going to stop you from being bad, or really sweet, for that matter. It's up to you! You get to be whatever kind of skeleton you want to be when you wear this scary and spooky look.

Rickey Raccoon Mascot Costume
What's that rummaging through your garbage? Oh don't mind him! It's just Rickey, the giant raccoon! He may look a little scary (considering his height) but Rickey just wants a little midnight snack and the garbage can is a great place for a raccoon to look. Take a sneak peek through your buddies garbage while wearing this Rickey Raccoon Mascot Costume. It'll for sure freak him out!

Adult Goku Costume
Goku can never catch a break. When he's not fending off the attacks of his violent brother Raditz, he's locked in an epic battle against Frieza on Namek, or he's facing off against the evil android Cell for the fate of Earth. The frightening thing is, as tough as all those bad guys are, they don't even compare to how scary Chi-Chi can get when Goku's late for dinner. Maybe that's why he has to wear his fighting gear all the time, because he never knows when he'll have to unleash a Kamehameha Wave on some kind of super-powered villain, or when he'll have to dodge Chi-Chi's famous You-Forgot-To-Take-Out-The-Garbage Backhand Attack. Trust us, when you're in the thick of it, you'll be glad you brought your own Dragon Ball Z outfit, recreated as the bright orange gear worn by Goku, to the fight.

Toddler Wolf Costume
The kid wearing this Toddler Wolf Costume will be so cute that he might not manage to be scary! Check out our pig costumes or Little Red Riding Hood costumes for his siblings or friends, to act out fairy tales.

Karate Kid Skeleton Suit
We have to recommend that you leave Danny LaRusso alone when you wear this Skeleton Suit from Karate Kid. Sure, he's kind of a nerd who's totally hitting on your girlfriend when you're not looking. And yes, it was him who sprayed you with the hose in the bathroom, but violence is not the answer. It won't end well if you chase him through the neighborhood, since Mr. Miyagi will probably show up to school you at martial arts. We recommend that you be the bigger man. Go back to the dance party. Have a great time. Then, Daniel-san is the one who ends up looking like a jerk, while you just look like a scary skeleton having a good time at a party.

Brown Gravekeeper Cloak
You can wear this Brown Gravekeeper Cloak on its own with scary makeup, or you can add it to a zombie or monster costume for an even more frightening effect!

Adult Cowardly Lion Costume
Oz is an easy place to get scared in all the time. You have both scary, living trees and winged monkeys in the same place. So when you're a lion that is scared of everything you can't help but just wish for some courage. Luckily for this lion he met up with Dorothy Gale who let him join her to see the Wizard who just might grant him his wish. Now you can become the fear filled lion in this Wizard of Oz costume.

Adult Princess Warrior Costume
Your scary old step-mom doesn't stand a chance. Get ready to take back the kingdom in this Adult Princess Warrior Costume. And we'll give you a hint: she does have magical powers, but we think you'll find a way around them.

Adult Boil Monster Morphsuit
Most monsters are too busy going to college or wolfing down cookies to be scary these days. What happened to the days when they were the hideous creatures of your nightmares, oozing with boils and gross nasty teeth? What happened to the days of trollish beings scaring the living daylights out of children? Good thing Morphsuits created this Boil Monster suit to carry on the tradition of gruesome creatures that will make your friends sick to their stomachs!

Chingo the Clown Mask
When people say that they are afraid of clowns they normally have a story about how they got Coulrophobia. Some of these tales are just that they were easily startled by a clown as a child while others blame a movie they saw on TV at a young age. But there are a few stories out there about people coming across monster clowns who eat the souls of little kids. These vicious creatures can not be stopped!Now you can scare a whole new generation of little ones from clowns in this scary Chingo the Clown mask!

Womens Party Clown Costume
You're never going to forget your nieces birthday of 2011. Your sister had one simple request: Come to the party as a clown. You thought any clown costume would do and you guessed wrong. The kids were in sheer terror as your costume was more scary the whimsical. Well the time has come to atone, and this clown is guaranteed to delight! With vivd colors and a cute clown dress this Party Clown is guaranteed to be a winner!

Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume
My! What large teeth you have! Not to mention your ears! This Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume is a scary wolf costume that will make you look like you just popped out of a storybook. You can make this costume more gruesome by adding some fake blood and body parts to put in your basket. Let the hunt for Little Red Riding Hood begin!

Sexy Harlequin Joker Costume
Become the girlfriend of Batman's nemesis the Joker in this Sexy Harlequin Joker Costume. The ensemble includes a red and black cropped tank top, pants, vest, choker and gloves. Finish off your look with scary makeup and our Harlequin boot covers. Be the sexiest villain at the asylum!

Girls Funky Punky Bones Costume
The real human skeleton is kind of dull and a little bit scary. What's the best way to jazz it up? Neon colors, of course! Blues, pinks, greens and purples - this outfit is like an x-ray machine from the 1980's and trust us, that's a good thing.

Zombie Girl Costume
This old school zombie girl is on the hunt for some brains and a nice side of liver. This Zombie Girl Costume is simply scary and it'll make you look like you just walked out of a haunted mansion. Pick up some zombie makeup so you can really look frightening!

Girls Deluxe Lalaloopsy Scraps Stitch and Sewn Costume
Is it possible to be cute AND scary? Usually you have to settle for just one or the other, but Scraps Stitch and Sewn from Lalaloopsy has made it possible! This cute costume makes it easy for your girl to join in with all her friends as her favorite doll. Complete with fake stitch lines and a spooky wig, it has everything she needs to jump right into the fun.