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Toddler Open Face White Bunny Costume
Toddlers are adorable. There's really no disputing that. And pretty much everything they do is endearing, even when they're making a huge mess! From spilling milk all over the floor when they try to make breakfast all by themselves, to painting a big heart on the living room wall, you can't help but go, “Awwww,” no matter what they do. We thought that there was no possible way to increase the cuteness of your toddler, but we thought wrong. Our costume experts studied the very core basics of cuteness and found the ultimate costume to enhance your toddler's cute-factor.This toddler White Bunny costume mixes your toddler's natural adorability to create a look that's so cute, you won't even be able to resist snuggling with your little one. The white jumpsuit is covered in polyester faux fur that does double duty as a cuddle enhancer and a smile generator. The tiny little fluffy tail on back and the headpiece with long rabbit ears only further amplifies that effect. You see, once any adult

Toddler Cinderella Gloves
Chances are, your little Cinderella isn’t making breakfast and washing dishes and mopping the floor. She’s a toddler, after all. If you’re lucky, you can get her to grab onto the broom while you sweep the floor with her. But have you tried switching her into Princess Mode? You know, get her a Cinderella dress and all the accessories. Sure, don’t expect her to scrub the fireplace all of a sudden, but if you’re lucky she won’t get spaghetti in her hair. These officially licensed Toddler Cinderella Gloves are the key.You see, they’re the perfect accessory for any of our toddler Cinderella costumes. A light blue cloth with ruffled edges and a darker blue ribbon bow on the cuff, they instantly make any toddler feel like a princess. She’ll be reluctant to get her hands dirty, which means no more reaching for cat toys behind the couch or getting boogers all over the place. And when you look at it that way, you’ll see that this gift for your little Cinderella is also her best gift to you!

Toddler's T-Rex Fossil Costume
$45.99 from Halloween Express
Fossil T-Rex Dinosaur Toddler Costume Date Back To Pre-Historic Dino Times! Costume includes: Jumpsuit with realistic silk-screened bone designed with attached feet, matching bone hood and mitts. Available Sizes: Toddler 18-24 months Toddler 2t-4t Toddler 4-6

Toddler Triceratops Costume
$45.99 from Halloween Express
Triceratops Toddler Costume This Dinosaur Is Prehistorically Precious! Costume includes: Jumpsuit with realistic silk-screened bone designed with attached feet, matching bone hood and mitts. Avaliable Sizes: Toddler 18-24 months Toddler 2t-4t Toddler 4-6

Toddler Witch Costume
$57.99 from Halloween Express
Amelia Witch Infant and Toddler Costume She will cast a spell on her audience! Costume includes: Colorful black and orange long sleeve dress with matching witch hat. Available Sizes: Newborn ( 3-6 months) Infant (6-12 months) Toddler (12-18 Months) Toddler (18M-2T) Toddler (2-4) Shoes and tights are not included.

Toddler Bat Costume
$37.99 from Halloween Express
Toddler Bat Costume Get your little one into the spirit of Halloween with this cute and fun bat costume! Includes: Black plush swirl fur body with purple on belly, inside of wings and ears. Black hood. Available Sizes: Toddler Medium 18-24Months Toddler Large 2T-4T Toddler Extra Large 4-6 Shoes are not included.

Deluxe Toddler Gorilla Costume
Did you know that gorillas sleep 13 hours at night and rest for several hours during the day? I'm sure they can get just as grumpy when they're up past their bedtime. But, I'd much rather deal with a toddler than a 400 pound angry gorilla! Let your toddler discover his inner primate with this Deluxe Toddler Gorilla Costume.

Toddler Mummy Costume
There's no sign that the zombie craze is ending any time soon, but can we all agree that there has already been a zombie craze in the last century? Of course, we're talking about the mummy! He's the original granddaddy; the biggest, baddest, most ragged and scary zombie of them all. If you're the type of parent who just loves to bring back a classic, then this toddler mummy costume is the way to go. It has so many great details in the fabrics used to make it an incredible blast from the past. Not to mention, totally spooky. Your toddler can grunt and howl his way through Halloween and become the freakiest of the undead on the block when he wears this exclusive mummy costume for toddlers.

Toddler Werewolf Costume
Howling at the moon, having a ravenous appetite, outgrowing clothes at a rapid pace: kids or werewolves? Hard to tell the difference, right?Kids and werewolves share a lot of traits. Even though your little one may be cuter than your average movie-screen werewolf, sometimes you’d swear they raised by them! While your tiny werewolf won’t likely terrorize the neighborhood every time a full moon occurs, they can still dress up like their favorite creature of the night for Halloween. Whether or not they are scared by the thought of werewolves, they can bring that same fear to others when they hit the streets trick-or-treating when they put on this fun werewolf costume for toddlers.He might be hairier than your average toddler, but he is just not your average toddler...he's a werewolf! This is the perfect scary themed costume for little guys who love to give their mommas a fright! The 100% polyester werewolf costume comes with a shirt that zips up in the back with the faux fur coming out th

Toddler Pink Crayon Costume
Your little toddler will be pretty in pink when she's wearing this toddler pink crayon costume. Match it up with any of our other toddler crayon costumes, and really think outside of the crayon box this Halloween. You'll be tickled pink with our realistic and funny crayon costumes!

Toddler Chenille Teddybear Costume
$69.97 from Halloween Express
Chenille Teddybear Infant and Toddler Costume Cuddle up with your little one! Costume includes: One piece jumpsuit & booties with character hood attached. Costume zips up in the front. Available Sizes: Infant 6-12 months Toddler 12-18 months Toddler 18M- 2T

Toddler Wolf Costume
$49.99 from Halloween Express
Toddler Wolf Costume Red Riding Hood better watch for this cute little wolf! Costume includes: Grey plush swirl fur body, with animal face hood with wide mouth so childs face can be seen, and shoe covers. Available Sizes: Infant 18-24 months Toddler 2-4T Toddler 4-6

Toddler Santa Costume
$40.99 from Halloween Express
Santa Toddler Costume Everyday can be Christmas for your child ! Includes: Jumpsuit with attached feet, hood with attached beard and mitts. Available sizes: Toddler 18-24 months Toddler 2-4

Toddler Octopus Costume
$57.99 from Halloween Express
Ocean Octupus Infant and Toddler Costume A cute under-the-sea treasure! Costume includes: Plush blue fur torso body with character hood and tentacles attached. Available Sizes: Infant 6-12 months Toddler 12-18 months Toddler 18M- 2T

Toddler Hippie Costume
$45.99 from Halloween Express
Peace Love Hippie Costume Toddler Send your little one back in time! Includes: Peace sign and flower printed dress with attached fringe suede-look vest, matching headband, and fringe suede-look boot covers. Available sizes: Toddler 24m-2T Toddler 3T-4T Peace necklace not included.

Toddler Knight Costume
$45.99 from Halloween Express
Brave Knight Toddler Costume In Medieval and Renaissance times the King would have many Knights at his service! Costume includes: Mesh 'chainmail' look tunic. chest armor with belt, headpiece and boot covers. Available sizes: Toddler Small 1-2T Toddler Medium 2-4T Add your own pants and weapon to complete the look!

Toddler Carny Muscle Man Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Carny Muscle Man Toddler Costume Kids are always impressed with the carnival strongman, now they can be as strong as they want to be with this new costume! Costume includes: Flesh-colored muscle chest, white and red horizontally striped jumpsuit with black belt. Available Sizes: Toddler 24-2T Toddler 3-4T Barbell is not included.

Toddler Cheer Bear Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Frilly Cheer Bear Toddler Costume An extra cute version of the Cheer Bear for your little girl! Costume Includes: Frilly pink dress with character headband. Available Sizes: Toddler 2T Toddler 3T-4T Shoes not included. This is an officially licensed Care Bears™ costume.

Toddler Duck Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Duckling Yellow Plush Toddler Costume Lovable Duckling! Beautiful deluxe children's costumes includes: Full body jumpsuit with zipper front and foam filled character head and feet attached! Available sizes: Toddler (1-2) Toddler (3T-4T)

Toddler Poodle Dog Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Poodle Dog Toddler Costume Rock around the clock! Includes: Dress with faux fur collar and polka dot poodle skirt with attached lace edge petticoat, belt, and polka dot neck tie. Available Sizes: Toddler Small 24-2T Toddler Large 3T-4T Tights and Shoes are not included. Also available: Women's Plus Sizes Women's Standard Sizes Child sizes

Toddler Triceratops Costume
$38.99 from Halloween Express
Triceratops Toddler Costume Nothing could be cuter than this little dinosaur. Plush screen dino printed jumpsuit with gloves and feet, and detailed hood with realistic eyes. Size Available: Toddler Medium 18-24M Toddler size 2T-4T. * Please note that this costume runs VERY small. Please take this into account when ordering.

Lolli The Clown Toddler Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Lolli The Clown Toddler Costume Perfect for the Circus or as a Jester at your local fair or carnival! Includes: Neon polka dot dress with wire hoop, trimmed in faux fur, bloomers, headband with bow, and clown shoe covers. Available Sizes: Toddler Small 2 4months-2T Toddler Large 3T-4T Also available in Child sizes and Adult .

Toddler Happy Skeleton Costume
$22.99 from Halloween Express
Happy Skeleton Toddler Costume Skele-bones toddler costume. Costume Includes: Bone print jumpsuit with attached brown vest and hat with skeleton on front. Available Sizes: Toddler 3T-4T Shoes NOT included. Please note that this costume and hat run small.

Toddler Grover Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Grover 2.0 Toddler Costume Make Sesame Street come alive for your child with this great Grover Costume! Costume Includes: Includes jumpsuit with detachable cape and soft character headpiece. Available Sizes: Infant 12-18 Months Toddler 2T Toddler 3-4T Small 4-6 Shoes NOT included. This is an officially licensed Sesame Street Child Costume.

Toddler Tiger Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Tiger Striped Plush Toddler Costume Great for prowling and pouncing! Costume Includes: Fuzzy polyester jumpsuit with plush tiger head sitting on top of attached hood. Features zipper front and elastic cuffs. Available sizes: Toddler 1-2 Toddler 3-4

Toddler Dinosaur Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Dinasaur With Polka Dots Toddler Costume Don't worry! I Won't Bite! Costumes includes: Full body jumpsuit with zipper front and foam filled character hands and feet attached. Available sizes: Toddler 1-2 Toddler 2-4

Toddler Garfield Costume
It’s not only a fact, but it’s a bit of an understatement to say that toddlers have a lot of energy. They’ll be running around, bouncing off the walls and you just can’t get them to sit down. If only there were a way to get them to calm down. Well, the good thing is that children like to pretend. They’ll use their imaginations to play as their favorite characters or animals. If they’re good enough at it, they’ll actually act like the thing they’re pretending to be. Maybe you could get your kid to pretend to be Garfield, a lazy cat who enjoys sleep, hates Mondays and is hopelessly addicted to lasagna. Why not go the extra mile in helping them with their imaginary play? That’s where this toddler Garfield costume comes into play. Sure, you can get them to imagine being Garfield, but put them in costume and they’ll practically turn into the character. This costume includes a polyester jumpsuit that resembles our favorite comic cat. It Velcros on the back and has a plush tail and padded tor

Toddler Puppy Costume
How much is that doggy in the window, the one with the big plump belly? This Toddler Puppy Costume is the perfect animal costume for toddlers because its plush, soft, and totally comfortable! Your little gal or guy will love wearing this cozy costume, woof woof!