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Girls Black Witch Costume
The witch is here to cast a spell and not even the most powerful sorcerers will be able to resist her cuteness! Witches get a bad rap for being deceptive and manipulative, but when they are so tiny and sweet it’s hard to resist their magical forces.Witches have been a Halloween classic almost since the inception of the holiday, so it’s only fitting that many children choose to dress up as witches and wizards for their night out on the town. The best thing about a witch costume is that they can be scary or sweet or something in between – the possibilities are endless! We’ve all seen movies where the good witches prevail as well as the movies where witches are power-hungry and let their magical gifts go to their heads. But whether your child is a good witch or a not-so-good with, there’s a costume out there to fit her personality.This girls black witch costume will have all of the neighbors wrapped around her little wand this Halloween. The costume comes with a black dress that is styled

Kids Candy Corn Witch
Have you ever stopped to think about why so many witches are shown as wicked, ugly, and up to no good? Just because a few bad witches may have turned a couple people into frogs over the years, everyone is afraid of them. Or, since so many of them spend a bunch of time wearing creepy. black robes, and cooking mysterious potions over a sinister looking cauldron, they all seem to have gotten a bad reputation. Whatever you may have heard about them in the past, we happen to know plenty of polite, friendly, and even silly witches who just use their mystical abilities to have a good time. Some of them walk around in regular clothes like everyone else, and some wear really stylish and colorful robes. But, most witches still stick to Halloween themes when they design their wardrobes. One easy way witches make friends is by dressing in fashions that remind people of their favorite parts of the season, like cats, jack-o-lanterns, and candy! If your little trick-or-treater is looking for a way to

Storybook Witch Child Costume
Being a witch is tough business these days! Everyone always expects witches to be weird-looking with warts and scaly gross skin. Learn a little bit of magic and everyone just expects you to give up being cute! We're here to tell you, that your little girl doesn't have to give up being cute, even if she has decided to become a witch! This cute costume combines classic sorcery of a classic witch, updated with a cute look fit for your little princess.

Child Glamour Witch Costume - Kids Witch Halloween Costumes
So she's a witch. But that doesn't mean she's ready to go to her cauldron party in any old thing. You see, she's a glamour witch. Get her this costume to let her show off her fashionable ways, and she's sure to feel like the top spell caster in her group. With a classic witch theme and lively purple accents, she'll be ready for all kinds of double, double toil and trouble...

Black and Grey Child Witch Wig
Every witch has a few streaks of grey hair in their long, black locks. We're thinking that it's because of how long they've been around. We're pretty sure the average witch these days is about 200 years old give or take a couple of decades. The problem with this is they don't think the new witches are any good because they don't have those streaks of gray hair and who has time to wait a couple hundred years for that to happen? It's just not fair. Well we're here to give those young witches a bit of a leg up in the world of sorcery. Just wear this sweet wig for a while and you'll be able blend in with the crowd just as well as nightshade blends with frog legs to make an excellent sleeping potion. Just be sure to pin it down well before you go flying around on your broomstick.

Child's Luna the Witch Costume
This Child's Luna the Witch Costume features a cute look that your girl can wear to any party. The best part is that she can be any kind of witch that she'd like to be! She can be evil and cast hexes, or be sweet and give out treats. She can be sassy and tell those boys what's up, or just be the fun witch that everyone wants to hang out with. Outfit her with this costume, and she can go wherever her imagination takes her!

Girls Emerald Witch Costume
Who needs ruby slippers when you can wear this Girls Emerald Witch Costume instead? They would clash, anyway! This is the most luxurious witch costume you'll find. The velvet and satin make it fit for a princess. The classic cone-shaped hat makes it fit for a witch.

Girls Black Witch Shoes
To create a truly convincing witch, you can't ignore what's on her feet. After all, no one finds athletic shoes very menacing unless you are on a basketball court and someone in very flashy shoes is running your way. But on a witch? Something pointy, slightly old fashioned and all black is the way to go. These girls black witch shoes will work perfectly.

Child Wicked Witch Makeup Kit
Did you always wonder why the Wicked Witch's face was green? And how it got that way? Learn how with this Child Wicked Witch Makeup Kit. Be the wickedest witch on your block!

Child Glinda the Good Witch Makeup Kit
When the original Wizard of Oz movie came out, Glinda was the prettiest witch anyone had ever seen. You can use this Child Glinda the Good Witch Makeup Kit to look just like her. Give Dorothy the Ruby Slippers, protect her from the Wicked Witch, and help her find the way to get back to Kansas!

Girls Witch Costume
Start practicing your cackling and make sure you've brewed your last potion. This Girls Witch Costume is a great classic witch costume with a fun, full petal shaped skirt. This is the perfect costume for looking like one of the witches from the classic movie, Hocus Pocus! Pick up some black ballet flats and a wand to complete the wicked look!

Girl's Wizard Of Oz - Wicked Witch Costume
$46.99 from Halloween Express
Wizard Of Oz - Wicked Witch Costume Child From the movie classic The Wizard of Oz comes this great costume based on the Wicked Witch of the West! Includes: Black dress with green collar and accents including design on bottom of skirt, green cape, and black witch hat. Available size: Medium 8-10. Large 12-14 Boots not included. This is an officially licensed Wizard Of Oz products.

Girl's Sparkle Witch Costume
$53.99 from Halloween Express
Sparkle Witch Child Costume Every little witch needs vampire bats and black cats, spells and magical fun! Costume includes: Sparkly fuchsia witch dress with matching hat. Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Hairbow, tights and boots not included.

Witch Maiden Costume
$47.99 from Halloween Express
Gothic Witch Maiden Child Costume A Spooky but Lovable Goth Witch! Our Gothic Maiden Witch Child Costume includes: A long black dress with green insets, a corseted top, long net sleeves, and a fabulous matching hat. Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14

Girl's Hello Kitty Witch Classic 7-8
$33.99 from Halloween Express
Hello Kitty Witch Child Costume An Enchanting Little Witch Costume includes: Black dress with full multilayer skirt and sheer black sleeves has a Hello Kitty print on the bodice and includes a matching mini witch hat. Available Sizes: Toddler 3-4T Child 4-6 Child 7-8 Shoes are not included. This is an officially licensed Hello Kitty costume.

Girl's Glamour Witch Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Glamour Witch Child Costume This glamorous witch will sure give you a spook! Costume includes: Knit halter jumpsuit with marabou trim, sequin shrug, sequin hat with marabou detailing. Available size: Medium 7-8 Also Available In: Small Large Witch Broom and Shoes NOT included.

Girl's Glamour Witch Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Glamour Witch Child Costume This glamourous witch will sure give you a spook! Costume includes: Knit halter jumpsuit with maribou trim, sequin shrug, sequin hat with maribou detailing. Available size: Large 10-12 also Available In: Small Medium Witch Broom NOT included.

Girl's Bratz Witch Costume
$39.89 from Halloween Express
Bratz Witch Child Costume Who says witches can't be fashionable? This cute Bratz Witch costume include the cool dress, belt, and cone hat as shown. Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Large 12-14 Boots & Socks Not Included.

Girl's Witch Costume
$38.99 from Halloween Express
Black Rose Witch Child Costume A Marvelous Costume! Costume includes: Witch dress with drop sleeves, shredded dress base and matching tall witch hat. Available sizes : Small Medium Large Black only Shoes, stockings and broom are NOT included. *Please Note: The hat for this costume typically runs small. Also, the two velvet flowers shown on the front bodice for some of the costume photos are no longer present.

Girl's Classic Witch Costume
$12.99 from Halloween Express
Classic Witch Child Costume Cast your magic spell and fly on your broom stick with this sorceress costume! Includes: Dress, belt, and witch hat. Available Size: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Witch's broom NOT included.

Girl's Feather Witch Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Black Witch Costume Become a character from Hocus Pocus with this dark, witch costume. Includes: A sheath dress, Sheer overlay with feather trim drape sleeves, Waist cinch belt, and A witch hat with feather trim Available sizes: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14) Broom and Shoes not included

Feathery Witch Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Feathery Witch Toddler Costume Watch out for this little witch! Costume includes: sheath dress, belt, sheer robe with marabou trimming on neckline and sleeves, witch hat with feather brim. Available size: 3T-4T Broom and shoes NOT included.

Girl's Wonderful Witch Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Wonderful Witch Child Costume What A Wonderful Witch! Includes: Dress with chiffon layered skirt and sheer puffy sleeves and matching witch hat. Available sizes: Large 12-14 Boots NOT included.

Girl's Witch Of The Web Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Witch Of The Web Child Costume Let Her Take You On A Broomstick Ride Costume Includes: Short dress with spider webbing accents on neckline and belt, hanging sleeves and witch hat. Available size: Medium (8-10) Large (12-14) Witch broom NOT included.

Girl's Witch Costume
$17.99 from Halloween Express
"Wendy The Witch Costume Be the cutest witch on the block this Halloween Includes: Black polyester dress with jagged hem and jagged orange collar and cuffs. Also includes orange belt and black witch hat. Available Sizes: Small (4-6) 39"" to 52'' tall, 35 to 45 lbs. Waist size 19'' to 22'', chest size 22'' to 25'' Medium (8-10) 49'' to 54'' tall, 55 to 73 lbs. Waist size 23'' to 25'', chest size 27'' to 30' Large (12-14) 55'' to 60'' tall, 74 to 100 lbs. Waist size 24'' to 26'', chest size 30'' to 32' Broom, Shoes, and Tights are NOT included."

Girl's Ribbon Witch Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Ribbon Witch Child Costume What A Pretty Little Witch! Costume includes: Yards of shiny orange ribbons surrounding the handkerchief point hemline, billowy pointed sheer black sleeves and criss-cross front panel of the black crushed velveteen bodice. The pink ribbon continues on the black pointed witch's hat. Available sizes: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14) Broom, shoes and stockings are NOT included. Please note: Ribbon is Orange.

Goth Lace Witch Child Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Goth Lace Witch Child Costume A Fabulous Looking Witch! Costume includes: Gown with Gothic Lace Sleeves and Tassels. Tassel Tie Belt and Gothic Lace Witch hat. Available sizes: Small Medium Large

Child Witch Guard Costume
In the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, the guards at the witch's castle look fierce, but we find out later that their hearts aren't really in it--they're forced to do it. Be one of the first to hail Dorothy as a liberator when you wear this Child Witch Guard Costume!