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Women's Sexy Witch Costume
$28.99 from Halloween Express
Sexy Witch Dress With Hat Adult Costume Sexiest Witch In Town!! This sexy witch adult costume is by no means ordinary. This set is both seductive and refreshing at the same time. This two piece set includes: A sexy sequin lace trim witch dress with a hat. Available sizes: Small/Medium Extra Large Fishnet Stockings and shoes sold separately.

Toddler Glitter Witch Costume
$36.79 from Halloween Express
Witch Spiderweb Glitter Toddler Costume A Glamourous Little Witch! Costume includes: Velvet dress with glitter spiderweb pattern, hat and belt. Available size: SpiderWeb Witch 3T-4T Rainbow Sparkle Witch 3T-4T Shoes, pail and tights are not included.

Witch Nose and Chin
Witch Kit! This will be the finishing touch! Includes: Quality latex nose Latex chin Both have large ugly warts on them. Apply with latex or spirit gum (NOT INCLUDED). Makeup not included. Want to see how a professional makeup artist uses this Witch Nose and Chin Kit? Watch this video to see how to make the perfect Wicked Witch of the West look with these accessories. For written step-by-step instructions on how to create this Witch look, click here . Please read valuable information regarding latex products .

Witch Eye Mask
Witch Nose Eye Mask Witch mask with wart perfect for your witch costume! Includes: Green witch eye mask with attached long, pointed nose. Comes with elastic strap for easy wear. Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most

Women's Flirty Witch Costume
$19.99 from Halloween Express
Sexy Flirty Witch Costume Cast a wicked spell that will charm any beast! Includes: Sexy faux lace-up front mini dress with handkerchief skirt and witch hat. Available Sizes: Small/Medium 2-8 Medium/Large 8-14 Want to see how you can complete your Flirty Witch Costume this year? Watch this instructional video to see how a professional makeup artist applies the finishing touches to her Sexy Witch look. For written step-by-step directions, click here . Black boots not included.

Girls Emerald Witch Costume
Who needs ruby slippers when you can wear this Girls Emerald Witch Costume instead? They would clash, anyway! This is the most luxurious witch costume you'll find. The velvet and satin make it fit for a princess. The classic cone-shaped hat makes it fit for a witch.

Adult Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume
Protecting the good people of Oz is a big responsibility, so you should do it in style! This Adult Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume will make you look pretty in pink and you'll be prepared to take on the Wicked Witch of the West once and for all! Pick up some silver heels and a silver sparkly wand to complete this good witch look!

Child's Luna the Witch Costume
This Child's Luna the Witch Costume features a cute look that your girl can wear to any party. The best part is that she can be any kind of witch that she'd like to be! She can be evil and cast hexes, or be sweet and give out treats. She can be sassy and tell those boys what's up, or just be the fun witch that everyone wants to hang out with. Outfit her with this costume, and she can go wherever her imagination takes her!

Women's Deluxe Witch Shoes
Face it. Folks just might not take your Witch cred seriously without the right accessories to finish your costume. If you don't have pointy shoes, how can they be sure that you're actually a witch? Don't leave any doubts in their minds. Add these women's Deluxe Witch Shoes to your costume for a truly devilish look!

Adult Deluxe Witch Wig
It is really, really hard to get a hair appointment when you're a witch. First you have to work your way through the yellow pages to find a hair dresser than will take you. Then you have to vet out whether they have the talent to match the highlights that you want to get to your green hued skin. And that's not even counting the fact that you have to walk through Salem in broad daylight to get to the salon... we hear that they don't like witches very much there! Save yourself all of the hassle with this deluxe witch wig. It will truly complete your occult look, and we'll even deliver it right to your door!

Deluxe Adult Wicked Witch of the West Costume
Transform from the beautiful but naive Theodora into the Witch of the West in this Deluxe Adult Wicked Witch of the West Costume! Add sexy boots or witch shoes, a broom and green makeup to complete your metamorphosis.

Twinkle Witch Costume
Contrary to popular belief not all witches are dark and scary. While it is true there are a few here and there that have a bad side, there's plenty that just like to be bright and colorful! We actually have heard that these playful ladies love to fly around on their broomsticks spreading joy to all the trick or treaters. Let your little girl give this kind of witch a try with this light up Twinkle Witch costume. She's sure to love bringing a little light to the Halloween festivities!

Wickedly Sexy Witch Costume
What diabolical plans will you enact with this costume? Whatever you want! You'll be the premier spell-casting resident of your woods, and with this flattering dress, you'll be the sexiest Witch that the peasants have ever laid eyes on. You'll be downright, wickedly sexy, but the real question is: will you be vengeful? You can choose to be a mischievous witch or a nice witch but one thing is for certain...you will be a good-looking one!

Madame Yidhra Witch Mask
Wicked witches are just pure evil. Everything they do is done with a mean and evil spirit. Some wicked witches prey on kids lost in the woods while others make their mission to ruin the lives of pretty princesses. What kind of evil hag will you be this Halloween you when you wear this Madame Yidhra Witch Mask?

Girls Black Witch Shoes
To create a truly convincing witch, you can't ignore what's on her feet. After all, no one finds athletic shoes very menacing unless you are on a basketball court and someone in very flashy shoes is running your way. But on a witch? Something pointy, slightly old fashioned and all black is the way to go. These girls black witch shoes will work perfectly.

Adult Witch Half-Mask
Looking for a way to get the old witch look without wearing a full mask? No need to consult the cauldron on this one, we got ya covered. Our Adult Witch Half-Mask looks just like a classic old witch with a big warty nose and plenty of wrinkles without impeding on your mouth area; eating, drinking, and talking are all as easy as usual. Get some green face paint and you'll be all set to get witchy this Halloween!

Wicked Witch Broom
If you're going to be a witch you're going to need a broom. Why is this a necessity? Because it has so many uses. First off it is the official transportation of witches around the world. No matter where you are and you need to go somewhere you can just grab a broom and take off. A broom can also be used to stir a large cauldron if need be. And finally it can be used to sweep away any dust that is around the house. Now you'll be prepared for any reason a witch needs a broom with this great accessory!

Child Wicked Witch Makeup Kit
Did you always wonder why the Wicked Witch's face was green? And how it got that way? Learn how with this Child Wicked Witch Makeup Kit. Be the wickedest witch on your block!

Child Glinda the Good Witch Makeup Kit
When the original Wizard of Oz movie came out, Glinda was the prettiest witch anyone had ever seen. You can use this Child Glinda the Good Witch Makeup Kit to look just like her. Give Dorothy the Ruby Slippers, protect her from the Wicked Witch, and help her find the way to get back to Kansas!

Girls Witch Costume
Start practicing your cackling and make sure you've brewed your last potion. This Girls Witch Costume is a great classic witch costume with a fun, full petal shaped skirt. This is the perfect costume for looking like one of the witches from the classic movie, Hocus Pocus! Pick up some black ballet flats and a wand to complete the wicked look!

Witch Nose
Woah! Check out that honker! Now you can have a big pointy witch's nose that is detachable (phew!) when you wear this cool Witch Nose. It makes an witch's costume scarier!

Ridged Witch Hat
Even your magic skills aren't quite up to par, you can still look like the kind of witch that could cast a polymorph spell on anyone who looks at you wrong. All it takes is this furry witch hat, a bewitching stare and a laugh that will make anyone think twice about crossing you. That's how real witches do it anyways.

Halloween III Witch Mask
$68.99 from Halloween Express
Halloween III witch Latex Mask Just like the one used Halloween III: Season of the Witch! Includes: Green witch latex face mask attached to plush hood. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Please read this valuable information regarding latex products .

Women's Witch Costume
$60.99 from Halloween Express
Feather Witch Plus Size Adult Costume An Awesome Witch! Costume includes: Sheath dress, sheer robe with feather trim drape sleeves, feather choker, waist cinch belt and witch hat with feather brim. Available size: Plus Size (16-24) Broom and shoes are not included.

Women's Storybook Witch Costume
$75.97 from Halloween Express
Witchful Thinking Adult Costume A Cheerful Storybook Witch You will make a grand entrance in this super deluxe Theatrical Quality costume utilizing superior materials and trimmings along with true garment finishing. This peasant style is available in multiple sizes for true apparel fit. The quality will be seen, felt and admired! This costume includes a m ulti fabric mini dress, puff sleevelettes, crooked witch hat with silver buckle, thigh high striped stockings, petticoat and curled shoe covers with buckles. Available Sizes: Extra Small Small Medium Large Shoes sold separately.

Witch Shoes or Militant Boots
$73.97 from Halloween Express
Military or Witch Heels Pair these heels with any cop, witch, military, or solider costume. Witch Shoes: Pump style shoe with 3.5 inch heel and traditional buckle accent. This shoe is only available in black. $38.99 Available Sizes: 6 7 8 9 Militant Boot: Black boot with lace-up front, buckle accents and bandolier bullet belt detailing. Available Sizes: 7 8 9 Please note that the price of the Militant Boot is $73.97

Girl's Wizard Of Oz - Wicked Witch Costume
$46.99 from Halloween Express
Wizard Of Oz - Wicked Witch Costume Child From the movie classic The Wizard of Oz comes this great costume based on the Wicked Witch of the West! Includes: Black dress with green collar and accents including design on bottom of skirt, green cape, and black witch hat. Available size: Medium 8-10. Large 12-14 Boots not included. This is an officially licensed Wizard Of Oz products.

Women's Witch Costume
$42.99 from Halloween Express
Starry Night Witch Adult Costume You'll go so far when you wish upon her star. Costume includes: Easy to wear tube style dress features exquisite cutting-edge reversible sequins which can be changed from black to silver, tutu tulle skirt with star printed detail and matching separate jacket. Includes witch hat with sheer veil and silver star wand. Materials: Polyester. Available Sizes: Small Medium Large Extra Large 1X/2X 3X/4X Want to see how you can complete the perfect Witch Costume this year? Watch this instructional video to see how a professional makeup artist applies the finishing