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Charm School Witch Costume for Girl
Parents, does your child want to be a memorable witch this year? Here's a unique costume twist, reminiscent of Hogwarts, charm schools, and traditional witches! Our Charm School Witch Kid's Costume includes a witch's hat with spooky charms, pink plaid skirt, stockings, and shoe buckles. Add our Black Witch Shoe for Children and our Black Feather Broom costume accessory, found elsewhere on this site, to complete her witchy look! Your daughter will look cute as can be in our Charm School Witch Kid's Costume. Since this costume is mostly black you won't want to forget one of our six inch glow sticks to keep her safer this Halloween. You'll get the compliments of friends and neighbors on how cute she looks, as well as a ton of awesome photo opportunities. Don't wait for the charming Charm School Witch Kid's Costume to go out of stock, just get one for your adorable little girl today!

Girls Glinda Witch Costume
Glinda is the good witch in Oz who directs Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road. The Glinda costume for children is a beautiful pink gown that extends to mid calf. It's licensed by The Wizard of Oz and has poofy sleeves and belt. The tall crown is also included. The wand and slippers are not.

Classic Witch Costume for Women
Are you looking for a traditional costume that will still make a big impact? The Classic Witch Costume for Women comes with a flowing black dress, a cape ideal for spell casting or dancing, an iconic witch's hat and a flowing scarf. This costume is all black and a traditional witch costume that will scare the pants off trick-or-treaters and great to wear for a Haunted House ensemble or a Halloween party!

Violet Witch Costume for Child
Is she a good witch or a bad witch? No matter which witch she wants to be this costume will make her look great. The Violet Witch Costume for Children includes a black and purple dress with purple crisscross lacing. A purple waist sash and a pointy witch's hat complete this costume. When your child wears this costume for Halloween she'll cast an enchanting spell on everyone she meets. This outfit will help them hypnotize them and help her get more candy while trick-or-treating.

Purple Witch Costume for Teen
Witches are synonymous with the spirit of Halloween. The Purple Witch Costume for Teen comes with a long witch dress, skit and pointy witch hat. The colors of this costume are black and blue giving it a dark and spooky effect. If you'd like to give this costume some flair why not try accessorizing this outfit with products such as: 36 inch straw witch broom and shoes with rhinestone buckles. This costume comes in teen sizes from 14 to 16. You'll love brewing spells in your cauldron with this outfit. This costume is perfect to wear to Halloween parties and if you are a part of Haunted House event!

Fairytale Witch Toddler
Your precious little girl is going to look absolutely spellbinding in this magnificent Fairytale Witch Costume. The Fairytale Witch Toddler includes a black and fuchsia multi-tiered dress. The levels of multi-tiered dress are designed with a tattered trim and an uneven hem to add a spook factor to the entire ensemble. Attached to the dress is an apron that is also black and fuchsia, and has a black cat emblem imprinted on it in the corner. The top is a black and fuchsia corset design with silver strings that tie the corset together. The witch hat included with the costume is a classic with hat design with a fuchsia wrapped around the hat and a silver lining wraps around the hat.

Sexy Feather Witch Womens Plus Costume
You'll be flying around on a broom with this costume! The Womens Plus Sexy Feather Witch Costume comes with a black dress with feather detailing along with a matching hat. This costume comes in sizes suitable for women in dress sizes 16 to 24. This costume is also open to accessorizes so try wearing a Cheri Black Wig for Adults and a Cauldron Handbag. You'll be the witchiest witch at your next Halloween party!

Sexy Spell Binding Witch Costume
This three piece witch costume will definitely set a spell over everyone this Halloween! The Sexy Spell Binding Witch Costume comes with a dress, belt, and a hat. The dress is in three separate pieces: a purple ruffle top, a green and black striped corset with garter straps, and a black jagged hem mini skirt. The costume also has a wide black belt and a witch's hat with a bright green band. This is a highly detailed and stylish outfit perfect for any Halloween party!

Womens Playboy Sexy Witch Adult
The decrepit, wart faced witches are a thing of the past. The Women's Playboy Sexy Witch Adult Costume features a mini dress with tight bodice, a peaked witches hat and green and pink thigh highs. You'll be spellbinding this Halloween as this sexy enchantress.

Black Witch Shoe Child
These Black Witch Shoes for children have a 2.5 curved heel and a gold buckle to help your little girl cast a spell in her witch costume this Halloween.

Child Gothic Witch Costume
For a fun, sparkly witch's outfit, consider this Child Gothic Witch Costume which consists of a black with silver top, pant and coordinating hat. This stylish witch's ensemble will surely made the grade at your next Halloween party and will have you conjuring up spells in no time! Consider pairing this wonderful costume with the following accessories which can be purchased separately: Black Witch Wig for Girls, Adult Shoe with Rhinestone Buckle, Black Feather Broom Costume Accessory, Black Witch's Shoe Child, and Skull Handbag Costume Accessory. Take note that this fabulous witch's costume is available in the following sizes: Medium (Fits sizes 8-10), Large (Fits sizes10-12), and Extra Large (Fits sizes 12-14). You will also appreciate the competitive price of this eye-catching child's outfit. Don't let this ensemble get away at this great bargain. Be sure to check out our large assortment of Halloween costumes.

Child Goth Maiden Witch Costume
Your girl will look eye catching and darkly elegant in the Child Goth Maiden Witch Costume. This costume includes a long black dress with a brocaded look, chest buttons, slits with bright green satin lining, and long sheer black sleeves. An elaborate witch hat with black lace details completes the look. She'll be ready to fly around the neighborhood and collect a cauldron full of candy in this unique, mysterious ensemble.

Child Stitch Witch Costume
Your girl will look bewitchingly adorable in the Child Stitch Witch Costume. This costume includes a black mini dress with dangling ruffled sleeves, a tall ruffled witch hat, and a black faux leather belt with a large silver buckle. She's sure to return with a cauldron full of tasty treats when she flies around the neighborhood in this costume.

Child Kandy Korn Witch
Is your little girl as sweet as Candy Corn? Then she'll look adorable in the Child Kandy Korn Witch Costume. This costume comes with a white, orange, yellow, and black layered ruffled dress with coordinating top with white bodice and black corset. This sweet outfit can be accessorized with Cauldron Handbag, Kandy Korn Pet Costume, and Children Black Patent GoGo Boots. The Children Kandy Korn Witch costume is the cutest dress for this Halloween season!

Adult In Goth We Trust (the Witch Adult)
This costume is for anyone who loves goth! The Adult In Goth We Trust (the Witch Adult) Costume comes with a black top and a short plaid skirt. Also included, is a coordinated cape and a vibrant classic witch hat. This costume is available in sizes ranging from small to large because every woman wants to be a witch for Halloween. Gothic style and Witch apparel go hand-in-hand to make the Adult In Goth We Trust (The Witch Adult) Costume.

Girls Funky Punk Witch Costume
Your child will become bewitchingly adorable in this Girl's Funky Punk Witch Costume. The costume consists of a dress with black tank top bodice and skull print design on the front. The skirt has black lace ruffles and checker detail. A choker and, sleevelets with skulls applique and a pointy witched hat is also included. If your child is tired of the same old witches costume this is a funky way to change it up. When she wear this costume for Halloween she is sure to cast a spell on everyone she meets.

Classic Witch Womens Plus Costume
Witches are an icon for the Halloween season so why not don yourself in the Womens Plus Size Classic Witch Costume. This costume includes the iconic full-length black dress with a tall pointy witch hat. This witch costume is available in one plus size suitable for ladies in dress sizes from 18 to 22. This is a classic costume for the Halloween season so why not stylize it with a 36 Inch Straw Witch Broom, Cheri Black Wig for Adults, and a pair of Patent Witch Shoes in Black.

Glitter Witch Costume for Toddler
Looking for a witch costume that's different from all the rest? The glitter Witch Costume for Toddlers is just what you need. This beautiful costume includes a purple lace up top, full rainbow color skirt, and a point hat. Your toddler will look adorable and stylish dress as the glitter witch. This costume is ideal for Halloween or playtime. Your toddler won't need any magic to cast a spell when she wears this costume.

Glitter Witch Costume for Girl
Your child won't need any magic to cast a spell when she wears this Glitter Witch Costume for Girls. The costume features a purple lace up top, a colorful chiffon skirt, and a coordinating hat with a multicolor hat band. This adorable witch costume will make your little girl want to twirl and dance all night. She can wear this costume for Halloween/trick-or-treating or for playtime dress up. When your child dresses as the glitter witch she will have a spell binding appearance.

Adult Sexy Candy Corn Witch Costume
This costume combines two of the most iconic Halloween traditions. A witch and candy corn. The Adult Sexy Candy Corn Witch Costume includes a white, orange and yellow mini dress with tulle skirt. Also included, a matching pointy witch's hat and knee highs. Witch costume are traditional for Halloween and everyone loves candy corn so why not combined them both? This costume will make you spell binding and delicious all at once.