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Witch Makeup Kit
Witch Makeup Kit The perfect finish for your scary Witch costume! Create the perfect witchy look with this non-toxic, easy to apply and remove make-up kit. Transform into an evil witch or a green witch ghoul that will scare your friends and partygoers. The Wolfe Bothers have developed a how-to system of applying makeup that allows you to achieve a look that is absolutely incredible. Kit contains 1 makeup cake, 3 makeup sticks, 1 applicator sponge and full color instructions. Looking for an instructional video on applying the perfect Witch makeup? Watch this professional makeup artist as she

Black and Grey Child Witch Wig
Every witch has a few streaks of grey hair in their long, black locks. We're thinking that it's because of how long they've been around. We're pretty sure the average witch these days is about 200 years old give or take a couple of decades. The problem with this is they don't think the new witches are any good because they don't have those streaks of gray hair and who has time to wait a couple hundred years for that to happen? It's just not fair. Well we're here to give those young witches a bit of a leg up in the world of sorcery. Just wear this sweet wig for a while and you'll be able blend in with the crowd just as well as nightshade blends with frog legs to make an excellent sleeping potion. Just be sure to pin it down well before you go flying around on your broomstick.

Deluxe Witch Makeup Kit
$37.69 from Halloween Express
Witch Make Up Kit Deluxe Transform into a creepy old Witch! You can easily become a Creepy Witch. Kit includes: latex witch nose and chin 2 warts flesh latex spirit gum colorless powder powder puff forensic green and black makeup makeup sponge

Madame Yidhra Witch Mask
Wicked witches are just pure evil. Everything they do is done with a mean and evil spirit. Some wicked witches prey on kids lost in the woods while others make their mission to ruin the lives of pretty princesses. What kind of evil hag will you be this Halloween you when you wear this Madame Yidhra Witch Mask?

Witch Shoes or Militant Boots
$73.97 from Halloween Express
Military or Witch Heels Pair these heels with any cop, witch, military, or solider costume. Witch Shoes: Pump style shoe with 3.5 inch heel and traditional buckle accent. This shoe is only available in black. $38.99 Available Sizes: 6 7 8 9 Militant Boot: Black boot with lace-up front, buckle accents and bandolier bullet belt detailing. Available Sizes: 7 8 9 Please note that the price of the Militant Boot is $73.97

Witch Shoes
$56.99 from Halloween Express
Witch Shoes with Buckle Finishing touch for any Witch costume. Pointed black toe witch shoe with buckle with medium high heel. Available only in black. Available sizes: Small (5-6) Medium (7-8) Large (9-10)

Child Glinda the Good Witch Crown
Beautiful witches defy expectations all of the time. Which is why instead of a black pointy hat, they deserve to wear a sparkling crown to complete their uniform! With this Glinda the Good Witch crown your child can complete her enchanting Wizard of Oz character perfectly.

Child Black Witch Nails
If someone has long black nails, it usually means they either spent a lot of time growing and filing and painting them to make them look that fashionable, or they don't take care of them at all, and their nails are just super-gross and out of control. But there can be something very creepy about long nails, especially ones that look like claws. You wouldn't want to be in the same room as those nails and a chalkboard! Luckily, now your little monster can have long, creepy nails without having to spend way too much (or too little) time on them by wearing these Black Witch Nails instead. These plastic nails simply slip over their fingertips, without needing to deal with any messy glue. They are a great accessory for any scary witch or monster costume, or they can put them on for some spooky fun, any time of the year!

Witch Shoe Covers
Sexy starts with your shoes. Dazzle the world with a pair of Witch Shoe Covers. They are a must have add on to your next frightfully salacious witch costume. Everyone loves a woman in black, especially a naughty one.

Witch Makeup
$19.79 from Halloween Express
Witch Stack Includes: Multi-color makeup stacks contain high-coverage cream makeup in stackable, reusable containers. Choose from one of many color combinations to create the perfect design. Witch stack includes yellow, undead purple, monster green and bruised red makeup.

Women's Wicked Witch of the West Leggings
Even if you do get a house dropped on you, your legs will look fabulous even if you are smashed. If you think about it, your legs could potentially be sticking out from underneath the house so, they still have to look on point. Wear these Women's Wicked Witch of the West Leggings so you can count of your legs looking wickedly divine at all times. Just remember, no matter what, your legs will always look better than Glinda's!

Womens Lace Up Witch Shoes
Wicked is not pairing these Women's Lace Up Witch Shoes with a Wizard of Oz costume. Wicked is not seeing them for the fashion forward accessory that they are. Wicked is being under-dressed for your big showdown with Dorothy and her motley crew and you don't want that, do you?

Sparkling Fairy Witch Wand
No wishing necessary, we've already made your dreams come true. Add this Sparkling Fairy Witch Wand to your fairy costume for a magical experience.

Witch Shoes
$59.99 from Halloween Express
"Magic Shoe Great for Witch and Sorcerer costumes! Funtasma MAGIC 08 shoe features a black patent platform shoe with spider buckle, 4 1/2"" heel. Available Sizes: 7 8 9 10 11 12"

Witch Costume Makeup Kit
$1.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: 5 color makeup tray, sponge, tipped applicator, witch nose. Dimensions: 9" x 6" (box). Recommended Age: 12+ Years.

Women's Wicked Witch of the East Leggings
Even if your sister drops a house on you, your legs will look a-maze-ing while they are poking out down below The sparkly red glitter applique will match your stilettos. Plus, the black and white stripes will make your legs look long and lean. Now throw on your pointy black hat and you'll start to feel a little witchy.

Deluxe Glinda the Good Witch Light-Up Wand
You can't be expected to add a little goodness into the world without your trusty wand! Wands hold all kinds of magic powers, but this one dispenses goodness with great magnitude, conjuring pink bubbles like nobody's business! This wand might not do that per se, we're not in Oz after all, but it looks just like Glinda's as seen in the beloved film. So get out there and make somebody's day with the flick of your wand!

Hogwarts Student Witch Hat
You know how hard it is to get into Hogwarts? It's not like you just apply... they come to YOU. And they do it in a really cool way with owls and wax sealed stamps and that sort of thing. So, who wouldn't want to go? Sadly, we're all muggles around here. Except Jerry, apparently, when one day this owl swooped in through customer service and dropped one of those letters on his keyboard. We hear he's in HufflePuff now. Good for him! If you want to feel like you're a student at Hogwarts, all you need is this slick hat. Just don't try and actually go... they tend to frown on muggles sneaking into the wizarding world.

Witch Tri-Color Palette Makeup
"Tri-Color Palette-Witch Great Makeup! Our professional cream makeup is mounted on a dramatic, eye-catching blister card. Each card features a detailed character photograph with complete detailed instructions. Each card also lists numerous complimentary items to enhance the character development and add to the fun of making up. As with any truly professional cream makeup, Mehron's Tri-color makeup must be ""set"" with Mehron's color-set Powder."

Wicked Witch Costume Accessory Kit
$6.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Hat, (10) finger tips, nose, chin. Not included: Spirit gum.

Child Neon Orange Witch Shoes with Spider
$4.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Shoes.

Child Neon Pink Witch Shoes with Spider
$4.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Shoes.

Child Neon Lime Witch Shoes with Spider
$4.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Shoes.

Witch Costume Makeup Kit
$1.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: 4-color makeup tray, tipped applicator.

Cascade Cape
When it comes to the supernatural, what most people fear is the mystery behind it all. Where have these creatures of our nightmares all come from? Are they children of the devil himself? Maybe a curse put upon mankind by the heavenly father? Or... aliens?! It's hard to say with certainty if they are all just a part of our imagination with all the lore spread throughout different cultures and across various continents. Many of these supernatural beings are depicted as monsters in the shadows. Very seldom does a mortal see the face of these frightening fiends and live to tell the tale. Witches and Vampires are two of these hellions that, in their stories, were known to walk among their prey (Yikes, that's us!) and still be hidden within their Cascade Capes. If you plan on resembling either a witch or a vamp this Halloween, make sure you add a touch of mystery to your costume with this jet black and blood-red hooded cape. You're sure to make just about anyone feel uneasy once you show off

Black Tights
When flying through the air on their broomsticks, witches have always complained that no matter what season it is, the air can get really chilly. At that kind of altitude where they fly (we'll say about 5000 feet for those long flights) it averages around 40 degrees Fahrenheit! That's not exactly the temperature they keep their hut's thermostat at. It's pretty hard to stay on that broomstick when you can't feel your legs. They're always coming to us for great solutions too, and we'll always do what we can to solve our favorite black magic users' problem.This one was a pretty simple solution. We'll keep their legs a little warmer when they're flying through the night sky with this fantastic pair of tights. Because we also know that our long-nosed friends are very fashion conscious, we've also made them a fantastic looking shade of black. Now there will be few witches dropping out of the sky because they couldn't feel their legs.

Toddler Black Knee Length Crinoline
Black can go with just about anything. Why do you think witches love to wear it all the time? It's a functional color for hiding in the middle of the night and it won't get dirty as easily when traveling through the forest looking for potion ingredients. One other little secret that witches have is how they keep their dresses nice and poofy. They use some dark magic spells that include some ritual chants spoken in ancient languages. It's a lot of work. Believe us, we've tried it. Eventually we gave up and developed a much better solution. This Knee Length Crinoline is perfect for giving your toddler's dress a little extra volume this Halloween without needing an ancient spell book. It also works for any other costume that needs that little extra oomph to be perfectly adorable such as gypsy, princess, or skeleton dress costumes! Black not the right color? We have plenty of others as well!

Hermione Granger Illuminating Wand
"""It's wing-gar-dee-um levi-O-sa not wing-gar-dee-um levi-o-SA!"" Seriously what would have Harry and Ron done without the help from the muggle-born witch? They probably would have been zapped to smithereens by Professor Quill in the Sorcerer's Stone without Hermione's guidance. She owes much of her success at Hogwart's to her vine wood wand she got as a first year from Ollivander's. Good news, you don't have to jump aboard the Hogwarts Express to get Hermione's wand because we'll send you one but you must supply all the magical abilities. The Hermione Granger Illuminating Wand has a tiny LED light at the tip that goes on whenever you wave it. It's 15 inches long and crafted from durable molded resin. This wand has a battery compartment hidden in the base that only opens with the included key, the AAA batteries however, are not. Practice defense charms, elevating charms, stun charms, and of course practice conjuring your own Patronus with the the help of Hermione Granger's wand."