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Witch Makeup Kit
Witch Makeup Kit The perfect finish for your scary Witch costume! Create the perfect witchy look with this non-toxic, easy to apply and remove make-up kit. Transform into an evil witch or a green witch ghoul that will scare your friends and partygoers. The Wolfe Bothers have developed a how-to system of applying makeup that allows you to achieve a look that is absolutely incredible. Kit contains 1 makeup cake, 3 makeup sticks, 1 applicator sponge and full color instructions. Looking for an instructional video on applying the perfect Witch makeup? Watch this professional makeup artist as she

Deluxe Witch Makeup Kit
$37.69 from Halloween Express
Witch Make Up Kit Deluxe Transform into a creepy old Witch! You can easily become a Creepy Witch. Kit includes: latex witch nose and chin 2 warts flesh latex spirit gum colorless powder powder puff forensic green and black makeup makeup sponge

Silver Tinsel Witch Broom - Witch Costumes
$7.7 from Costume Craze
Witch Costumes - This Silver Tinsel Witch Broom would be a fun accessory for your Witch Costume! About 26.5 inches long.

Girls Black Witch Shoes
To create a truly convincing witch, you can't ignore what's on her feet. After all, no one finds athletic shoes very menacing unless you are on a basketball court and someone in very flashy shoes is running your way. But on a witch? Something pointy, slightly old fashioned and all black is the way to go. These girls black witch shoes will work perfectly.

Madame Yidhra Witch Mask
Wicked witches are just pure evil. Everything they do is done with a mean and evil spirit. Some wicked witches prey on kids lost in the woods while others make their mission to ruin the lives of pretty princesses. What kind of evil hag will you be this Halloween you when you wear this Madame Yidhra Witch Mask?

Wicked Witch Broom
If you're going to be a witch you're going to need a broom. Why is this a necessity? Because it has so many uses. First off it is the official transportation of witches around the world. No matter where you are and you need to go somewhere you can just grab a broom and take off. A broom can also be used to stir a large cauldron if need be. And finally it can be used to sweep away any dust that is around the house. Now you'll be prepared for any reason a witch needs a broom with this great accessory!

Witch Shoes
$45.99 from Halloween Express
Witch Shoes with Buckle Finishing touch for any Witch costume. Pointed black toe witch shoe with buckle with medium high heel. Available only in black. Available sizes: Small (5-6) Medium (7-8) Large (9-10)

Witch Shoes or Militant Boots
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Military or Witch Heels Pair these heels with any cop, witch, military, or solider costume. Witch Shoes: Pump style shoe with 3.5 inch heel and traditional buckle accent. This shoe is only available in black. Available Sizes: 6 7 8 9 Militant Boot: Black boot with lace-up front, buckle accents and bandolier bullet belt detailing. Available Sizes: 7 8 9 Please note that the price of the Militant Boot is $59.99 .

Patent Witch Costume Black Boots - Witch Costumes
$33.55 from Costume Craze
These Womens Black Patent Witch Boots feature a 2 1/2 inch heel with glitter accents. Great boots for a Witch Costume or Gothic Costume!

Feather Witch Broom - Witch Costumes
$15.4 from Costume Craze
Feather Witch Broom - Witch Costume Accessories - Approximately 48-50 inches in length.

Witch Costume Makeup and Accessory Kit - Witch Costume Accessories
$4.38 from Costume Craze
This Witch Costume Makeup and Accessory Kit includes an applicator, sponge, two make-up sticks in black and white, a purple and green make-up palette, green creme make-up, fake blood, tooth wax, scar wax, and a prosthetic nose. Just the thing for adding that perfect finishing touch to any Witch costume!

Witch Broom - Witch Costumes
$7.68 from Costume Craze
This Witch Broom is the perfect accessory to your witch costume. Can be used by adults or children. Approximately 27 inches long. Made of plastic.

Adult Witch Shoes
Don't let that cheerful farm girl from Kansas be the only one with impressive shoes. These adult witch shoes are a stylish choice for any witch and will put you in the mood to be downright scary!

Child Glinda the Good Witch Crown
Beautiful witches defy expectations all of the time. Which is why instead of a black pointy hat, they deserve to wear a sparkling crown to complete their uniform! With this Glinda the Good Witch crown your child can complete her enchanting Wizard of Oz character perfectly.

Child Black Witch Nails
Cackle with delight at these Child Black Witch Nails. Your little witch of the west will look so deliciously evil you'll want her to take that Dorothy down. And she will...this time, she will.

Child Witch Mask
Your kid is just too cute to be a terrifying witch, we know. That's why we have this witch mask just waiting to go. Why should your child be denied the opportunity to scare innocent people trick or treating just because of a cute face?

Witch Shoe Covers
Sexy starts with your shoes. Dazzle the world with a pair of Witch Shoe Covers. They are a must have add on to your next frightfully salacious witch costume. Everyone loves a woman in black, especially a naughty one.

Adult Witch Cape
Stay fashionable and evil with a Adult Witch Cape. It is lined with an green satin fabric on the inside to give your witch look a pop of color!

Witch Makeup
$19.79 from Halloween Express
Witch Stack Includes: Multi-color makeup stacks contain high-coverage cream makeup in stackable, reusable containers. Choose from one of many color combinations to create the perfect design. Witch stack includes yellow, undead purple, monster green and bruised red makeup.

Witch Choker - Witch Costumes
$6.05 from Costume Craze
This Wild & Witchy Choker is an excellent complement your Witch Costume.

Witch Cauldron Handbag - Witch Costumes
$4.95 from Costume Craze
Accessorize your Witch Costume with this handbag that is shaped like a cauldron!

Pilgrim or Witch Shoe Buckles - Pilgrim or Witch Costumes
$4.38 from Costume Craze
Great way to polish off your pilgrim or witch costume. Just attach to your own shoe and you are ready to go! This is perfect for July 4th!

Adult Witch Socks - Witch Costumes
$4.23 from Costume Craze
These Witch socks are black and green striped knee-high socks.

Adult Witch Shoe Covers - Halloween Costumes
$5.94 from Costume Craze
These Witch Shoe Covers are available in black shoes covers with either gold or silver buckles and are the perfect accessory to complete your witch costume! Also great with a Pilgrim Costume! Shoes tips do not curl up, they are straight and come to a point.

Girls Witch Shoes - Black
$29.99 from Buycostumes.com
"Includes one pair of Girls Witch Shoes - Black with a 2.5"" heel."

Girls Witch Shoes - Black
$29.99 from Buycostumes.com
"Includes one pair of Girls Witch Shoes - Black with a 2.5"" heel."

Girls Witch Shoes - Black
$29.99 from Buycostumes.com
"Includes one pair of Girls Witch Shoes - Black with a 2.5"" heel."

Girls Witch Shoes - Black
$29.99 from Buycostumes.com
"Includes one pair of Girls Witch Shoes - Black with a 2.5"" heel."