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60's Girl Costume
$41.22 from Costumes Inc
Women's Hippie Costume ,comes with vest, skirt, boot tops & hat

Female Hippie Costume Necklace
$1.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Necklace. Dimensions: 3"L x 2"W x .25"H (Pendant).

Women's 70s Fringed Vest
$33.99 from Halloween Express
Stylish Hippie Vest Complete Your 70's Look With This Includes Bright flowered poly-cotton vest with black fringe Available size: One size fits most Items not included: Bell Bottoms

Women's Hippie Costume
$48.99 from Halloween Express
Big Mama Plus Size Adult Costume Far Out Man! She's one Groovy Mama! Costume Includes: A Colorful 60's style blouse with matching bell bottom pants. A perfect retro party costume. Available size: One size fits: 16-20 Glasses , Peace earrings , and tambourine sold separately.

Women's Bell Bottom Pants
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Wild Swirl Bell Bottom Pants Add the feel of peace and love to your 60's Hippie or swanky 70's Costume! Includes: Psychedelic bell bottom pants with multi-colored swirls all over. Avaliable Sizes: One size fits most Adults

Women's Hippie Costume
$44.99 from Halloween Express
Groovy Go Go Key Hole Adult Costume Groovy! Includes: Keyhole, off shoulder mini dress and matching headband. Available Sizes: Small/ Medium Medium/ Large Boots are not included.

Women's Tye Dye Skirt
$35.99 from Halloween Express
Tye Dye Adult Skirt A must have for any Hippie, flower child, or peaceful woodstock gathering Includes: Long flowing rainbow striped skirt with attached under slip and gathered waist. Avaliable Sizes: Adult standard

Women's Hippie Costume
$53.99 from Halloween Express
Go Go Girl Sexy Adult Costume A perfect 60's or 70's theme costume. Costume Includes: Bohemian print long sleeve mini dress, earrings, and belt. Available Sizes: Small/Medium Medium/Large Boots sold separately.

Women's Flower Child Costume
$53.99 from Halloween Express
Flower Child Adult Costume Hippie love, peace, and Woodstock! Includes: Pink floral patterned dress with bell sleeves, empire waist and lace trim. Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most Adults Hairpiece, flowers and sandals NOT included.

Women's Go Go Dress Costume
$37.99 from Halloween Express
Adult Go Go Dress Costume 60's Retro Includes: 60's Go Go dress includes orange A-line mini dress with bell sleeves and headscarf. This was the age of aquarius, hippies and the flower child. Available sizes: Small (6-8) Medium (10-12) Large (14-16) Extra-Large (18-20) Boots NOT included

Women's Hippie Costume
$58.99 from Halloween Express
Summer of Love Adult Costume Peace, Love and Revolution! Costume includes: Tie dyed halter top, long fringed vest, mini skirt and headband. Sizes available: Small/Medium 2-8 Medium/Large 10-14 * Boots are not included.

Women's Mod Doll Costume
$47.99 from Halloween Express
Mod Doll Adult Costume Perfect for your 60's groovy chick and hippie party! Includes: Black and white sleeveless dress with hot pink and blue accents and white hat. Avaliable Sizes: Adult standard Go Go Boots sold separately.

Women's Woodstock Girl Costume
$59.99 from Halloween Express
Woodstock Girl Adult Costume A classic flower child hippie from the 60's! Includes: Headband, peasant blouse, and colorful skirt. Available Sizes: One size fits most Adults Sandals and peace sign necklace NOT included.

Women's Hippy or Indian Moccasins
$6.45 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Shoes.

Womens Sexy Free Love Costume Plus Size
Sexy 60's costume includes dress, choker and headband. Free love was the in thing in the 1960's. The pill was the miracle drug that gave people the license to love. Hippies believed in doing what felt good; those things usually involved sex, drugs and r...

Women's Hippie Costume
$58.99 from Halloween Express
Peace Out Adult Costume This 60's chick is headed to Woodstock and lookin for love! Costume includes: Fringed faux suede vest, shirt, velvet patchwork print bell bottoms, headband. Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Extra Large 14-16 Glasses, earrings and sandals not included.

Women's Hippie Costume
$29.99 from Halloween Express
Love Child Adult Costume Makes you bring back old memories from the 60's. Costume includes : Tye dye foil dress and matching headband. Available sizes : Small 2-6 Medium 6-10 Large 10-14 Extra Large 14-16 Boots not included.

Women's Wild Swirl Dress Costume
$41.99 from Halloween Express
Wild Swirl Hippie Dress Adult Costume Give peace a chance and head to Woodstock. Includes: Sixty's style mini dress with psychedelic rainbow swirl design throughout and blue accent. Available Size: One Size fits 2-6 Boots, ring, earrings, and headband NOT included.

Women's Hippie Fringe Costume Vest
$13.99 from Totally Costumes
Includes: Vest. Not included: Headband, shirt, belt, pants.

Hippie Fringe Boot Covers
$14.99 from Halloween Mart
This groovy Hippie Costume accessory for Women features a pair of fringed brown mock-suede Hippie Fringe Boot Covers, inspired by the fanciful and imaginative fashions of the times. Our versatile Hippie Fringe Boot Covers can be used to create a Hot Hippie Girl ensemble. Emulate a Native American Maiden, Brave Pocahontas, Swingin' Sixties Hippie, Pretty Peacenik, Sexy Super-Model, Sacajawea, or Viking Warrior Queen in our Women's Brown Fringed Boot Covers this Halloween.